Day By Day January 10, 2012 – Horse

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Day By Day by Chris Muir

I am back from a family funeral in Santa Fe, New Mexico and California looks REAL good – plus it it nice and warm here in Thousand Oaks today.

I had the opportunity to watch the Saturday night New Hampshire Presidential debate on ABC and wondered why the candidates are so accepting of the format and the frequency. There have been way too many Presidential debates this GOP nomination season and in the next cycle I doubt there will be as many.

The New Hampshire GOP primary election is tonight and all of the pundits will be checking and double checking their polling models after the vote is counted.

Stay tuned for more election coverage here and on Twitter @Flap.

Day By Day December 6, 2011 – Proud

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Day By Day by Chris Muir

But, Chris, a third party independent candidacy although RIGHT, would enable President Obama to easily win re-election.

A non-starter for most Americans.

On blogging matters, I am back in Thousand Oaks from the Las Vegas Half Marathon weekend. I had a personal record on my half marathon time. A full race report will be over at later today.

links for 2011-06-24

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  • California lawmakers thought they were targeting, the out-of-state giant, when they voted last week to force Internet retailers to collect sales tax.
    It turns out eBay Inc., California's own golden child of e-commerce, isn't so thrilled about it, either.

    The San Jose online auction company says the legislation would hurt its business model, which relies on thousands of entrepreneurs who sell goods on its site.

    The intent may have been to go after Amazon, but "we're literally caught in the crossfire," said David London, senior director for state government relations at eBay.

    And they say it was written in a way to prevent any harm to eBay.


    Yeah right…..this tax is a lose- lose for California

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  • California's attempt to corral more revenue from Internet sales would address a real inequity, but the effort could just as easily harm as help the state. A disjointed, state-by-state approach to collecting online sales taxes will not work. Congress needs to provide a comprehensive national solution instead.

    The budget plan the Legislature passed last week included a bill designed to boost sales tax collection by Internet retailers. The bill, ABx1 28, would generate an estimated $200 million a year for the state's deficit-ridden general fund. And the legislation would ease the competitive advantage distant online sellers have over in-state retailers. While Gov. Jerry Brown vetoed the main budget bill last week, the online sales tax legislation remains alive.


    Read it all

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links for 2011-02-18

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  • Indiana Republican Sen. Richard Lugar has been preparing for an intra-party challenge since he was first elected, but recently, questions have popped up about his residency and commitment to Indiana.

    Asked if Lugar lived in a hotel when he returned to Indiana, Lugar chief of staff Mark Helmke said, "That's correct."

    Lugar owns a farm in the Hoosier State that he's been tending for decades. His siblings own parts of the farm, but he still works on it once a month with his son, even though he doesn't live there.

    As for the living conditions on the farm, Helmke joked, "The place is pretty rustic."

    Asked how Lugar's team would respond if challenged about his residency, Helmke shot back, "We'll be happy to talk about the farm."

    "It's not an issue. They can try to make it an issue. We'll be happy to talk about the farm and what it means to him," Helmke said.


    Not like Rham Emanuel and Chicago but Lugar really should have a residence in the state he represents.

  • House Republicans and Democrats started Friday morning's debate over whether to defund last year's healthcare law, and as part of this debate sparred over whether members should be allowed to call that law "ObamaCare."

    After two House Republicans called it "ObamaCare," Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.) asked the chairman whether these "disparaging" remarks should be allowed on the House floor.

    "That is a disparaging reference to the president of the United States; it is meant as a disparaging reference to the president of the United States, and it is clearly in violation of the House rules against that," she said.

    Because Wasserman Schultz only asked if it would be appropriate to curb the use of the term "ObamaCare," the chairman said he would not rule on a hypothetical. But he did urge members to "refrain from engaging in personalities or descriptions about personalities in general."


    Well, what should be call it?

    Obama's attempt to ruin American medicine?

    How's that?