Audio: Obama-GOP Tax Deal to be Filibustered by Senator Jim DeMint

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South Carolina Republican Senator Jim DeMint on the Hugh Hewitt Show

Guess the LEFT is NOT the only ones who do not like the Bush Era Tax Cut Deal between President Obama and the GOP Senate leadership. I don’t know of any other GOP Senator who will not vote for cloture tomorrow but there will be others from the Democrat side for sure.

DeMint argues:

Senator JimDeMint just announced on my program that he will oppose the deal as well as a vote for cloture on the deal.  He is reluctant to criticize GOP Senate leadership, but believes the deal at a minimum has to be paid for, and that we need “a permanent economy” not a temporary one as well as permanent tax cuts, not temporary tax cuts.

Senator DeMint also expressed disappointment with the House GOP’s elevation of Hal Rodgers and Spencer Bachus to key committee chairmanships, noting that the revolution of 1994 failed in part when the old guard took control of committees despite the huge freshman class.

The machinations of this deal continue, including Harry Reid appending an online poker bill to it.

But, remember either it passes or taxes will increase for everyone on January 1.

Stay tuned…….

Mike Huckabee a Threat to Mitt Romney in Iowa?

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Republican presidential hopeful and former Gov. Mike Huckabee speaks at the Livestrong Presidential Cancer Forum at the US Cellular Center, in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, in August. Partly by exploiting discontent among Christian conservatives with the Republican field, Huckabee, a witty former Arkansas governor, has powered into second place in polls in Iowa, 65 days before the state’s crucial caucuses.

Obviously, he may be a bigger threat than the polls apparently demonstrate.

Why else would Mitt Romney biographer, Hugh Hewitt, write this screed: A vote for Huckabee is a vote for Giuliani.

(1)Governor Huckabee’s record in Arkansas isn’t conservative on crucial issues like personnel and taxes, and/or (2)Governor Huckabee cannot possibly win the nomination so an endorsement or vote for Huckabee is really an assist to Rudy Giuliani as it diverts energy from the conservative most likely to stop Giuliani –Mitt Romney.

What Hewitt fails to ask his evangelical friends who will throw Rudy under the bus should he win the GOP nomination is how many conservative NON-EVANGELICAL GOP voters will abandon the GOP should Mitt Romney receive the nomination?

Flap knows the answer is MANY.


Soren Dayton details Huckabee’s strength with the Christian Right and how it further threatens Romney.


James Dobson to Endorse Mike Huckabee?

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Mitt Romney Watch: Change Begins with Us

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What’s With Mitt?

John Hinderacker has it RIGHT. Mitt Romney is TOO SLICK by half, you would say. And untrustworthy.

The ad is ok but with Mitt’s flipping positions how do you know what is next? Romney is worse than another SLICKSTER in this regard – namely, Bill Clinton.

Hugh Hewitt has it WRONG.

First, there is New Hampshire where the race is tightening.

He ignores historical polls and Presidential delegate rules in California that show Rudy with substantial leads in California Congressional districts where the delegates are chosen.

And who cares what the Los Angeles Times rag writes about anyone?


Fred Thompson Watch: Fred Strikes Romney on “Half-Baked Cover-Up

Mitt Romney Watch: The Flap Part III – Who is Wesley Donehue?

Mitt Romney Watch: The Flap Part II

Mitt Romney Watch: Should Romney Fire Warren Tompkins?

Mitt Romney Watch: NO Apology from Romney on Anti-Thompson Web Site

Mitt Romney Watch: The Flap

The Mitt Romney Posts

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UCI’s and the United States Senate’s Disgrace

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Republican Presidential Rudy Giuliani, right, and his wife Judith Nathan, center, listen as former U.S. Solicitor General Theodore Olson speaks during a news conference in Washington, Monday, March 12, 2007.

Hugh Hewitt posts a piece about the University of California, Irvine – Erwin Chemerinsky disgrace flap.

The Univesrity of California, Irvine is starting a new law school. Given its location and the resources available to it, it could have quickly entered the first ranks of American law schools. It had selected my friend and regular radio guest Duke University Law School Professor Erwin Chemerinsky as the school’s new dean. Erwin is a man of the left, of course, but a remarkably distinguished and accomplished scholar who enjoys the esteem of professors, jurists and practioners across the ideological spectrum.

UCI, for reasons not yet fully disclosed, has now dumped Erwin. Brian Leiter has the details, as does The Los Angeles Times.

This is an astonishing and disgraceful episode, which, if perpetrated against a conservative, would rightly lead to a massive outpouring of outrage directed at the university that had allowed such a purge to occur. I will be astonished if any reputable scholar agrees to take the job over Erwin’s broken contract, and many professors who would otherwise have welcomed the chance to join the UC system will be wondering about the Administration of such a place, even if they find someone to agree to be dean.

Instapundit has some great links, including to John Leo’s statement that the treatment of Chemerinsky is “a test case for conservatives who support free speech and argue vehemently against political tests for faculty and administration appointments.”

Noted constitutional law scholar Erwin Chemerinsky and Catherine Fisk, a top labor law professor, will join the Duke Law School faculty, effective July 1, 2004.

Equally disgraceful is the treatment that a presumed appointment of Theodore Olson as United States Attorney General is receiving at the hands of Senate Democrats, indirectly by Eunuch GOP Senators and the Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid.

Republican Sen. Orrin Hatch of Utah, a former Judiciary Committee chairman, said he talked with about 10 Democrats about Olson and that some made noises, if not outright threats, about blocking his nomination.

“I have been warned by a number of Democrats that they’re not going to let that happen,” Hatch said of an Olson confirmation. If the White House thinks Olson would sail through the Senate, Hatch said, “then they don’t understand the people up here.”

Democrats, including current Judiciary Committee Chairman Patrick Leahy, indicated they would mount strong challenges to Olson if Bush nominates him. “He is certainly not a consensus nominee,” said Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y. “He has a very political background.”

Conservatives brushed off the Democrats’ warnings, and Hatch and Sessions predicted Olson would survive the confirmation process, however rocky.

Are the left and right both being hypocritical about political litmus tests for outstanding candidates for legal positions?

Or is this the true nature of the partisan adversarial system that is American law and politics?

Disgraceful, no matter which.


Rudy Giuliani Watch: Theodore Olson to Become Attorney General?

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