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    Day By Day June 27, 2011 – Order Up

    Day By Day by Chris Muir

    The MSM is blind to what Attorney General Eric Holder and the President do. It is all about social justice and appeasing their voter constituencies with them. But, the GOP nominee will NOT be a John McCain this time and will take it to them – MSM notwithstanding.

    This is 2011, not 2008 when the LEFT blogs drove stories to their friends at the New York Times and the television networks.

    I am looking forward to Andrew Bretibart, Matt Drudge and the fireworks – even after the 4th of July.


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    Day by Day May 8, 2011 – Good, Bad and Ugly

    Day By Day by Chris Muir

    The Obama Administration has mishandled the Mexican drug cartels and securing the Mexico-American border. Yet, the President has White House conferences trying to pander to Hispanics for their support in the upcoming elections.

    As the sun is rising this morning, it appears more and more that the Obama Administration committed an actual, factual act of war against Mexico through sheer incompetence that has left at least one American border patrol agent murdered.

    What if I told you that the Obama Administration’s Justice Department authorized the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (the “ATF”) to rig gun background checks so gun runners could “walk” guns into Mexico after clearing an instant background check at various gun stores in the U.S.?

    What if I told you that the Department of Justice and ATF did this to try to build a picture of Mexican Drug Cartels so the cartels could be taken out?

    What if I told you that the ATF’s authorization of this operation, called by them “Fast and Furious”, corresponded to an increase in gun violence by drug cartels in Mexico?

    What if I told you the Obama Administration never told the Mexican Government — making this a clear act of war under any host of international precedents?

    What if I told you that at least one, and maybe more, American border patrol agents were murdered by guns passed over the border with the permission of the ATF?

    And what if I told you that the Department of Justice and ATF decided to use the gun running they authorized, enabled, and oversaw as evidence in the Obama Administration’s fight to crack down on gun sales in the United States?

    You’d think I was crazy, wouldn’t you? You’d think I had Obama Derangement Syndrome, wouldn’t you?

    I’ll be honest. Had this come from any one of a million different right wing websites, I would be deeply suspicious that there were key details missing in order to paint a picture of an out of control Obama Administration and Eric Holder.

    What if I told you the source of this fantastical story is the CBS Evening News with Katie Couric?

    And, then there is the methamphetamine smuggling from Mexico. Can’t you really say that the Obama administration has been grossly negligent in their handling of border relations and security with Mexico?


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  • Barack Obama,  Day By Day,  Eric Holder

    Day By Day April 21, 2011 – Color Guard

    Day By Day by Chris Muir

    Damon with an interview of Obama Attorney General Eric Holder should be an exercise in obfuscation. But, good luck.

    Holder has to be one of the dumbest rocks on the planet or the most incompetent one. Let’s see topics for discussion include, Gitmo trials, Gitmo closing and transfer of prisoners, Defense of Marriage Act, The Black Panther Philadelphia Case -just to name a few.

    Anyone want to bet that he is OUT before Obama’s re-election campaign starts in earnest?


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  • Barack Obama,  Day By Day,  Eric Holder

    Day by Day July 25, 2010 – Battle Stations

    Day By Day by Chris Muir

    President Obama and his merry Leftists, including Attorney General Eric Holder, do believe in governing by fear and intimidation.

    Isn’t it obvious?

    The achieved high office by Saul Alinsky tactics and a weakened Bush-led GOP. So, let’s play the race card and scare the voters some more.

    But, they have failed in major political policy decisions both domestic and in foreign policy and Americans have suffered.

    The price they will pay will be realized in November.


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  • Black Panthers,  Eric Holder

    New Inquiry Into Black Panther Voter Intimidation Case

    “Security Patrols” Stationed at polling places in Philadelphia

    Remember the FLAP.

    Now, there is a new inquiry.

    The Justice Department’s Office of Professional Responsibility has begun an official inquiry into the dismissal in May of a civil complaint against the New Black Panther Party and two of its members who disrupted a Philadelphia polling place during the November general elections.

    The inquiry is disclosed in an Aug. 28 letter to Rep. Lamar Smith of Texas, the ranking Republican on the House Judiciary Committee who first raised questions about the dismissal in May and asked unsuccessfully that Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. make available the head of the department’s Voting Section of the Civil Rights Division for a closed-door briefing on the decision.

    In the letter, Mary Patrice Brown, acting OPR counsel, told the veteran congressman from Texas that the office had “initiated an inquiry into the matter” and that it would “contact you with the results of our inquiry once it is completed.” A copy of the letter was obtained by The Washington Times.

