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Rudy Giuliani SHOULD Run for New York United States Senate

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Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, who many Republicans have been pushing to run for governor in 2010, is instead leaning more toward a run for U.S. Senate


Because Rudy is a leader and America needs his brand of conservatism in the era of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid.

Also, the Republican Party needs Giuliani to articulate its principles and ideals from an “ELECTED” office – the GOP desperately needs his vote in the U.S. Senate.

The polls are favorable for a Giuliani win against appointed Senator Kirsten Gillibrand:

So, irrespective of all this Senate first and then the Presidency talk Rudy should just put his country and state first and RUN. He WILL win.

It would be easy for Giuliani to sit back and relax. Rudy is 65, has lucrative business interests and has a ready made bully pulpit on television. But, has Rudy ever done it the EASY way?

Flap’s sources in New York and Washington point to Rudy passing on the New York Governor’s and Senate races. But, perhaps the pieces in the press yesterday were a trial baloon.

America can ONLY hope.

Run Rudy Run……..

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Barbara Boxer

Are the United States Senate Democrats With 60 Members At Their High-Water Mark?

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The composition of the United States Senate, September 2009

Apparently so, according to Charlie Cook.

One of Vice President Joe Biden‘s long-standing and endearing qualities is his gift of hyperbole. The Washington Post recently quoted Biden as saying at a Democratic fundraiser that, of the 54 House seats Democrats have flipped in the last two elections cycles, “If [Republicans] take them back, this is the end of the road for what [President Obama] and I are trying to do.”

While he overstates the case, Biden’s worry applies at least as much in the Senate. The Democrats’ majority status next year is not in doubt, but their 60-seat majority is in grave danger and the odds of their maintaining control after 2012 and 2014 are increasingly remote.

The Senate seats up in next year’s midterm elections are evenly split, with 19 on each side. But in 2012, Democrats have 23 seats at risk (counting Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt.) compared to only nine for the GOP. In 2014, it’s 20 Democrats up, to only 13 for Republicans.

Good news for the GOP.


In California, it’s unclear how tough the re-election challenge will be for Democratic Sen. Barbara Boxer. The biggest question there is whether Carly Fiorina, the former CEO of Hewlett-Packard, is ready for prime time politics.

Note: there is NO mention of Carly Fiorina’s GOP challenger Assemblyman Chuck DeVore.

New York:

New York is also very murky. Former Republican Gov. George Pataki might run. Remember that he knocked off Democratic Gov. Mario Cuomo in 1994, the last really bad year for Democrats. There are other first-tier Republicans — former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani and former Rep. Rick Lazio — who are looking at the gubernatorial race but might be enticed to take on Gillibrand.

Probably Rudy for Governor against Paterson and Pataki against Gillibrand. Then, a likely dual pick-up for the GOP.

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David Paterson

Poll Watch: Rudy Giuliani for New York United States Senate?

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Rudy Giuliani campaigning for President in Santa Barbara, California September 2007
Photo By Flap

Well, if New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo is the Democrat nominee for Governor, Rudy would have an easier time defeating appointed Democrat Senator Kristen Gillibrand.

Let’s look at the poll numbers:

If David Paterson runs for Governor in 2010, would you vote to elect him or would you prefer someone else?
14% Elect, 71% Prefer someone else

2010 Governor: Democratic Primary
66% Cuomo, 20% Paterson (chart)

2010 Governor: General Election
Paterson 39%, Lazio 35% (chart)
Giuliani 52%, Paterson 35% (chart)
Cuomo 52%, Giuliani 39% (chart)
Cuomo 64%, Lazio 18% (chart)

And for the U.S. Senate:

2010 Senate: General Election (trends)
46% Giuliani, 38% Gillibrand

I don’t know if Rudy would be interested in a non-executive position and it is rumored that former GOP New York Governor George Pataki is considering running for the Senate.

If the Democrats continue to fade, the GOP could get a two’fer here. But, the stars must align perfectly.

Stay tuned……

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