Washington Post REALLY Screws Up Sarah Palin Story

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One of Sarah’s snarky responses to a bogus story that she had joined Al Jazerra America Network

Wow! A new low for the LAMESTREAM media.

Why they wish to continue to pound Sarah Palin five years after she was a failed Vice Presidential candidate is beyond me?

But, Suzi Parker should be reprimanded and her editor probably should find another line of work.

New Finance Web Site Highlights California Political Campaigns

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Dollar Dollar Bill website

Dollar, Dollar, Bill

This is a fun website which is the brainchild of Democrat Speaker Perez’s staffer Ryan Hughes.

A new campaign finance web site is circulating the Capitol Twitterverse. Dollar, Dollar, Bill allows users to see in graphic format how contributions are stacking up in California political races. The site scans the Secretary of State’s database every 20 minutes and displays contributions to campaigns and IEs associated with legislative races and ballot measures.

The tool is the brainchild of Ryan Hughes, a staffer in the office of Assembly Speaker John A. Pérez. Hughes says Dollar, Dollar, Bill is nonpartisan. “This project is completely objective and without commentary,” he said in a statement announcing the site. “It’s designed to give everyone an intuitive look at how much money is being raised and spent in our elections.”

Go ahead and play with it.

There sure is a good deal of campaign cash being sloshed around California’s elections, no?

The Twitter feed is even more revealing – give it a try, too.

If that is not enough for the California political junkie, I have also been using Election Track which also has a Twitter feed @electiontrack for large, and last minute contributions.


Debbie Wasserman-Schultz Called Out on Medicare Talking Points

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Wolf Blitzer of CNN calls out Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Rep. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz on Democratic talking points and exposes the outright falsehoods.

Here is the video and see for yourself:

Poor DWS she really is stumped to go beyond her prepared remarks, but will everyday voters understand?

Will Senior Citizens, who have high voter engagement (in other words, they vote a lot) be able to understand that Medicare reform really will NOT affect them in their lifetimes?

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan will attempt to make the argument.

If they are successful, they win the White House. If not, then they will lose “BIG.”