Poll Watch: California Budget Propositions Failing – Opposition Rising

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So says the latest Public Policy Institute of California poll on California May 19 Special Election Propositions.

Here are the numbers:

  • Proposition 1A: 52 percent no, 35 percent yes
  • Proposition 1B: 47 percent no, 40 percent yes
  • Proposition 1C: 58 percent no, 32 percent yes
  • Proposition 1D: 45 percent no, 43 percent yes
  • Proposition 1E: 48 percent no, 41 percent yes
  • Proposition 1F: 73 percent yes, 24 percent no

The full report is here (PDF).

There is no surprise here.

California voters do not trust RINO Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger who has reneged on his no or low tax pledges that swept him into office. And, voters do not trust the Democrat dominated Legislature who never met a tax they did not like and who have spent the state into bankruptcy.

Governor Schwarzenegger now enjoys a 34 per cent approval rating and the California Legislature fairs more poorly with a approval rating of 12 per cent.

You can see the out of touch California and Ventura County Democratic Party positions on the failing propositions here.

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Poll Watch: All California Budget Propositions Likely to Lose May 19

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So says the latest Field Poll.

  • Prop. 1A (Rainy Day Budget Stabilization Fund)

This proposition, which would establish a “rainy day” budget reserve and limit state spending, is
trailing by nine points – 49% No, 40% Yes and 11% undecided.

  • Prop. 1B (Education Funding)

Prop. 1B, the measure that would provide supplemental funding to local schools and community
colleges, is also behind by nine points – 49% No vs. 40% Yes, with 11% undecided.

  • Prop. 1C (Lottery Modernization)

The measure receiving the least support is Prop. 1C. It calls for modernizing the state lottery and
borrowing against its future proceeds. Likely voters are opposing it 59% to 32%.

  • Prop. 1D (Children’s Services Funding)

This measure would transfer early childhood development monies out of the California Children and
Families Program to the state general fund. Voters divide 49% No, 40% Yes, with 11% undecided.

  • Prop. 1E (Mental Health Funding)

Prop. 1E would temporarily transfer funds currently allocated to mental health programs under the
Mental Health Services Act to the state general fund. Currently 51% are voting No and 40% Yes.

No big surprise here.

But, Governor Schwarzenegger and the Democrat dominated California Legislature will have to make up the budget shortfalls that result from these electral decisions.

Will there be another attempt to run around the Proposition 13 restriction to pass tax increases by a 2/3’rds vote of the Legislature?

Stay tuned……

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