Digital Dental Camera Information

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Flap is often asked about digital dental cameras.

I ran across these links from a dental technology blogger Larry Emmott and a hat tip to him:

Image Management

Digital Still Cameras

Intra Oral Video Cameras

Censorship FLAP at Dental Town

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It seems a bit unseemly to think that a group of dentists are sitting around their offices and homes glued to their PCs and posting porn and off-color jokes and stories to their fellow colleagues and suppliers.

However, this is exactly the case at Dental Town (free registration required, Password = occlusal).

This occurrence has created a FLAP of sorts with the DT dentists since an unknown Administrator of the site deleted the most offensive thread last night.

Check out the discussion here:

Here’s the story.
I spend much of Thursday going back and forth with e-mails with Howard Farran and Ken Scott about the offensive thread, getting their thoughts about it.
We agreed that it should continue and I had their PERMISSON and APPROVAL to delete a post that went over the line. By all means they did not want the thread deleted. Some moderators and administrators disagreed but the bottom line is that this place belongs to Howard Farran. That is why I wanted his input. If he told me that it should be deleted, I would have done it, no questions asked. He hasn’t said anything about changing his mind, and I suspect that he would have said something to me if he did..
Thus I can only conclude that some nameless, balless, sack of shit of a moderator or administrator, took it upon themselves to delete the thread, thinking that they are more important to Dentaltown than Howard Farran, and the feelings of the many that contributed to the thread.

Whoever you are, you are a disgrace to Dentaltown.

Have a nice night.

(yes I am pissed )

Take Care …Howard

Howard M. Goldstein D.M.D
Bethlehem, PA.

The discussion goes on for post after post.


This retired Vietnam vet , an author , and father of a dentist, Caribou, even has a humorous poem:


By Caribou (With apologies to R. Kipling)

You may talk o’ skin and porn
On the D-T ever’ morn
An’ you’re trying to think o’ somthin’ good to post
But when it comes to laughter
It ain’t porn and skin yore after
It’s sanc-ti-mony ‘ats funnier than most.

Now on DT stormy pages
It’s cens-or-ship what rages
And often tends to turn yore innards green
One guy sez it’s dirty
‘nuther sez it’s purty
Don’t seem to be no nothin’ twixt and tween.

It wuz, cut! – cut! -cut!
We can’t be havin’ all this cy-ber smut!
We know whut’s good fer you, us bleed’n censors do!
Fer Gawd’s sake hit the dele key all you nuts!

Now Howard he asks Howard,
He sez, “Howard, this is Howard.
What cons-tit-utes a post what’s called obscene?”
Howard, he sez, “You’s,
Are all old enough to choose
What pops up on yore own com-pu-ter screen”

This war, it won’t be through,
‘Til the Devil gets his due
And we will have or don’t have what’s called smut.
But until the arguin’s dun,
I’ll just be havin’ fun,
And post anuther, naked , obseen butt.

It wuz, cut! – cut! -cut!
We can’t be havin’ all this cy-ber smut!
We know whut’s good fer you, us bleed’n censors do!
Fer Gawd’s sake hit the dele key all you nuts!

An’ I’ll meet y’all later on
In that place where we have gone
Where it’s hotter than a post by Howard G.
I’ll be postin’ cyber jokes
Drinkin’ scotch and tokin’ coke
An’ DT will be just a mem-o-ry.

It wuz, cut! – cut! -cut!
We can’t be havin’ all this cy-ber smut!
We know whut’s good fer you, us bleed’n censors do!
Fer Gawd’s sake hit the dele key all you nuts!

It must be a slow day in the dental office.

Dentist Visits Every Six Months?

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This story from the Chicago-Sun Times reports the findings from a U.K based research group (the Cochrane Collaboration) that there is little scientific evidence to support six month dental check-up visits:

Ever since the 19th century, dentists have been telling patients: Get a dental checkup every six months.

But it turns out there’s little scientific evidence to support this long-standing advice, according to the Cochrane Collaboration, a respected research group.

Researchers looked through decades of dental research from around the world. Remarkably, they could find almost no high-quality studies on when to get checkups.

As a result, they concluded, there’s not enough scientific evidence to support or refute the traditional recommendation to see your dentist twice a year.

Cochrane is an international organization based in the United Kingdom that analyzes data from clinical trials.

The six-month checkup tradition dates back to 1849, when it was mentioned in a children’s book called The Toothache.

“It was a suggestion without any scientific support, and became folklore,” says Douglas Benn, a retired University of Florida dental professor.

A 1999 study by Benn and others found “no scientific support” for advising six-month checkups for all patients. Instead, they recommended different intervals, depending on the condition of each patient’s teeth and gums.

During a routine checkup, a dentist typically examines the teeth and gums, looks for signs of oral cancer, checks the jaw joint and might take X-rays. And the dentist or a hygienist often cleans the teeth and gums.

The American Dental Association recommends that patients at high risk for tooth decay and gum disease get checkups every three months or so. Medium-risk patients should go every six months. Low-risk patients, who take excellent care of their teeth and have no active decay or gum disease, should come in every 12 months.

Most patients fall in the medium-risk, six-month category, says association spokeswoman Kimberly Harms.

In their survey of dental research, Cochrane researchers included only studies in which participants were randomly assigned to follow different checkup schedules, such as six months vs. 12 months. Such studies “are most likely to produce the least biased evidence,” Cochrane says.

Only one study, published in 1992, met this widely accepted research standard. It was conducted in Norway and included children aged 3 to 18. Researchers found no difference in tooth decay, fillings and other problems between kids who saw their dentists every 12 months and those who went every 24 months. But even this study had several flaws, the Cochrane report said.

Sorry folks!

See the dentist and hygienist at least every six months. You never know what is lurking in that oral cavity.

Flap goes every three months!