Shocker: Iran Will Have Means to Test Nuclear Weapon Within Six Months

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iran nuclear installations

In the meantime, the United States has allowed Iran to stall and develop their nuclear capacity despite countless United Nation’s resolutions.
Iran is blocking U.N. nuclear agency attempts to upgrade monitoring of its atomic program while advancing those activities to the stage that the country would have the means to test a weapon within six months, diplomats told The Associated Press Friday.

The diplomats emphasized that there were no indications of plans for such a nuclear test, saying it was highly unlikely Iran would risk heightened confrontation with the West—and chances of Israeli attack—by embarking on such a course.

But they said that even as Iran expands uranium enrichment, which can create fissile nuclear material, it is resisting International Atomic Energy Agency attempts to increase surveillance of its enrichment site meant to keep pace with the plant’s increased size and complexity.

For Iran to amass enough fissile material to conduct an underground test similar to North Korea’s 2006 nuclear explosion, it would likely have to kick out monitors of the IAEA—the U.N. nuclear agency—from its one known uranium enrichment site at Natanz. Technicians then could reconfigure the centrifuges now churning out nuclear-fuel grade enriched uranium to highly enriched, weapons-grade material.

Iran is unlikely, however, to want to do that. Such a move would immediately set off international alarm bells and could bridge rifts on how strongly to react—Russia and China, which have resisted Western calls to increase pressure on Iran over its nuclear defiance, would likely endorse more sweeping U.N sanctions and other penalties.

With the U.N. nuclear agency strictly limited in its nuclear monitoring of Iran, the existence of a hidden enrichment site that could supply the weapons-grade uranium needed for a nuclear weapons test is also possible.

nternational Atomic Energy Agency chief Mohamed Elbaradei has repeatedly warned that his agency cannot guarantee that Iran is not hiding nuclear activities. Iranian nuclear expert David Albright on Friday put the chances that such a secret site exists at “50-50.”

The United States has screwed around while the centrifuges at Natanz have been spinning. Then, one day, either Israel will bomb Iran’s nuclear facilities, including the secret ones or Iran will kick out the IAEA inspectors and declare it is a nuclear power.

You cannot say the United States and Europe have not known about the Iran nuclear subterfuge. They have just decided to do nothing.

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Day By Day by Chris Muir June 26, 2009 – Empathy and Reality

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Day By Day by Chris Muir

So, after days of protests in Iran, the Obama Administration finally rescinds the invitations to Iranian diplomats to 4th of July parties at American embassies.

Wow! This reminds me of Jimmy Carter’s boycott of the Moscow Olympics because of the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.

Weak. Weak. Weak.

The United States said it has rescinded invitations to Iranian diplomats to attend July 4 parties at US embassies, following the violent suppression of protests in Iran.

“Unfortunately, circumstances have changed, and participation by Iranian diplomats would not be appropriate in light of the unjust actions that the president and I have condemned,” Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said in a cable to US diplomatic mission abroad.

Early this month, before Iran’s disputed June 12 presidential elections, Clinton had sent US diplomats instructions to invite Iranians to the Independence Day celebrations in a bit of “hot dog” diplomacy aimed at engaging Tehran.

But the administration has been heavily criticized for not acting decisively enough in condemning the Iranian regime in the wake of a bloody crackdown on anti-government protests.

The State Department said the new cable sent out under Clinton’s name directed the diplomatic missions “to rescind all invitations that have been extended to Iranian diplomats for July 4th events.”

“For invitations which have been extended, posts should make clear that Iranian participation is no longer appropriate in the current circumstances. For invitations which have not been extended, no further action is needed,” it said.

Has this been Hillary’s recommendation or did Obama come up with it on his own?

Criticism will continue to mount at the slowness of Obama to the burgeoning Iranian freedom movement in the Iranian streets.

