Berekeley Professor’s Laptop Goes Missing

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Did you hear about the UC Berkeley Professor who lost his laptop? La Shawn Barber has the story here:

Did you hear about the Berkely professor (Jasper Rine ) whose laptop was stolen, and he warned the crook that the feds would be looking for him? You can listen to the audio here and read the transcript here.

I’m not a techie (euphemism for nerd), but the warning sounded scary to me. One of Michelle Malkin’s readers thinks the professor is bluffing:

Interesting speech from Professor Rine. And a total bluff. I…have extensive knowledge of data communications, radio communications, radio signal tracking, computer security, and so forth. There are several things that Professor Rine stated that demonstrate that his story is false.

Laptops are stolen all the time, but I didn’t realize laptop stealing at Berkeley was so newsworthy.

Eccentric and absent-minded are the adjectives that come to my mind, Professor. Hope he does not lose any of the genetic code he so deftly manipulates. Heh!

Junk Science: With Fluoride, Less Is Best, None Is Better

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Flap runs across these junk science missives often on the internet:

Tooth decay declined substantially in prevalence and severity in all countries – whether or not fluoride chemicals get injected into water supplies. .

In fact, a world-wide scientific trend reveals, reducing fluoride, reduces cavities….

This is crap and ABSOLUTELY NOT TRUE!

Here is a link to the real story.


Police Finger Woman and Say Wendy’s Finger a HOAX

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In a news conference Friday afternoon San Jose police investigating how a human finger ended up in a woman’s bowl of Wendy’s chili declared the claim a hoax Friday and arrested her on charges of attempted grand larceny.

The entire story is here (San Jose Mercury News, free registration required):

The arrest of Anna Ayala at her home outside Las Vegas was the latest twist in a case that has become a late-night punch line, taken a bite out of Wendy’s sales and forced the fast-food chain to check its employees for missing fingers.

Ayala, 39, claimed she bit down on the well-manicured, 1 1/2-inch finger in a mouthful of her steamy chili on March 22 in San Jose. She had hired a lawyer and filed a claim against the Wendy’s franchise owner, but dropped the lawsuit threat soon after suspicion fell on her.

When asked whether police considered Ayala’s claim a hoax, David Keneller, captain of the San Jose police department’s investigations bureau, said yes.

“What we have found is that thus far our evidence suggests the truest victims in this case are indeed the Wendy’s owner, operators and employees here in San Jose,” Police Chief Rob Davis said.

At a news conference, police refused to say where the finger originated and exactly how the hoax was carried out.

But according to a person knowledgeable about the case who spoke on condition of anonymity, the attempted larceny charge stemmed from San Jose police interviews with people who said Ayala described putting a finger in the chili. The source said the interviews were with at least two people who did not know each other and independently told similar stories.

The source added that investigators still did not know where the finger came from.

Ayala – who has a history of bringing claims against big corporations – has denied placing the finger in the chili……

Read the rest here.

Read the background of this story here, here and here.

Well Wendy’s is relieved…. after losing tons of money:

….The furor caused sales at Wendy’s to drop, forcing layoffs and reduced hours in Northern California. Joseph Desmond, owner of the local Wendy’s franchise, called the ordeal a nightmare.

“It’s been 31 days, and believe me it’s been really tough,” he said. “My thanks also go out to all the little people who were hurt in our stores. They lost a lot of wages because we had to cut back because our business has been down so badly……..”

Flap is positive the D.A. will make an example of this woman!

Santa Clara County District Attorney: It’s Safe to Eat at Wendy’s

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Anna Ayala
The San Jose MercuryNews reports:

It’s safe to eat Wendy’s, the Santa Clara County District Attorney’s office said today, hours before a scheduled 1 p.m. news conference at which San Jose police are expected to disclose details behind the arrest of the Las Vegas woman who claimed to have found a partial human finger in a bowl of Wendy’s chili.

“America should go back to eating at Wendy’s,” said Chief Assistant District Attorney Karyn Sinunu. She declined to discuss the matter further, saying San Jose police will release affidavits at the 1 p.m. news conference at police headquarters. “We’re being very mindful of the defendant’s rights.”

A Wendy’s spokeswoman, Irma Seaholm, said company representatives would also be present at the news conference. The company has said business has been off sharply, especially in the Bay Area, since the finger incident.

Wendy’s officials say their internal investigation eliminated the possibility that Wendy’s, its suppliers or employees were involved with the finger.

Thursday night, police arrested Anna Ayala in connection with the case. Last month Ayala said she bit into the partial finger when she was eating at the Wendy’s on Monterey Road a month ago while visiting family in San Jose.

Ayala, 39, is being held without bail at the Clark County Detention Center in downtown Las Vegas as a California fugitive until her first court appearance, at which time it may become clear whether she will fight extradition, according to Sgt. Chris Jones of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. Ayala’s case is slated for review Tuesday. A Nevada judge has the authority to allow her to bail out, Jones said.

Looking forward to the afternoon’s news conference. Wonder what her counsel will say?

Wendy’s Finger Finder Pinched

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Flap previously reported on this story here and here. But, now there is more…..

Fox News is reporting the story that the woman who reported finding a severed human finger in her chili at Wendy’s restaurant last month has been arrested by police:

SAN FRANCISCO — The woman who claimed she found a well-manicured finger in her bowl of Wendy’s (search) chili last month was arrested at her home Thursday night, police said.

Police in San Jose, Calif. — the site of the Wendy’s in question — announced the arrest of Anna Ayala in Las Vegas (search). Police spokesman Enrique Garcia (search) said authorities would not give any details until a news conference Friday.

Ayala’s 18-year-old son, Guadalupe Reyes (search), said he had gone to the store around 9 p.m. when he got a phone call from a friend who was back at the house.

“We rushed back and she was already gone,” Reyes said.

Reyes said he had no other details and was waiting to hear from his mother.

The arrest is the latest twist in the bizarre case about how the 11/2-inch finger tip ended up in a bowl of fast-food chili.

Ayala told police she found the finger March 22 while eating at a Wendy’s in San Jose. She said she intended to sue but relented, claiming the publicity was too emotionally taxing.

When police and health officials failed to find any missing digits among the workers involved in the restaurant’s supply chain, suspicion fell on Ayala, whose story has become a late-night punch line.

Ayala has a litigious history. She has filed claims against several corporations, including a former employer and General Motors (search), though it is unclear from court records whether she received any money. She said she got $30,000 from El Pollo Loco after her 13-year-old daughter got sick at one of the chain’s Las Vegas-area restaurants. El Pollo Loco officials say she did not get a dime.

Earlier Thursday, Ohio-based Wendy’s International Inc. announced it had ended its internal investigation, saying it could find no credible link between the finger and the restaurant chain.

All the employees at the San Jose store were found to have all their fingers, and no suppliers reported any hand or finger injuries, the company said.

Sales have dropped at franchises in Northern California, forcing layoffs and reduced hours, the company said. Wendy’s also has hired private investigators, set up a hot line for tips and offered a $100,000 reward for anyone who provides information leading to the finger’s original owner.

I guess you can say she has been fingered in this case and wonder if she will knuckle under during interrogation?

More later……

Update # 1

Yahoo News has more here:

And Captain Ed over at Captain’s Quarter’ weighs in on the Fickle Finger of Fate here.