California Proposition 8 Aftermath: Ads Up ALREADY For Repeal After California Supreme Court Upholds This Morning

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This provocative new TV ad was created in the spirit of Harvey Milk’s call to “come out, come out wherever you are” and proudly tell the stories of the people most affected by the passage of Prop 8 — in moving images set to the beat of Regina Spektor’s beautiful song “Fidelity”.

The Courage Campaign is already up with ads to repeal California Proposition 8 which restored the traditional definition of marriage (one man and one woman) to the California Constitution last November. The California Supreme Court upheld the measure this morning.

Just minutes after the California Supreme Court decision upholding Prop. 8, the fight for marriage equality is already on again — as the 70,000-member Courage Campaign, a progressive group, has unveiled new ads and an online petition campaign aimed at getting the issue before California voters again.

Rick Jacobs, founder and chair of the Courage Campaign, said in an e-mail statement: “I am disappointed the Court ruled to deny marriage equality to Californians. These are fundamental constitutional rights that cannot be abolished by a ballot initiative. While we were hoping the Court would rule in favor of equality, we have been building the infrastructure to win marriage equality rights at the ballot box. Our members are ready to do the hard work needed to win.”

Do the California Democrat Governor canddiates want to run on gay marriage (since the Big 3 plus 1 Dianne Feinstein, Jerry Brown, Gavin Newsom and Antonio Villaraigosa support gay marriage)?

Steve Poizner, a Republican candidate for Governor has already blasted out an e-mail supporting the California Supreme Courts’ decision:

“The California Supreme Court took the appropriate action today in upholding the will of the people by affirming Proposition 8. The people of California have spoken. They voted decisively that marriage should remain between a man and a woman. That is also my personal view.

“There was much more at stake today than even the issue of gay marriage, as important and emotional as it is for so many people on both sides of the issue. If the Court had overturned Proposition 8, it would have had set a terrible legal precedent, divided Californians even further, undermined support for the judiciary and state government itself while serving as a tremendous blow to the fundamental American concept of government of the people, by the people and for the people.

“Regardless of which way the Court ruled today, a particularly shameful element of this issue has been the Attorney General’s unethical abandonment of his legal responsibility to the people of California. It is no surprise that Jerry Brown politicized and abused his latest position in an unprecedented way in order to play political catch-up with Gavin Newsom.

“As Governor, Brown opposed marriage for gay Californians. As a candidate for Attorney General, Jerry Brown refused to publicly support gay marriage. But once Gavin Newsom gained the upper hand on the issue with Democratic primary votes, Brown used his office as the state’s lawyer to suddenly become an advocate of gay marriage and attempt to subvert the twice expressed will of the people of California. As he enters the fifth decade of his political career, Jerry Brown seems determined to go down in history as the man who was on more sides of more issues than any other California politician.”

This repeal of traditional marriage issue will assure that the social conservative GOP and religious voter base will turn out for mid-term non-Presidential California elections. This will be unfavorable to Democrat candidates.

Can you see the Gavin Newsom vs. Jerry Brown ads in the Democrat Primary election? It will be “whether you like it or not” vs. “I proposed an illogical legal theory and avoided my responsibility to the people of California as Attorney General to help gay marriage.”

Somehow I think the GOP media consultants are licking their chops at the prospect of this highly polarizing campaign. One which either GOP candidates Meg Whitman or Steve Poizner will easily win.

My bet is that the Democrats will ask the Courage Campaign and others to defer until 2012.

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Obama Administration Having “Active Conversations” About Reversing Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Gays in the Military Policy

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Village People: In the Navy

Contradicting a Pentagon release earlier in the week that there were no plans to end the DNDT policy of homosexuals in the military, now according to Presidential spokesman Robert Gibbs there are “active conversations.

Check out the wee glimmer of a change in the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” saga, buried in Thursday’s press conference by Obama mouthpiece Robert Gibbs. The last we heard, the Obama Administration was moving quietly to limit enforcement of the policy — but it wasn’t in any rush to change the policy. And, as Comrade Lochhead told us earlier this month, it looked like momentum to change DNDT was waning. Now? Judging what was said Thursday, sounds like plans are moving along faster than previously disclosed, albeit on the down low.

