• Americans United for Change,  Michael Steele,  Rush Limbaugh

    Video: Who is the Republican Party’s REAL Leader? Rush Limbaugh

    TV Ad which will air in DC and national cable channels tomorrow

    The Far Left including the Americans United for Change continue to demonize for ol’ El Rushbo in his Democrat Faux Flap with RNc Chairman Michael Steele.

    The ad is actually quite funny. I like the part where Rush is jumping and a jiggling around.

    The fact is the Democrat LEFT has to divert attention away from the thus far “FLAILING AND FAILING” Obama Administration:

    • The Economy is in a shambles, falling apart and markets are crashing after Obama’s budget and Economic Stimulus Bill
    • America and Obama is humiliated by Russia regarding Iranian missile defense and the selling out of allies Poland and the Czech Republic. And, now Hillary Clinton must now bail out the rookie Obama.
    • And, how many tax cheats are either in the Administration or have been disqualified even after Obama vetting.

    I can understand why the television ads will run featuring Rush – comic relief from weeks of Obama downers.

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