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Day By Day November 18, 2012 – Paperwork

Day By Day November 18, 2012

Day By Day by Chris Muir

Chris, all of this talk of “Secession” from the United States is just “Sour Grapes” talk because President Obama was re-elected.

So what?

All conservative activists knew that Mitt Romney was NOT a conservative anyway.

A Romney Presidency would have been a smoother talking McCain Presidency or Bush-lite without the wars.

The national Republican Party needs to retool and reinvent itself with a younger generation of voters – you know the ones who were born after Ronald Reagan was President.

The GOP has a good bench with 30 Governors and control the House – a better position than in 2008 when Obama was elected with “Hope and Change.”

Who will the Democrats nominate in 2016?

A tired and worn out Hillary Clinton who will be approaching 70 years of age? Probably.

Conservatives need to regroup and help the Republican Party nominate a conservative candidate for President and develop a conservative bench for lower offices in the House and Senate and the statehouses.

Secession talk is just HOT AIR.

Conservatives need to get busy – there is a lot of work to do.