    With Eric Holder as Attorney General I am not holding my breath. This outrageous conduct by the Black Panthers is being swept under the rug.

    Fancy that……

    I thought enforcement of the law was above and beyond partisan politics.

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    Attorney General Eric Holder to Appoint Prosecutor for Bush Administration Crimes?

    Obama and Holder

    Please Eric do it.

    Four knowledgeable sources tell NEWSWEEK that he is now leaning toward appointing a prosecutor to investigate the Bush administration’s brutal interrogation practices, something the president has been reluctant to do. While no final decision has been made, an announcement could come in a matter of weeks, say these sources, who decline to be identified discussing a sensitive law-enforcement matter. Such a decision would roil the country, would likely plunge Washington into a new round of partisan warfare, and could even imperil Obama’s domestic priorities, including health care and energy reform. Holder knows all this, and he has been wrestling with the question for months. “I hope that whatever decision I make would not have a negative impact on the president’s agenda,” he says. “But that can’t be a part of my decision.”

    And, then, President Obama can declassify a whole bunch of CIA and NSA materials that may shed some light on the entire 9/11 enhanced interrrogation technique’s flap. Of course, this may endanger American national security but Eric Holder, the Attorney General who encouraged President Clinton to pardon Marc Rich, a known criminal, knows best.

    Now will it be suprising that after this piece in Newsweek that Obama or Rahm calls Holder in for a little chat?

    I say put Leon Panetta, Dick Cheney, Porter Goss and George Tenent on the stand under oath and let the chips fall where they may.

    But, it won’t happen.

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  • Barack Obama,  Eric Holder,  Rod Blagojevich

    Surprise: Attorney General Nominee Eric Holder Omits Hot Rod Blagojevich Connection From U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee Questionnaire

    Eric Holder and Rod Blagojevich
    Eric Holder (right) appears at a March 24, 2004, news conference with Gov. Blagojevich.

    No, not really a surprise. Eric Holder failed to mention his past associations with the politically corruption charged Governor of Illinois Hot Rod Blagojevich on a 47 page Senate Judiciary Committee questionnaire.

    And, about what?

    Chicago area casino gambling and organized crime.

    Before Eric Holder was President-elect Barack Obama’s choice to be attorney general, he was Gov. Blagojevich’s pick to sort out a mess involving Illinois’ long-dormant casino license.

    Blagojevich and Holder appeared together at a March 24, 2004, news conference to announce Holder’s role as “special investigator to the Illinois Gaming Board” — a post that was to pay Holder and his Washington, D.C. law firm up to $300,000.

    Holder, however, omitted that event from his 47-page response to a Senate Judiciary Committee questionnaire made public this week — an oversight he plans to correct after a Chicago Sun-Times inquiry, Obama’s transition team indicated late Tuesday.

    “Eric Holder has given hundreds of press interviews,” Obama transition spokeswoman Stephanie Cutter said in a statement. “He did his best to report them all to the committee, but as he noted in the questionnaire itself, some were undoubtedly missed in the effort to reconstruct a list of them.”

    Holder signed the questionnaire on Sunday — five days after Blagojevich’s arrest for allegedly putting Obama’s U.S. Senate seat up for sale. The Judiciary Committee asked him to provide lists and “copies of transcripts or tape recordings of all speeches or talks delivered by you” and “all interviews you have given to newspapers, magazines or other publications.”

    The “OOPS” excuse is NOT going to wash this time. The GOP Senate Judiciary Committee had better prepare some pointed questions of Eric Holder who has already been tainted by the Bill Clinton pardon of Marc Rich.

    Exit questions: Can’t Obama find someone untainted by political scandal for Attorney General? Or, is this the person President Obama wants to cover his own ass once he takes office?

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  • Barack Obama,  Eric Holder

    Barack Obama’s Pardon – ME Attorney General – Eric Holder


    Former Deputy Attorney General Eric Holder and Pardon Attorney Roger Adams testify on the pardon that former President Clinton gave to Marc Rich during a Senate Judiciary Hearing February 14, 2001 in Washington DC

    Why Does Obama Want To Appoint An Attorney General With A Long History Of Controversial Pardons?

