Ousted Honduras President Manuel Zelaya Says “I’ll Be Back”

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Political cartoon by Michael Ramirez

Good luck with that.

The United Nations and President Obama’s words of wisdom will not help persuade the military to allow him to return to power.

Now, if Hugo Chavez commits Venezuelan troops, then that is a different story and will initiate a war.

Stay tuned…….

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Newt Gingrich Rips Obama for Making Lovey Dovey With Hugh Chavez

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chavez and obama 2

President Barack Obama and Hugh Chavez extending each other a hand and photo op at this weekend’s Latin American summit

Former GOP Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich lets it fly against President Obama for his palling around this weekend with Venezuela President and/or Dictator Hugo Chavez.

Chavez has been one of the harshest critics of the United States in that part of the world. Obama said at the conclusion of the Latin summit Sunday that he didn’t think greeting Chavez would be “endangering the strategic interests of the United States.”

Gingrich complained that the simple act of a smiling Obama shaking Chavez’s hand caused a book Chavez has written to skyrocket on the best-seller lists in the United States.

“What I find distressing,” he said, “is that the administration opposes opening up oil exploration,” but yet Obama has “bowed to the king of Saudi Arabia” and now reached out to Chavez, whom Gingrich said has been conducting “a vicious anti-American campaign.”

Gingrich, whose name has been mentioned in 2012 presidential speculation, said, “How do you mend relationships with someone who actively hates your country. … “

“Cuba releases zero prisoners,” he said, “yet we make nice with Cuba. I’m for doing things methodically and calmly … things that will work, but I’m not for deluding myself about smiles and words.”

Fantasy land world for Obama….

Hugs and exchanging books will not change the policy of these American hating dictators.

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Photo: “The United States Empire is on its Way Down and it Will Be Finished in the Near Future, Inshallah (God Willing)”

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chavez and obama 2

This is what Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said in New York at the United Nations a few years ago.

“The United States empire is on its way down and it will be finished in the near future, inshallah,” Chavez told reporters, ending the statement with the Arabic phrase for “God willing.”

Chavez said that the United Nations is a “deceased” organization because it was formed to bridge the differences between the United States and Russia, and a brand new international organization would have to be formed to replace it.

Earlier, Chavez initiated a verbal assault on President Bush, calling him “the devil” during an insult-riddled address to world leaders at the U.N. General Assembly.

obama and chavez 1

Maybe Chavez has a point. Does Obama get it?

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Russian Warship To Cross Panama Canal – Will U.S. Navy Provoke?

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Flap bets the Russian Navy may be in for a little surprise, no?

A Russian warship will sail through the Panama Canal this week for the first time since World War II, the navy announced Wednesday, pushing ahead with a symbolic projection of Moscow’s power in a traditional U.S. zone of influence.

The destroyer Admiral Chabanenko will arrive Friday at a former U.S. naval base in Panama’s Pacific port of Balboa for a six-day visit after carrying out joint maneuvers with the Venezuelan navy in the Caribbean Sea, navy spokesman Capt. Igor Dygalo said in a telephone interview.

The Panama Canal has long been a symbol of U.S. clout in Latin America, and Dygalo said no Soviet or Russian military ship has sailed through it since World War II. The wartime alliance between the U.S. and the Soviet Union swiftly gave way to the mistrust, military buildups and proxy conflicts of the Cold War.

In a throwback to those times, the Russian navy statement announcing the plans referred to the base the Admiral Chabanenko will visit as Rodman naval base—its name when it was a U.S. base many years ago.

Rodman was the hub for all U.S. naval activities in South America and supported fleet units transiting the 50-mile (80-kilometer) canal. But control of the facility shifted to Panama a decade ago, and it is now called the Balboa naval base.

Monday’s joint maneuvers with Venezuela, which brought the Admiral Chabanenko and the nuclear-powered missile cruiser Peter the Great across the Atlantic along with two support ships, were widely seen as a show of Kremlin anger over the U.S. use of warships to deliver aid to Georgia after its August war with Russia.

