Who is Paying for Steven Pearcy’s Art (GARBAGE)?

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Is Steven Pearcy’s anti-American art government paid and sponsored? Apparently yes and no.

Eric Hogue has Distancing From Govennment Censorship.

By playing this off as a privately sponsored event, the ‘cash connection’ cannot be made to the coffers of a government agency, staffed by former Gov. Gray Davis nominees. Yet, the concern remains…the AG’s Office with a government agency has determined ‘political speech’, and has excluded ‘political speech’. Censorship IS; when the GOVERNMENT determines WHICH speech gets presentation, and which speech does not. Isn’t this what we have in the lobby of the state’s justice building tonight?

By the way, here is the list of the sponsoring individuals and corporations:

River City Bank, Thadd A. Blizzard, Esq., Davis and Leonard LLP, Ruth Downes, Edward Henning, Jacobsen and McElroy Law Firm, Kanter Immigration Law Office, Law Offices of Rothschild Wishek and Sands, Rick Mitchell, Thomson West, Tom Otter, Steve Peletta

Sandi Wasserman, Sharon Simms, Esq., Solomon Dubnick Gallery, Wiley Manual Bar Association, Women Lawyers of Sacramento, Linda Wood of GBC Realtors, Yamshon Family Trust.

Lockyer did not run for Governor because he was afraid of Arnold.

Flap suggests Lockyer now should look over his shoulder for a primary challenge from Dean Florez for the office of California Treasurer.

Bill Simon must be licking his chops!

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