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    Sarah Palin Watch: Conan O’Brien Tells Crude Joke About Bristol Palin

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    Conan O’Brien on NBC’s Late Night

    Flap has never cared for Conan O’Brien’s humor which ranges from stupid to moronic. Here he crosses the line and shows his Lefty bias with a personal attack on a seventeen year old girl whose mother just happens to be a conservative Republican candidate for Vice President.

    Now, this would not have anything to do with NBC News propensity to be Left-Wing or the fact that O’Brien is a Democrat, now would it?

    Talk about transparency.

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    Will NBC Keep Jay Leno?

    Posing for a group photograph, comedians gather to honor political satirist Mort Sahl during an 80th birthday salute to Sahl in Los Angeles June 28, 2007. Shown are front row (L-R) Shelley Berman, Jonathan Winters, George Carlin, Mort Sahl and Harry Shearer. Back row (L-R) Richard Lewis, Jay Leno, Norm Crosby,Kevin Nealon, friend Hugh Hefner, Ross Shaefer, producer of the tribute, Drew Carey and Albert Brooks.

    Conan O’Brien is scheduled to take over for Jay Leno at The Tonight Show in 2009 when Leno turns 59.

    The question:

    Will NBC keep Jay Leno with the NBC network?

    The Answer:


    ABC and Fox need a late night presence. After a six month hiatus, Jay will jump to the highest bidder for a few years and jump start their competition with The Tonight Show and CBS’s Letterman.

    NBC made a strategic error with promising The Tonight Show franchise to Conan O’Brien – who in Flap’s estimation will not be able to maintain Carson and Leno’s audience.

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