40 Per Cent of Australian Women Have Really Big Boobs

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This is what the Australian lingerie suppliers show with the latest figures (Via Rusty).

THE bra market is expanding, literally. Up to 40 per cent of Australian women now buy bras with a cup size of DD or higher, new figures from lingerie suppliers show.

In the 1950s, the most common bra-cup size was a B – three sizes less than a DD.

Modern breasts are getting so large that some bra companies have introduced cup sizes as high as K, The Sunday Telegraph reports.

Experts blame the cleavage boost on obesity, contraceptive pills and artificial hormones.

Myer lingerie buyer Kerryn Sawyer said sales of DD-plus bras have grown from about 20 per cent of sales to 28 per cent in just five years.

Many lingerie labels such as Berlei and Triumph are now offering G cups while Fayreform, Freya and Le Mystere are producing select styles up to a size J.

Berlei brand manager Jane Edser said the company’s range of bra styles, available in DD-plus, had, increased since 2005 from 75 per cent to 83 per cent, to cater for the growing market.

Bra company Eveden Australia launched a K cup into the market last year. The company’s fitting specialist, Victoria Jubb, said obesity contributed significantly to the expanding chest sizes but the number of small-figured women with large breasts was on the increase.

“We’re noticing a lot more girls with small backs and bigger bust sizes being fitted,” she said.

Eveden’s top-selling size is a 10G.

The obesity factor is definitely a bad statistic and the resulting lack of fitness for Australian women.

But, as for the aesthetics……

Joe Biden Compares Obama to Messiah – “Easter is About Him”

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Oh that Joe Biden!
“Axelrod really wanted me to do this on teleprompter — but I told him I’m much better when I wing it. … I know these evenings run long, so I’m going to be brief. Talk about the audacity of hope. … President Obama does send his greetings, though. He can’t be here tonight — because he’s busy getting ready for Easter. (Whisper) He thinks it’s about him. …

Another Joe Biden Moment.

Maybe Obama should have attnded the Gridiron dinner after all.

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Audio: “Don’t Mess With Joe” Over Federal Stimulus Money

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The Joe Biden Gaffe machine is up and running again. This time it is about the PORKULUS or Federal Economic Stimulus Law.
JIM LEHRER: Vice President Biden had a new warning for city and county officials today: spend the federal stimulus money wisely. The officials were in Washington for a day of schooling on the $787 billion program. Biden urged them not to use it for things like swimming pools, tennis courts, or golf courses.

JOSEPH BIDEN, Vice President of the United States: Because of the rules, the president and I can’t stop you from doing some things, but I’ll show up in your city and say, “This was a stupid idea.”

You think I’m kidding? This is the only part the president was right about: Don’t mess with Joe, because I mean it. I’m serious, guys. I’m serious. I’m absolutely serious.

Don’t mess with Joe! He will be coming to a community near you.

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Joe Biden Gaffe Watch: Gimme a F*&k%$g Break

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Vice President Joe Biden announced today that Amtrak will receive $1.3 billion in grant funding from the recently enacted American Recovery and Reinvestment Act to expand passenger rail capacity.

Good ol’ slow Joe.

At an event at Union Station today where Vice President Joe Biden was heralding the $1.3 billion in investments in rebuilding train stations and passenger rails, a microphone picked up one of the former senator’s myriad Senate colleagues addressing him, formally, as “Mr. Vice President.”

That met with Vice President Biden’s standard reply.

“Gimme a f*&$#ing break,” he said, apparently unaware that the microphone was on.

The audio is here.

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