Bear Flag League Brunch

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Flap joined a number of the Bear Flag League members today for brunch at the Almansor Court Restaurant.

The consensus was that Patterico, XrlQ and Flap were going to be the recipients of a bottle of Indiana Wine. See this story here.

Justene updated us all on the Bear Flag Amicus brief. And…..

And we all celebrated Dr. Caltechgirl’s recent doctorate.

The Bear Flag League will be having its summer conference July 17. Read about it and sign up here:

Preparing for 2006: Bloggers Gaining Access

As the influence of blogs grows, more often bloggers are gathering news directly in addition to commenting on stories from the traditional press. The Bear Flag League is putting together a summer conference on bringing bloggers and newsmakers together.

When: July 17, 2005
1 pm
Special preevent gathering at noon for League Members only

Where: Avery House, Caltech, Pasadena California

Price: $50 includes lunch and midafternoon break

Keynote speaker: Dan Weintraub,
The California Insider

Blogs as Part of a Political Campaign
How Blogs Impact Campaigns and Make Policy

Moderated by Scott Schmidt, former Communcations Director, Log Cabin California

Hosted by Calblog, Irish Lass, Local Liberty Blog

Co-hosted by Boi from Troy, The Pirate’s Blog

Hosting and co-hosting opportunities still available.

To secure your spot, click the Paypal button or email me.


The location has been chosen — Avery House at Caltech.

Confirmed speakers:

Ted Costa, Fair Districts
Allan Hoffenblum, California Targetbook

Mr.Caltechgirl, Caltechgirl, Daily Prescott

The “Five Questions” Meme from Patterico

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Flap hopes he is doing this in the correct format and manner so will post the “Five Questions” MeMe answers here and under Patterico’s Blog comments section.

The “Five Questions” can be found here:

I have these five questions for Flap:

1) 4 out of 5 dentists recommend sugarless gum for their patients who chew gum. What does the 5th recommend?

2) Why do you guys always try to talk to us when we have that tube in our mouth?

3) Do you think the current filibuster deal has any teeth to it? Also, do you have any canines?

4) Do you enjoy it when people make bad puns about teeth? Also, do you mind if I combine two questions into one, if the two questions are really lame?

5) What the heck does “Fullosseous” mean?

Number 1

Jolt Cola – if the sugar doesn’t rot your teeth then the caffeine will make you clench them uncontrollably and a fractured tooth needs to be repaired too.
Well, you have to make up for the other 4.

Number 2

So, our patients cannot talk back to us. Willie Brown, the former Assembly Speaker and Mayor of San Francisco once told me that whenever his dentist talks he listens (especially when the dentist has that 3 inch needle in his mouth – he is all ears).

Number 3

The Filibuster DEAL sucks(while it lasted) and still sucks. Read about it here and here.

No, Canines at this time but I like Snoopy

Number 4

No! Be true to your teeth or they will be FALSE to you.

And why are your teeth like stars?………………………………………..because they come out at night.

Are those two lame enough?

Number 5

Fullosseousflap = A derived dental term nickname

Full = Full

Osseous = Osseous \Os”se*ous\, a. [L. osseus, from os, ossis bone; akin to
Gr. ‘oste`on, Skr. asthi. Cf. Oyster.]
Composed of bone; resembling bone; capable of forming bone;
bony; ossific.
[1913 Webster]

Flap = a movable piece of tissue partly connected to the body or……an excited state of agitation; “he was in a dither”; “there was a terrible flap about the theft” [syn: dither, pother,
fuss, tizzy]

Thanks Patrick for the opportunity to respond. Anyone else?