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Day By Day by Chris Muir June 24, 2009 – Can’t Touch This

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day by day 062409

Day By Day by Chris Muir

The protests in Iran ARE legitimate but whether they will gather enough support to affect real change in Iran is anyone’s guess at this point.  The Mulllahs who really run the country will not go away silently in the night. They will push back and use whatever means it takes to retain power.

The Obama Administration has chosen “appeasement” and a negotiate at any cost strategy in dealing with the situation so far.

Prior to this month’s disputed presidential election in Iran, the Obama administration sent a letter to the country’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, calling for an improvement in relations, according to interviews and the leader himself.

Ayatollah Khamenei confirmed the letter toward the end of a lengthy sermon last week, in which he accused the United States of fomenting protests in his country in the aftermath of the disputed June 12 presidential election.

U.S. officials declined to discuss the letter on Tuesday, a day in which President Obama gave his strongest condemnation yet of the Iranian crackdown against protesters.

An Iranian with knowledge of the overture, however, told The Washington Times that the letter was sent between May 4 and May 10 and laid out the prospect of “cooperation in regional and bilateral relations” and a resolution of the dispute over Iran’s nuclear program.

Is this about to change?

Dramatically hardening the U.S. reaction to Iran’s disputed elections and bloody aftermath, President Barack Obama condemned the violence against protesters Tuesday and lent his strongest support yet to their accusations the hardline victory was a fraud.

Obama, who has been accused by some Republicans of being too timid in his response to events in Iran, declared himself “appalled and outraged” by the deaths and intimidation in Tehran’s streets — and scoffed at suggestions he was toughening his rhetoric in response to the criticism.

He suggested Iran’s leaders will face consequences if they continue “the threats, the beatings and imprisonments” against protesters. But he repeatedly declined to say what actions the U.S. might take, retaining — for now — the option of pursuing diplomatic engagement with Iran’s leaders over its suspected nuclear weapons program.

“We don’t know yet how this thing is going to play out,” the president said. “It is not too late for the Iranian government to recognize that there is a peaceful path that will lead to stability and legitimacy and prosperity for the Iranian people. We hope they take it.”

Actions speaker louder than words, particularly with Obama who changes his positions every time the wind blows in a different direction.

So, stay tuned……..

And, with regards to the LEFT, Iran and the JEWS – cuckoo, cuckoo…….


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Iran Will NOT Annul Presidential Vote

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Political Cartoon by Michael Ramirez

News Item: Iran’s top electoral body rules out vote annulment
Iran’s top electoral body said Tuesday it found “no major fraud” and will not annul the results of the presidential election, closing the door to a do-over sought by angry opposition supporters alleging systematic vote-rigging.

Iranian government officials have repeatedly suggested that a revote is extremely unlikely. However, Tuesday’s announcement by Iran’s top electoral body, the Guardian Council, was the clearest yet in ruling out a new election.

The announcement on Iran’s state-run English language Press TV is another sign the regime is determined to crush the post-election protests – the strongest challenge to its leadership in 30 years – rather than compromise.

Government warnings to the protesters have intensified.

The Mullash will now telll the world, including Obama to butt out of their affairs. In the meantime, they will crack heads and imprison dissenters.

Perhaps if the Mullahs had waterboarded their protesters, Obama would be more concerned.

Obama’s foreign policy is “WEAK.”

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Day By Day by Chris Muir June 23, 2009 – The Waffle King

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daybyday 062309

Day By Day by Chris Muir

Chris, why would anyone in the world exepct President Obama to stick his neck out for the protesters in Iran? Hell, he doesn’t make an effort for his constituencies in America that contribute massive amounts of campaign cash for his bogus Hope and Change mantra. Witness what Obama has done with the homosexual lobby.

The Mullahs in Iran will eventually grow tired of the protests in the street and crack some heads. People will die.

Then Obama will have to “deal” with Iran’s continuing nuclear ambitions which include the destruction of Israel. Only then will Obama and his Plus Ca Change crew have to make an actual decision.

Obama will probably vote present.


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