Barack Obama Watch: Obama’s Toughest Sell for the White House?

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U.S. Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., speaks at a state Democratic election celebration party in Manchester, N.H., Dec. 10, 2006. New Hampshire voters take their presidential primary responsibilities very seriously, and while Democratic party activists were clearly excited about Obama’s first visit to the state Sunday night for a sold-out rally and standing-room only book signing, some made it clear that he’ll have to keep coming back for more intimate chats if he wants their support.

AFP: Obama’s toughest sell for White House bid may be to other blacks

US political darling Barack Obama has received enthusiastic support for a possible 2008 presidential bid — except from fellow African-Americans, a group many believed would be among his staunchest backers.

In contrast to the effusive reception Obama has received from white Americans, many US blacks so far have been cool, saying that while they may share skin color with Obama, they do not have a common culture or history.

“Obama did not — does not — share a heritage with the majority of black Americans, who are descendants of plantation slaves,” wrote African-American newspaper columnist Stanley Crouch last month in an article entitled “Barack Obama — Not Black Like Me.”

Radio host George Wilson, whose nationally-broadcast talk show tests the opinions of a cross-section of African-American listeners, said response to the Illinois senator so far has been “lukewarm.”

“He’s not getting as much of an enthusiastic send-off from black people as he is from whites,” Wilson said.

This is interesting racial politics, or is it?

Baldilocks warns the RIGHT: A Warning To The Right

I’m tired of the insinuations about Senator Barack Obama (D-IL) because his dead father was a Muslim. I’m tired of the insinuations about his middle name—Hussein—and the racist/bigoted insinuations that I’ve seen on the Right that flow from there. I’m even tired of the assertion that the senator isn’t even really a black American (whatever that means to a group of people who are demonstrably of mixed-race for the most part) because he has a white mother and a non-American black—i.e. African—father and, yes, since his father and my father were/are of the same tribe and nationality, I take that last bit of information quite personally.

Read it all…….


Political buttons supporting US Senator Barack Obama, D-IL, are seen in Manchester, New Hampshire on 10 December 2006.

Flap has never given the racial or religious heritage of Barack Obama much thought. He is a young and inexperienced LEFTY politician. Obama has been in the United States Senate for only two years.

Is this someone Americans want as Commander in Chief?

Flap would NOT even consider him a “SECOND FIDDLE” for Hillary.

When Flap votes for the President, he wants SUBSTANCE and with Obama there is just NO BEEF.


A supporter holds a sign backing Senator Barack Obama for president in 2008 at a Democratic party rally in New Hampshire. Obama has received enthusiastic support for a possible 2008 presidential bid — except from fellow African-Americans, a group many believed would be among his staunchest backers, but who say that while they may share skin color with Obama, they do not have a common culture or history.


Michael Ramirez on Barack Obama “DAISY DUKE”

President 2008 Watch: John Edwards IN and Evan Bayh OUT

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Rudy Giuliani Watch: Giuliani the Un-Nominated?

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A recent poll of Republicans gave former New York mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani an early lead for the presidential nomination over Sen. John McCain (Ariz.).

Washington Post: Giuliani’s Primary Hurdle

Polls Aside, Skeptics Say GOP Won’t Nominate a Social Liberal for President

His national poll numbers are a dream, he’s a major box office draw on the Republican Party circuit, and he goes by the shorthand title “America’s Mayor.” All of which has former New York mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani convinced he just might become America’s president in 2008.

He is showing the early signs of a serious candidacy: Giuliani’s presidential exploratory committee throws its first major fundraiser in a hotel near Times Square on Tuesday evening, and he recently hired the political director of the Republican National Committee during 2006. A Washington Post-ABC News poll released last week found that Republicans give Giuliani an early lead over Sen. John McCain of Arizona, who is far ahead of the former mayor in organizing a national campaign.

And here comes the BUT – MONKEY.

But, Rudy cannot be nominated by the GOP?


Mayor Giuliani may be the ONLY GOP candidate that can beat likely Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton. And the Democrats know it.

But, back to the GOP primary season.

Despite that lead, conservative party strategists and activists in key primary states are skeptical and warn that the socially liberal Republican faces a difficult campaign. They question whether a Republican who has had one marriage end in annulment and another in divorce, and favors abortion rights, gun control and immigrant rights, has much retail appeal in the evangelical and deeply conservative reaches of the GOP.

“If the Republican Party wants to send the social conservatives home for good, all they have to do is nominate Rudy Giuliani,” said Rick Scarborough, a Southern Baptist minister and president of Vision America. “It’s an insult to the pro-Christian agenda. . . . He’s going to spend a lot of money finding he can’t get out of the Republican primaries.”

