CA-26 Video: Ventura County Supervisor Linda Parks Issues Two Challenges

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Ventura County Supervisor Linda Parks announced her candidacy for Congress last Saturday at Freedom Park in Camarillo, California

Go ahead, watch the video above and listen to the two challenges that Linda Parks gives to her challengers and the voting public.

I say good luck with that, when traditionally races for Congress have been very partisan and very expensive affairs.

A race for a highly contested Congressional District is NOT a local City Council or County Supervisor which are NON-Partisan and mainly low key races.

It is interesting that Parks who is a registered Republican, but is unclear whether she will run as one as designated on the June 2012 primary ballot, did not mention her opponents – all six of them (Democrats and Republicans a like).

By the way, when Parks beat former California Assemblywoman Audra Strickland (wife of California State Senator Tony Strickland, who has already announced for CA-26) in her 2010 re-election race for Supervisor, I received quite a few mail pieces in my mailbox and somebody paid for those. Parks knows how to campaign and will raise and spend campaign cash like the rest of the POLS.

Has anyone seen Ventura County Supervisor Steve Bennett lately? It has been rumored that he will withdraw from the race and support Parks at the behest of Ventura County Public employee unions.


CA-26: California State Senator Tony Strickland to Run for Congress

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Republican State Senator Tony Strickland and wife Audra, a former California Assemblywoman

I was actually informed about this announcement a number of days ago, but was asked to embargo the announcement until Monday. Obviously, there was a change of plans to “leak” the announcement by the Strickland Campaign.

So, here is the announcement.

Sen. Tony Strickland, who represents western portions of the Santa Clarita Valley in the California Senate, has scheduled a press conference to announce his candidacy for Congress.

Strickland’s campaign announcement is calendared for Tuesday morning, Jan. 17, at the Aviation Museum in Camarillo.

I don’t why there is a hurry to announce, but it could be that politics in Ventura County is becoming like musical chairs. The filing deadline is March 9.

First, there is the rumor that Democrat Rep. Brad Sherman will move to run in the new CA-26. This will avoid a nasty June primary election against Democrat Rep. Howard Berman.

Then, there is former Democratic Assembly Speaker Bob Hertzberg who has said (more or less) that he is running in Tony Strickland’s California State Senate District where another Democrat State Senator Fran Pavley (Agoura Hills) will be the incumbent.

So, Strickland will announce, but I hear that local Republicans are worried that Strickland might not be able to beat Ventura County Supervisor Linda Parks who is going to run as an independent (where in the past she has been a registered Republican). Some have suggested that Parks may re-register as a Democrat.

Other sources have told me that the Ventura County Public Employee Unions are pressuring Ventura County Supervisor Steve Bennett to drop out of his previously announced decision to run in CA-26.

The unions and local Democrats are worried that Republican Ventura County Fire Chief Bob Roper would easily win Bennett’s seat, should Bennett vacate it to run for Congress. I guess the LEFT wants to protect Bennett’s seat and he has the campaign cash to do so. So, will Bennett withdraw?

In talking to a number of Republican and Democratic activists, it is clear that nobody is happy with the previously speculated big three candidacies of Strickland, Parks and Bennett.

I would not be surprised to see Rep. Brad Sherman to take a look at this race and I have heard Republicans are talking to Michael Reagan, the son of the former President.

So, it is all complicated. Plus, add in four other candidates (including two Hispanic Democrats from Oxnard) and the top two election system.

This race is going to be a whirlwind…..

Stay tuned….

Elton Gallegly

CA-26: Rep Elton Gallegly to Retire – Tony Strickland, Steve Bennett and Linda Parks to Run

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I was in Santa Fe, New Mexico at a funeral when I received notice that long-time Republican Congressman and friend, Elton Gallegly was releasing that he was retiring.

When I was at Elton’s home a few weeks ago, I received the impression that this would be Elton’s choice. He did outlay the scenarios of re-election strategy, but I could see that his interests were elsewhere. He wants to start a new phase of his life – outside the Congress.

And, who can blame him?

Now, who will seek the seat?

California State Senator Tony Strickland a conservative Republican has informally announced his candidacy, along with Democrat Ventura County Supervisor Steve Bennett (Ventura Ojai). Moderate Republican Ventura County Supervisor Linda Parks who represents the Thousand Oaks and Oak Park area has also informally announced her candidacy.

Plus, there are some other lesser known Democrats: business man David Cruz-Thayne and Moorpark City Council member David Pollock.

Remember the June primary election will be a top two process – whether it be Democrats or Republicans. Therefore, it is possible that the two Republicans Linda Parks and Tony Strickland could be running in the November general election.

There will be a lot more later, since this seat will be one of the few contested California Congressional races this cycle.

Audra Strickland

Audra Strickland to Run for Ventura County Supervisor

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California GOP Assemblywoman Audra Strickland and her husband Tony, the former Assemblyman and current GOP California State Senator, Camarillo, California September 2008, Photo by Flap

Audra Strickland made it official today. She is running against Linda Parks, the incumbent Ventura County Supervisor, for the Thousand Oaks area supervisorial seat.
Assemblywoman Audra Strickland announced this afternoon that she is running for 2nd District Ventura County supervisor.

The district includes Thousand Oaks and nearby areas and is currently represented by Supervisor Linda Parks. She will be up for re-election on the June primary ballot.

Strickland’s Assembly district includes the Conejo Valley, but until recently she lived in Moorpark, outside the 2nd District.

At a news conference today, Strickland said her family moved to Thousand Oaks a week ago. Seeking to head off criticism of district-shopping, or “carpetbagging,” she called Parks “a single-issue candidate” focused on environmentalism, and said she “might as well be a carpetbagger from Berkeley.

“There seems to be a resounding message about the lack of true representation of our community on the county Board of Supervisors,” Strickland said.

Watch for a bruising, rough and tumble campaign. Linda Parks has been a nominal Republican at best having supported Democrat Hannah-Beth Jackson for California State Senate against Audra’s husband, Tony. The full force of the Ventura County Republican Party will be for Audra.

Moreover, Parks has been an anti-business environmentalist while on the County Board and as a City Councilwoman in Thousand Oaks.

Will the anti-incumbent mood of the voters and a well financed campaign against Parks be successful?

My bet is Yes.

Stay tuned……

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