    Holder Played A “Key Role” In The Pardoning Of Marc Rich. “Now Obama needs to turn his attention to another member of that committee – Eric Holder, a former No. 2 in the Clinton Justice Department who played a key role in processing the infamous last-minute pardon of the notorious tax-cheat fugitive Marc Rich.” (Editorial, “Obama’s Bus,” New York Post, 6/12/08)


    • “Holder, One Of Two Remaining Members Of Obama’s Vice Presidential Search Committee, Was Always Expected To Be A Lightning Rod.” (Jonathan Weisman, “Next On The GOP List: Eric Holder,” The Washington Post‘s “The Trail” Blog, blog.washingtonpost.com, 6/12/08)

    Holder Reviewed The Pardon Of “Fugitive Financier” Rich. “The criticism Thursday centered on Obama adviser Eric H. Holder Jr., who is scrutinizing candidates to be the Democratic presumptive presidential nominee’s running mate. As deputy attorney general under President Clinton, Mr. Holder reviewed the last-minute pardon of fugitive financier Marc Rich.” (Jim McElhatton, “GOP Hits Another Obama Adviser,” The Washington Times, 6/13/08)


    • Holder “Waved Through” Rich’s Pardon In The Final Days Of The Clinton Administration. “As Bill Clinton’s deputy attorney general, he was the gatekeeper for presidential pardons. Most famously, he waved through the pardon for fugitive financier Marc Rich in the waning days of the Clinton White House.” (Jonathan Weisman, “Next On The GOP List: Eric Holder,” The Washington Post‘s “The Trail” Blog, blog.washingtonpost.com, 6/12/08)

    “Charged With 51 Counts Of Fraud, Tax Evasion And Illegally Trading With Iran, Mr. Rich Fled To Switzerland In 1983 But Won A Pardon From Mr. Clinton In 2001.” (Jim McElhatton, “GOP Hits Another Obama Adviser,” The Washington Times, 6/13/08)


    To Obtain A Pardon, Rich Retained Former White House Counsel Jack Quinn, Who Circumvented Formal Pardon Application Procedures. “[R]ich wanted a pardon and he retained Jack Quinn, former counsel to the president, to lobby his old boss. … From the start, the Rich lawyers ignored the government’s established rules for pardon applications. Instead of making a formal application to the Office of Pardons in the Justice Department, Quinn sent the application directly to the White House in late December of 2007.” (Dick Morris and Eileen McGann, Op-Ed, “Obama’s VP Search Mistake,” New York Post, 6/5/08)


    Documents Emerged Which Indicated That Holder Had Recommended Quinn, And “Gave Substantive Advice To Quinn Along The Way.” “Two days later, documents in support of the pardon were sent by Jack Quinn to Eric Holder. It was Holder who had originally recommended Quinn to one of Rich’s advisers, although he claims that he did not know the identity of the client. And he gave substantive advice to Quinn along the way. According to Quinn’s notes that were produced to Congress, Holder told Quinn to take the pardon application ‘straight to the White House’ because ‘the timing is good.’ … When Holder received the Rich materials, he did no independent research to determine their veracity and appears to have barely reviewed them.” (Dick Morris and Eileen McGann, Op-Ed, “Obama ‘s VP Search Mistake,” New York Post, 6/5/08)


    • Holder Conducted No Independent Research To Scrutinize Quinn’s Request On Behalf Of Rich. “When Holder received the Rich materials, he did no independent research to determine their veracity and appears to have barely reviewed them. … [H]e never took the time to check anything and simply told the White House that he was ‘neutral to positive’ on the pardons.” (Dick Morris and Eileen McGann, Op-Ed, “Obama’s VP Search Mistake,” New York Post, 6/5/08)
    • “Neither Clinton Nor Holder Ever Consulted With The Pardon Attorney.” (Dick Morris and Eileen McGann, Op-Ed, “Obama’s VP Search Mistake,” New York Post, 6/5/08)

    “Officials At The U.S. Attorney’s Office In New York Were Understandably Infuriated When They Learned About The Pardon And Accused Rich Of Deliberating Bypassing Their Office.” (Dick Morris and Eileen McGann, Op-Ed, “Obama’s VP Search Mistake,” New York Post, 6/5/08)


    “In 2002, A Congressional Committee Reported That Holder Was A ‘Willing Participant In The Plan To Keep The Justice Department From Knowing About And Opposing’ The Rich Pardon.” (Dick Morris and Eileen McGann, Op-Ed, “Obama’s VP Search Mistake,” New York Post, 6/5/08)


    The Wall Street Journal: “As Deputy Attorney General in the Clinton Administration, he played a role in the Marc Rich pardon that also deserves to be fully vetted – all the more so if Mr. Holder is on the short list to be Mr. Obama’s Attorney General.” (Editorial, “Ex-Friends Of Barack,” The Wall Street Journal, 6/12/08)

    Good Question, why?


    Eric Holder To Be Obama’s Attorney General?


    As a commenter aptly pointed out Flap only mentions one. Sorry the post was running long and I did not include the others. Here is the link.

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