Russian warships tailed U.S. ships in the Black Sea, where Russia borders Georgia, on that mission.

Wow – two big Russian ships crossed the Atlantic to support dictator Hugo Chavez of Venezuela.

Just a reminder to Americans that while the price of gasoline has fallen precipitiously that American Energy indpendence is essential over the next decade.

Then, we don’t have to fund and deal with these tin-horn tyrants and their totalitarian governments.

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Michael Ramirez on Hugo Chavez

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Chávez Looks at His Critics in the Media and Sees the Enemy

“Sound the alarm in the hills, slums and towns to defend our revolution from this new fascist attack,” President Hugo Chávez said in a nationally televised speech this week as his government was under siege by student protests over his decision to take a dissident television network off the air. “We are waiting for you.”

With such chilling threats of retribution, Mr. Chávez seems prepared to harden his treatment of both the protesters and any media organizations that oppose him, even as the demonstrations ebbed somewhat on Thursday.


The Michael Ramirez Files

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Hugo Chavez Watch: Protests Continue in Venezuela – United States Calls on Chavez to Reopen Television Station

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An opponent to the Venezuelan government waves a flag in front of the police during a protest 28 May 2007, in Caracas, in the aftermath of the closure of private network RCTV (Radio Caracas Television). The United States called on Venezuela’s leftist president, Hugo Chavez, Tuesday to reverse his decision to close the country’s oldest television station.

AFP: US calls on Venezuela’s Chavez to reverse television closure

The United States joins the expressions of concern made by the international community about the May 27 closure of RCTV, Venezuela’s only independent television network with nationwide broadcast coverage,” said State Department spokesman Tom Casey.

“Freedom of expression is a fundamental human right, it’s an essential element of democracy anywhere in the world,” he said.

“We’d certainly call on the government of Venezuela to abide by its commitments under the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Inter-American Democratic Charter and to reverse these policies that they’re pursuing to limit freedom of expression,” he said.


In this photo released by Miraflores Press Office, Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez speaks during a meeting with retired people in La Guaira, Venezuela, Tuesday, May 29, 2007. Chavez defended his decision not to renew the license of a popular opposition-aligned television network and warned he might crack down on another critical TV station, accusing it of trying to incite attempts on his life.

But, Hugo Chavez will not reverse course. In fact, he has threatened a second station.

Venezuela’s leftist government accused a leading TV station of calling for the assassination of President Hugo Chavez, El Universal reported Tuesday.

Globovision TV was said to be openly calling for the death of Chavez when it aired the 1981 assassination attempt of Pope John Paul II accompanied by the phrase, “This doesn’t end here.”

The accusation against Globovision follows the decision by Venezuela to shut down an opposition TV station and replace it with a state-backed network triggered angry protests Monday.

The Venezuelan Social Television started broadcasting shortly after midnight, taking over the frequency previously occupied by Radio Caracas Television.

The state-run broadcast included traditional songs and dances, cartoons, documentaries and a statement from station President Lil Rodriguez — who said that as a self-respecting nation, Venezuela now has a new source of messages of dignity, VOA reported.

But RCTV employees and university students protested in Caracas Monday, calling the station closure an attack on free speech. Bank worker Marycel Montiel said she joined a protest to denounce Chavez’ authoritarian policies, comparing them to measures taken in Cuba.

And the protests continue despite Hugo Chavez’s threats:


Riot police stand guard as university students protest against Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez’s decision to shut down opposition-aligned television station Radio Caracas Television, RCTV, and replace it with a new state-funded channel, in Caracas, Tuesday, May 29, 2007.


Students protest against Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez’s decision to shut down opposition-aligned television station Radio Caracas Television, RCTV.


Will Chavez use deadly force against his own people to stifle freedom of the press?

Fidel Castro is his mentor.

Here is some video from today’s street protest in Venezuela:

Stay tuned……


Hugo Chavez Watch: Chavez Closes and Re-Opens Nationalized Venezuelan Television Station

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Hugo Chavez Watch: Iran and Venezuela Plan to Fund Projects – To Thwart United States Domination


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