Whatever that means?

Why doesn’t Obama keep his promises to the homosexual community and OK gays in the military? Why is there reluctance?

Could it be that it might hurt recruitment of soldiers?

Or is he just a typical POL and hopes a court somewhere gives him a political out to a policy change that will alienate some voters?

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California Supreme Court Decision on Proposition 8 Gay Marriage Due Out This Week?

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california supremes

Shannon Minter, standing, speaks to the California Supreme Court in San Francisco, Thursday, March 5, 2009 on the constitutionality of the state’s voter-approved Proposition 8 that bans gay unions. The court will decide whether to uphold the same-sex marriage ban and whether same-sex couple marriages will remain valid

The 90 day deadline for the California Supreme Court to issue its judgement on California Proposition 8 which restored traditional marriage (one man and one woman) is fast approaching. Oral arguments were heard March 5, 2009 which means the decision is coming imminently.

The court usually gives a one business day notice before releasing its opinions on Mondays or Thursdays. So, we could learn tomorrow.

It is surprising there have been NO leaks of a decision which has taken many weeks to draft.

Perhaps this is a clue, however.

Equality California, a leading gay rights group, is surveying its members to gauge whether they support putting gay marriage on a 2010 state ballot or waiting until 2012.

While the state waits for the California Supreme Court’s verdict on Proposition 8 – which bans gay marriage – the group asks that members answer the survey by 5 p.m. on Wednesday.

“We stand together, hopeful that the California Supreme Court will confirm that fundamental civil rights cannot be stripped away from a minority group at the ballot box. However, we must be prepared to go back to the ballot if the Supreme Court fails to overturn Proposition 8,” says an email message from Marc Solomon, the group’s marriage director.

Stay tuned……

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Does the New Miss USA Favor Gay Marriage?

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Miss USA interviewed by Al Roker on NBC’s Today Show

Sounds to me she supports Civil Unions but punts the question with a politically correct answer (See around 2:05) . After all, she wants to be selected as Miss Universe this summer.

Bad news for BIGOT Perez Hilton though. If Miss USA is chosen as Miss Universe, then the traditional marriage supporting Miss California, Carrie Prejean, automatically becomes Miss USA.


Perez Hilton Retracts Apology Calling Miss California a B*tch Says He Really Meant C- Word Anyway

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Perez Hilton Retracts Apology Calling Miss California a B*tch Says He Really Meant C- Word Anyway

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Only On MSNBC: Perez Hilton homosexual Outer and Hollywood Gossip Blogger

Thanks to Michelle Malkin for noticing this interview of Perez Hilton on MSNBC. Yeah, Perez Hilton is a BIGOT and shows more of his true colors in the above invocation of the C-Word slur against Miss USA runner-up, Carrie Prejean.

Way to stay classy Perez……

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Rudy Giuliani, Gay Marriage and the New York Governor’s Race

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rudy giuliani april 14 2009

Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani and his wife Judith arrive at the premiere of “Grey Gardens” in New York April 14, 2009

Rudy will NOT make gay marriage an issue when he runs for New York Governor next year because……?

Giuliani does NOT have to and alienate anyone – his first rule in politics.

Rudy Giuliani, speaking on an Albany radio station this morning, appeared to walk back the implication in a New York Post interview printed today that he would make same-sex marriage central to a possible campaign for governor.

“I don’t get the sense that this is the key thing that people are thinking about right now – I think the economy overshadows everything,” he told Fred Dicker on Albany’s Talk 1300 AM just now.

The marriage issue “will be something that Republicans don’t have to use – this is something that will bring a lot of people to the Republican Party because it’s such a basic challenge to what people believe is the way society should be organized,” he said.

“Whatever the polls say, more than a majority support” civil unions, he said.

Rudy has a good track record with the Gay Community and supports civil unions. Polls show a majority support for his position on the gay marriage issue.

Let Democrat Governor David Paterson take the extreme pro-gay marriage position and let all of the right-center and religious voters flow to Rudy without making an issue of it.

A smart political lesson for the GOP.

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