The Pro-Life Christians and Evangelicals are an important GOP constituency. However, social issues near and dear to their hearts will NOT be in play for 2008. National security, foreign policy and competency in administering the federal government will rule the 2008 election season.

Flap asks the Christian Right about where they were in the 2006 California Governor’s race?

Answer: NOT voting for Far-Left Democrat Phil Angelides. Arnold Schwarzenegger, a socially moderate Republican won this race easily.

The same will apply to the race between Giuliani and Hillary.

The Christian right will NOT support Hillary Clinton, a far left ideologue.

The GOP knows that the red state/blue state dichotomy does not portend well for the future GOP. California MUST be competitive. There are just too many people and electoral votes to abandon. Giuliani is the ONLY GOP candidate that can beat Hillary in California.


And what about John McCain?

Flap knows the 2008 Presidential race will be a hard campaign to beat Hillary Clinton and most probably the Barack Obama ticket. Flap, hereby, invokes the GOP Eleventh commandment, so aptly promulgated by President Ronald Reagan: “Thou shalt not speak ill of a fellow Republican.”

Flap will contrast the issues and promote Flap’s candidate for President, Rudy Giuliani, but will from this point forward refrain from trash-talking Senator John McCain or Governor Mitt Romney.

Giuliani, 62, presents an unusual figure in recent political history. His coolness after the Sept. 11 attacks, and his eloquence about that loss, rendered him that rare mayor who could step onto the national political stage. He has a core of socially liberal positions — he also supports domestic partnerships for same-sex couples, although not marriage — but wraps it in a hide as tough as any conservative Republican.

He’s a crime fighter and a tax and welfare cutter. He campaigned for George W. Bush in 2000 and staked out unyielding positions on Iraq — he said recently that withdrawing soon from Iraq “would be a terrible mistake.” He also disputed the recent findings of the Iraq Study Group, the bipartisan commission of elder statesmen, that concluded that untangling the Israeli-Palestinian knot is central to achieving a broader Middle East peace.

Can “America’s Mayor”: be nominated by the GOP?

You bet

Let the campaign begin……


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The Rudy Giuliani Files

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Michael Ramirez on Barack Obama “DAISY DUKE”

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Flap could not wait until tomorrow’s color rendering by Michael Ramirez.



Now, wait, Michael, Barack Obama is NO Diasy Duke (apologies to Jessica Simpson, 1080i and Direct TV).


And after America discovers the LEFTY Obama, Flap does not think Americans will want him.

Who says Obama is even running for the presidency?

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President 2008 Watch: John Edwards IN and Evan Bayh OUT

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Former U.S. Sen. John Edwards speaks to Marg Stephens during a book signing in Columbia, S.C., Sunday, Nov. 19, 2006. Though he hasn’t officially announced any White House intentions, the former North Carolina senator is campaigning all the same.

AP: Officials: Edwards to Enter 2008 Race

Former Democratic vice presidential nominee John Edwards intends to enter the 2008 race for the White House, two Democratic officials said Saturday.

Edwards, who represented North Carolina in the Senate for six years, plans to make the campaign announcement late this month from the New Orleans neighborhood hit hardest by Hurricane Katrina last year and slow to recover from the storm.

Edwards also plans to travel from New Orleans through the four early presidential nominating states _ Iowa, Nevada, New Hampshire and South Carolina _ as part of an announcement tour between Christmas and New Year’s Day.

Among Democrats, Sens. Hillary Clinton of New York and Barack Obama of Illinois are drawing the most attention almost two years before the actual vote.

Edwards, however, is in a strong position as the leading candidate in Iowa. He was a top fundraiser in the race for the nomination in 2004 before he became Democratic Sen. John Kerry’s running mate.

Could John Edwards with Barack Obama’s help become the “ANYONE BUT HILLARY” candidate?

Very possible – now that John Kerry has self-destructed and Al Gore continues to rule out a run.

Al Gore could take Hillary and end the race early. But, does he have the will to run?


And apparently Evan Bayh does not wish to run for Vice President.

Democratic Sen. Evan Bayh of Indiana announced on Saturday he will not seek the presidency in 2008, saying he believes the odds of a successful run were too great to overcome.

“At the end of the day, I concluded that due to circumstances beyond our control the odds were longer than I felt I could responsibly pursue,” Bayh said in a statement. “This path – and these long odds – would have required me to be essentially absent from the Senate for the next year instead of working to help the people of my state and the nation.”

Bayh from a RED STATE – Indiana had little chance in this race. It is doubtful that with either Hillary, Obama, Gore or Edwards as the presidential nominee that he is the right fit for even ticket balancing.

Stay tuned as Edwards makes the push in Iowa and Obama splits away Hilary’s constituency.


