CA-36: Craig Huey Ramps Up Get Out the Vote Campaign Against Janice Hahn

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Photo from Sunday July 10 Credit: The Examiner

I told you that Craig Huey for Congress would have an awesome GOTV Program (Get Out the Vote).
Volunteers for Craig Huey have arrived from across the state of California in this last Get Out the Vote effort before Tuesday’s election. They will be walking precincts through Tuesday in an effort to bring Republicans and Independents to the polls.

Tea Party activists and Republican Party stalwarts are all working the next few days to elect Craig Huey.

Whoever turns out the vote on Tuesday’s special election wins.

CA-36: World War II Veteran Louis Zamperini Blasts Janice Hahn For Unauthorized Use of His Photo Which Implies an Endorsement

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Louis Zamperini and Olympic Medalist Rod Dixon

Of course, Joe Trippi and Janice Hahn pull the end of the campaign slimy political gamemanship and Louis Zamperini is the victim.
Craig Huey for Congress is reporting that a last minute mailer from Los Angeles City Councilwoman Janice Hahn in the campaign for the 36th congressional district has drawn a stinging rebuke from a representative for 93 year old World War II POW Louis Zamperini of Torrance. The mailer used photos from Zamperini’s recent book and website and implied an endorsement from Zamperini, in spite of the fact that Hahn had been warned in advance not to use the photos or embroil the WWII hero in her political campaign.

“The Hahn campaign has been told repeatedly, both verbally and via email, that Louis Zamperini does not wish to endorse Janice Hahn’s campaign for Congress, and does not approve the use of Mr. Zamperini’s name or likeness,” said John Naber, Assistant to Mr. Zamperini. “The Hahn campaign did not have permission from Mr. Zamperini for the recent mailing using photos from his book and website.”

Hahn had requested an endorsement from Louis Zamperini and was told that he does not endorse political candidates and does not authorize candidates to use his photo in their campaigns.

Yeah, just another ditry trick from Joe Trippi, Janice Hahn’s campaign consultant flack. They just hope there is NO blowback before the election.

Good luck with that now,

Janice Hahn should be ashamed of herself.

CA-36: Democrats Are Nervous About Janice Hahn Losing to Craig Huey

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110630hahnhueyap328 CA 36: California Early Voting Forecasts a Close Race for Craig Huey Vs. Janice Hahn

Los Angeles City Council Member Janice Hahn and GOP Congressional Nominee and businessman Craig Huey

I think they are justified in being worried.

Dems getting nervous about CA-36: And for next week’s special congressional run-off in California to replace ex-Rep. Jane Harman (D), Dems are starting to get a bit nervous about a race that — at least on paper — they should easily win. The contest is between L.A. City Councilwoman Janice Hahn (D) and businessman Craig Huey (R); Obama got more than 60% of the vote in the district in ‘08. “We’ve been saying for a while that this one is closer than people think – whenever you have a multi-millionaire willing to self-fund it’s never a slam dunk,” one DC-based Democratic operative emails First Read. “It was a safe seat for Jane, but not necessarily Dems.”

Craig Huey and the California GOP are ramping up the GOTV campaign and transporting their voters to the polls, making the calls, etc.

Huey has a definite shot to pull off the upset.

CA-36: Janice Hahn Gang Intervention Flap Not Over

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And, it is all Janice Hahn’s fault since her lawyers picked a fight with Los Angeles Fox Television Channel 11. 

Back in the early part of the last decade, America, and especially California, was living high on a speculative real estate bubble. Local and state governments were absolutely awash in tax receipts and felt, you know, we can probably afford just about any crazy idea you can come up with. Councilwoman Hahn became a cheerleader for just about the craziest idea since we decided to turn food into fuel; paying gang members to be ‘gang intervention specialists.’ What could go wrong?

As the above local news report shows, quite a lot, actually. Supporting this program was a dumb move. But, hey, politicians were on something of a spending bender back then, so maybe we can just chalk it up to a ‘youthful indiscretion.’ Dumber, though, and harder to explain away, was Hahn walking out of an interview when first confronted about the program in 2008.

Dumbest of all, though, is Hahn firing up her lawyers to go after the news organization reporting on the story. These Clarence Darrows actually tried to use a “Cease and Desist” threat against a news station…over a news story. This isn’t just dumb, this is a terrible, horrible, no-good, very-bad-day kind of dumb.

But, this is all noise and many of the South Bay voters have already voted by mail – and voted for Craig Huey.

Craig Huey WILL turn out his voters and the economy is so poor and unemployment so high, the race will be close. Folks are going to vote their pocketbooks and for a change.

Plus, the GOTV campaign for Craig Huey which is aided by the California GOP will be awesome.

As, I have said, do not be surprised if Craig Huey upsets Janice Hahn on Tuesday.

CA-36: Craig Huey Says Anti-Janice Hahn Video Hurt His Campaign

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Yes, having known Craig Huey for over 45 years this is definitely not him. Huey is not a name caller or a sensationalist, despite what the Democrats try to spin.

Southern California congressional candidate Craig Huey said Thursday an inflammatory viral web video that portrayed Janice Hahn as a stripper has been “harmful” to his campaign and pledged to fire any member of his staff who had knowledge of it.

The issue was raised during a debate on public radio between Huey and Hahn, just five days ahead of the special election to replace former Rep. Jane Harman.

“It’s racist, it’s sexist, it’s bigoted. It’s the most harmful thing to my campaign ever done,” Huey said when asked about the video produced by the third-party group Turn Right USA.

The GOP candidate denied any involvement with the video and said he would terminate any member of his staff who was found to be coordinating with the outside group.

Just as dispicable was Joe Trippi’s last minute attack using Huey’s marketing clients as guilt by association.

Huey called a Hahn charge that that he bilked seniors with a marketing scheme “guilt by association,” and snuck in a not-very-subtle gang reference. “It’s like a dentist had a gang member come in … and all of a sudden that dentist is part of a drug cartel,” he said.

But, hey, that is politics where half-truths and embellishments are all too common. But, the difference is Huey had no control over the anti-Hahn ad and Joe Trippi works for the Hahn campaign.

South Bay residents will vote their pocketbook anyway and ignore all of this noise.

Will Craig Huey pull an upset?

I say look for an earthquake in CA-36 next Tuesday night.