Cheney: Obama Worse Than Carter – One of Our Weakest Presidents

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Dick Cheney is certainly back in the political arena.

The former Vice President minces no words about President Barack Obama.

Former Vice President Dick Cheney, in his first interview since a heart transplant operation in March, blasted President Obama calling him “one of our weakest presidents.”

“Obviously, I’m not a big fan of President Obama,” said Cheney in an excerpt from an interview with ABC News aired Monday on “Good Morning America.” “I think he’s been one of our weakest presidents.  I fundamentally disagree with him philosophically, be hard put to find any Democratic president I disagree with more.”

Asked by ABC’s Jonathan Karl if Obama was “worse than Jimmy Carter in your perspective,” Cheney responded “yes.”

I don’t know about worse than Carter.

During Carter’s Presidency we had foreign policy humiliation (Iranian hostage crisis and failed rescue attempt), a poor economy (stagflation) and gasoline lines.

At least President Obama has had some foreign policy success with the killing of Bin Laden. But, the economy has been extremely poor and he will have to justify his policy decisions in the November election.

Here is the Cheney interview in an embedded video below:

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Jobs Report: 8.2 % Unemployment Rate With 80K Jobs Created

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The Friday jobs report is out and it is, well, not so good – especially for President Obama.

The U.S. economy created just 80,000 jobs in June and the unemployment rate held steady at 8.2 percent, reflecting continued slow growth in the economy with the presidential election just four months away.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics said private payrolls increased 84,000, while the government lost 4,000 jobs. Economists expected job growth of about 100,000 and the unemployment rate to be unchanged, though many had increased their forecasts based on some recent indicators.

With yet another month of weak employment growth, the second quarter marks the worst three-month period in two years. The period averaged just 75,000 per month, against 226,000 in the first quarter, which benefited from an unusually mild winter.

May’s weak initial 69,000 report was revised upward to 77,000, which made the June growth essentially the same. The April number was revised lower, from 77,000 to 68,000.

“What a disappointing number,” said Jeff Savage, regional chief investment officer for Wells Fargo Private Bank. “This was kind of disastrous. We’re not even keeping up with demographics at this point. This is not going to be liked in the markets.”

The stock market, where futures had been essentially flat before the jobs number was released at 8:30 am ET, fell sharply, though that disappointment could be tempered by hopes of more stimulus from Washington.

With Mitt Romney falling in the polls lately, this should re-ignite his campaign and refocus his narrative on jobs and the economy.

President Obama may have won a victory when the Supreme Court ruled ObamaCare constitutional, but the economy is still not growing and the unemployment rate is high.

Andy Griffith, America’s Sheriff, Dead at 86

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America’s Sheriff Andy Griffith

Rest in Peace, Andy.

Actor Andy Griffith, who won the hearts of 1960s TV viewers with his role as gentle Sheriff Andy Taylor in “The Andy Griffith Show,” then returned as a folksy 1980s lawyer in “Matlock,” died Tuesday at his home on Roanoke Island, N.C., at age 86, NBC News has confirmed.

Griffith began his entertainment career with comic monologues and moved into movies, debuting in 1957’s “A Face in the Crowd” with Patricia Neal. But it was as the widower sheriff Andy Taylor on “The Andy Griffith Show” that he really made his mark. The show, which also starred comedian Don Knotts as bumbling Deputy Barney Fife, ran from 1960-1968. Its setting, in the fictional, friendly small town of Mayberry, became almost as famous as any one episode.

I am in Indiana and there is a Mayberry RFD restaurant in an Indianapolis suburb. Alice and I will probably head over that way sometime in the next few days.

Andy, thank you for the memories of a simpler American era.

Four Muslims Jailed in Denmark Over Muhammed Cartoons Terrorist Plot

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Jyllands Posten Muhammed Cartoons Watch: Four Muslims Plead Not Guilty to Terrorist Attack on Jyllands Posten Newspaper

The exterior of a building housing the Jyllands-Posten Copenhagen office is seen. Four Swedes accused of plotting a revenge attack on the Jyllands-Posten newspaper that printed caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad have gone on trial

News item: Four Jailed In Denmark Over Plot Linked To Muhammad Cartoons

A Danish court has sentenced four men to 12 years in prison each for plotting a gun attack on a newspaper in revenge for its 2005 publication of cartoons purporting to portray the Prophet Muhammad.

The authorities have described the planned attack as the most serious terrorist plot ever uncovered in Denmark.

The men, three Swedish citizens and a Tunisian, were arrested in December 2010, just hours before the alleged attack was to take place.

The men had pleaded not guilty to the charges.

The court in Glostrup, near Copenhagen, on June 4 also ordered the men to be expelled from Denmark after they serve their sentences.

Prosecutors said the men had intended to cause heavy loss of life by opening fire on the offices of the “Jyllands-Posten” newspaper the same day that Crown Prince Frederik was due to visit the paper’s building in Copenhagen.

A fitting end to this story, but I cannot help but think there will be more terrorist attacks based on the Muhammed Cartoons.

Blaming the publication of these images of Muhammed offer a convenient excuse or cover for Islamic terrorist activities.

Mohammed Cartoon Bomb Muhammed Cartoons Watch: Four Muslims Plead Not Guilty to Terrorist Attack on Jyllands Posten Newspaper