U.S. Senators Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-NY)(L) and Evan Bayh (D-IN)(R) listen to Sen. Carl Levin (D-MI) during the testimony of U.S. Secretary of Defense nominee Robert Gates at the Senate Armed Services Committee on Capitol Hill in Washington, December 5, 2006.


Rudy Giuliani Watch: Giuliani Leads McCain and Hillary Clinton in 2008 Presidential Poll

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Rudy Giuliani Watch: Giuliani Leads in Latest Fox News Poll

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Graphic Courtesy of political humor

FOX News Poll: Obama Trails Clinton in 2008 Dem Primary

Despite the almost incredible amount of buzz about potential presidential hopeful Illinois Sen. Barack Obama, the latest FOX News poll finds that New York Sen. Hillary Clinton soundly outperforms Obama in the Democratic primary and also in hypothetical head-to-head matchups. Even though a lot could change before 2008, so far Republicans have clearly coalesced around former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani and Arizona Sen. John McCain as their party’s frontrunners.

On the Republican primary side, the two frontrunners remain unchanged from previous polling: Giuliani (30 percent) and McCain (23 percent) far outdistance the competition. Former Speaker Newt Gingrich (9 percent) and Mass. Gov. Mitt Romney (8 percent) are the only other contenders who register above 3 percent.

Giuliani (42 percent) tops McCain (40 percent) by just 2 percentage points when Republicans are asked to pick between only those two candidates, and McCain tops Romney by 59 percent to 14 percent.

Clearly, the race is boiling down to Mayor Giuliani and Senator McCain. Isn’t this reminiscent of the 1976 and 1980 GOP campaigns – Ford vs. Reagan and George HW Bush vs. Reagan?

Look for a long primary season with the GOP nomination decided in California. But, will the California Legislature change the June primary election to March?

Very possible…..

But, the nominee will be Giuliani or McCain. The other wannabe candidates like Mitt Romney trail badly in primary polls. Romney’s Mormon religion also does not poll well.

Fox News poll details are here.

In head-to-head matchups, Giuliani has a 9-point and McCain an 8-point edge over Clinton. These results are essentially unchanged from previous polling.

When the Democratic candidate is Obama, the Republican advantage increases. Giuliani bests Obama by 11 points and McCain tops him by 19 points.

As in previous polls, Mayor Giuliani matches up the best against likely Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton.

The GOP Primary details:

Question: If the 2008 Republican presidential primary were held today, for whom would
you vote if the candidates were:

1. Rudy Giuliani 30%

2. John McCain 23

3. Newt Gingrich 9

4. Mitt Romney 8

5. Sam Brownback 3

6. George Pataki 2

7. Duncan Hunter 1

8. Chuck Hagel – 3

9. (Other) 1

10. (Don’t know) 22

11. (Would not vote in
Republican primary) 2

Question: If John McCain and Rudy Giuliani were the only choices in the Republican primary, how would you vote?

McCain – 40%

Giuliani – 42%

(Don’t know) – 3%

(Would not vote) – 15%

Question: If John McCain and Mitt Romney were the only choices in the Republican primary, how would you vote?


McCain – 59%

Romney- 14%

(Don’t know) – 5%

(Would not vote) – 23%

In the General Election:

Question:Thinking ahead to the next presidential election, if the 2008 genera lelection were held today and the candidates were [NAME] and [NAME], for whom would you vote?

What if the candidates were:
Rudy Giuliani – 48%

Hillary Clinton – 39%

Don’t Know – 13%

Stay tuned…….



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Hillary Clinton Watch: Hillary Running for President

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US Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, D-NY, pictured November 2006, on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC. Hillary Clinton, the wife of former president Bill Clinton, has begun meeting with top party officials, hoping to garner their support for a likely run for the White House in 2008, a report said.

Drudge is reporting: She IS

AP: Adviser: Clinton Actively Weighs ’08 Bid

Democratic jockeying for the White House in 2008 intensified on Sunday with Indiana Sen. Evan Bayh taking the first official step toward a run and Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton gauging support among fellow New York lawmakers.

Clinton, who easily won re-election to a second term on Nov. 7, “is reaching out to her colleagues in the New York delegation and asking for their advice and counsel and their support if she decides to make a run,” a top adviser, Howard Wolfson, told The Associated Press.

He noted that Clinton had said she would begin actively considering a run after the election. “That process has begun,” Wolfson said. He said he did not know when she might make a decision or set up an exploratory committee.

Iowa Gov. Tom Vilsack already is in the race and Sen. Barack Obama of Illinois is among numerous other potential rivals who are expected to decide within a few weeks whether to run.

Of course, she is in the race.

Flap wonders how long it will take for the “POLITICS OF PERSONAL DESTRUCTION” to begin against the other candidates, particularly Barack Obama.

Watch for the leaks……..

Stay tuned……..

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