National Republican Congressional Commitee

NRCC Mocks Democrats Over Trillion Dollar Coin

Trillion dollar coin

The National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) wants to remind Americans that the government spending is the problem.

The National Republican Congressional Committee will announce an online petition today urging House Democrats to say they don’t think a $1 trillion coin should be minted to pay down the debt. It’s an attempt to get some earned media ahead of the debt ceiling fight and center the conversation on the deficit. Seven Democrats will be targeted with customized releases (photos of their faces on $1 trillion coins), including Jim Matheson (UT-04), Mike McIntyre (NC-07), Collin Peterson (MN-07), Tim Walz (MN-01), Jerrold Nadler (NY-10) and Nick Rahall (WV-03).

The website is here.

Check it out and sign the petition.


  • ogrrre

    Who among those with two or more firing synapses actually believe that a trillion dollar coin will solve the problem? Unless there is a trillion dollars worth of platinum in the coin, it may as well be minted out of zinc or aluminum.

    The Treasury Department can mint a coin, and put whatever denomination they want on it, but no one has to accept it as such, any more than if they turn on the printing press and run off a trillion dollars worth of paper currency, or even utilize software to attach a bunch of zeroes just to the left of the decimal point in peoples’ bank accounts. Unless there is an underlying asset, such as GDP growth, backing the coin or currency, that coin or bill is worthless.

    Germany had a trillion Deutsch Mark bill between the world wars. That trillion Deutsch Marks would buy a loaf of bread… that’s it. That’s what happens when a country is ruled or governed by fools who think there is a magical way around stupidity, corruption, and incompetence.