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Day By Day cartoon for November 11, 2012

Day By Day by Chris Muir

Chris, do not despair.

Mitt Romney isn’t a conservative anyway and it would have been four years of angst before he could have been challenged in a GOP Presidential primary.

In 2016, conservatives will start with a “clean slate” from perhaps a new generation of POLS.

Undoubtedly, some policy issues will “EVOLVE” or “MODERNIZE” and the GOP will refine its message.

On to the 2014 midterm elections and the rebuilding of conservative coalitions within the framework of the demographics.


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Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush and Florida U.S. Senator Marco Rubio

The National Journal has one of its Political Insiders polls up and this time it is the Presidential race in 2016.

GOP insiders:

  • Marco Rubio 40%
  • Jeb Bush 27%
  • Paul Ryan 9%
  • Rick Santorum 9%
  • Chris Christie 8%

Democratic insiders:

  • Jeb Bush 47%
  • Chris Christie 28%,
  • Marco Rubio 13%

And, we all know that if Hillary Clinton wants the Democratic nomination that she will be the nominee.

What do I envision?

A Hillary Clinton vs. Jeb Bush race.


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veteransday Happy Veterans Day   2011

Thank you to all who have served on this Veterans Day.

God Bless America!


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