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    Bobby Jindal, Exorcism, Creationism and the GOP

    Louisiana GOP Governor Bobby Jindal’s exorcism

    This is NOT good for the GOP.

    Everything the media tried to pin on Sarah Palin, [Bobby] Jindal actually did: he promoted and signed a creationism bill (with help from the Discovery Institute), he took part in an amateur exorcism and claimed it cured a woman of cancer, and possibly worst of all, he pals around with people on the extreme edges of fundamentalist Christianity, and at least one person who has associated with outright neo-Nazis.

    The details are here.

    Flap had the creationism worry earlier today re: Mark Sanford, Tim Pawlenty, and Bobby Jindal.

    And, to think, Flap was worried about Sarah Palin and her equivocation on creationism in the schools. Hell, Sarah looks pretty good compared to the others.

    And, Jindal?

    He will be eaten alive in a national campaign.


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    Is Sarah Palin the Future of the GOP?

    Sarah singing along to the Gretchen Wilson song “Redneck Woman” at the 10/26/08 Asheville, NC rally

    This Presidential election cycle is winding down and the pundits are already discussing the future of the Republican Party. Flap did yesterday.

    Whether the Republican presidential ticket wins or loses on Tuesday, a group of prominent conservatives are planning to meet the next day to discuss the way forward, and whatever the outcome, Gov. Sarah Palin will be high on the agenda.

    Ms. Palin, of Alaska, has had a rocky time since being named as Senator John McCain’s running mate, but to many conservatives her future remains bright. If Mr. McCain wins, she will give the social conservative movement a seat inside the White House. If he loses, she could emerge as a standard bearer for the movement and a potential presidential candidate in 2012, albeit one who will need to address her considerable political damage.

    Her prospects, in or out of government, are the subject of intensive conversations among conservative leaders, including the group that will meet next Wednesday in rural Virginia to weigh social, foreign policy and economic issues, as well as the political landscape and the next presidential election.

    Sarah Palin’s future will be determined as she develops as a candidate and governs Alaska. She must do both well and win re-election in 2010. Palin must NOT ignore Alaska as she expands her presence in the lower 48.

    Flap agrees with Matthew Dowd in that Palin must strengthen her weaknesses in foreign policy and become more than a good speech. 

    Matthew Dowd, a former Bush strategist, said Ms. Palin’s challenge was to show substance.

    “She’s an attractive woman who can give a great speech, but the American public doesn’t view her much beyond that,” Mr. Dowd said. “She’s vastly unpopular among moderate and independent voters, and while she could be in a position to be popular among an increasingly smaller Republican Party, she’s got to figure out a way to extend that and figure out a way to strengthen her weaknesses.”

    Some pundits are not so optimistic on Sarah Palin’s great expectations.

    Others are higher on Governor Bobby Jindal of Louisiana.

    But, for now the GOP is “The Sarah Party” and what Palin makes of it will be the subject of many posts the next two years.

    As the heir apparent of the GOP, it is Palin’s to lose.


    Sarah Palin Preparing for 2012? You Betcha

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    Newt Gingrich Watch: No More Boring White Guys


    Governor Sarah Palin
    and daughter, Piper, along with Lieutenant Governor Sean Parnell, served cake baked by the Alaska Military Youth Academy to Anchorage picnickers

    Former GOP Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich offered his advice today to John McCain as to whom he should NOT select as Vice President.

    With speculation mounting that John McCain may be close to choosing his running mate, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich on Wednesday went public with his recommendations for the GOP vice presidential nominee.

    First choice: Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal. Runner-up: Alasaka Gov. Sarah Palin.

    “What I’m afraid of is that if Sen. McCain picks one more relatively boring, normal, mainstream Republican white guy … he just makes the ticket seem boring compared to the level of energy and drive and excitement that (Democrat Barack) Obama has,” warned Gingrich, himself a silver-haired, middle-aged white politician out of central casting.

    Jindal, a 37-year old Indian-American, and Palin, a 44-year-old mother of five, would break the mold and “generate a substantial amount of energy around the McCain campaign,” predicted Gingrich in a podcast for his supporters.

    Governor Bobby Jindal said NO today to the Vice Presidency. So, that leaves Alaska’s Sarah Palin.

    As you know, Flap has endorsed Sarah Palin for Vice President and would make an excellent selection.

    John McCain has the choice – It is NOW or NEVER.

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    John McCain Watch: Bobby Jindal is Out as Vice President


    Senator John McCain and Lousiana Governor Bobby Jindal

    Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal is OUT.

    Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal said Wednesday he will not run for vice president on the GOP ticket, making him among a growing number of those pulling themselves out of the race.

    Jindal’s comments come as speculation is swirling that John McCain might announce his running mate choice imminently, as a way to draw attention away from Barack Obama’s high-profile overseas trip.

    The Louisiana governor told “FOX & Friends” that he’d be “surprised” if the McCain campaign came down with a decision this week. And he threw water on the buzz about his own chances.

    “Let me be clear: I have said in every private and public conversation, I’ve got the job that I want. And I’ll say again on air: I’m not going to be the vice presidential nominee or vice president. I’m going to help Senator McCain get elected, as governor of Louisiana,” Jindal said.

    “I look forward to continuing to be governor of Louisiana. This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to improve our state. We’ve cut six taxes but we’ve got a lot more work to do right here in Louisiana. … I’ve never talked to the senator about the vice presidency or his thoughts on selecting the vice president.”

    Jindal will be considered a serious contender for the Presidency in 2016.

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    John McCain Watch: Vice President to be Named This Week – Is it Bobby Jindal?


    Senator John McCain and Lousiana Governor Bobby Jindal

    Yesterday evening Flap posted a piece after DC journalist extraordinaire, Robert Novak, quoted sources close to Team McCain that John McCain would reveal the name of his Vice Presidential selection this week.

    Although Flap opines that an early announcement portends well for Mitt Romney, others say NAY. Now, comes speculation that Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal is McCain’s Vice President choice.

    John McCain is set to meet with Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal Wednesday, a move that is certain to increase speculation the Arizona senator is seriously considering the 37-year-old Republican for his running mate.

    News of the meeting, first reported by the Washington Post, comes amid reports the McCain campaign has mulled the possibility of naming the vice presidential candidate later this week in an effort to steal the medial spotlight from Barack Obama’s trip overseas. Sources close to the Republican presidential candidate have indicated that scenario is one of several possibilities that have been recently discussed.

    Flap admits Bobby Jindal would be a good choice. But, the best choice?

    The timing is important and both Mitt Romney and Cindy McCain are out of the country. So, this rumour and speculation may be a Team McCain feint in order to dilute news of Obama’s foreign adventures.

    A Thursday Vice President announcement or a “LEAK” today, however, would spin the weekend talk away from Obama and force his hand to name his choice for Vice President.

    Stay tuned……..


    John McCain Watch: Vice President to be Named This Week – Is it Mitt Romney?

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    John McCain Watch: VP Sweepstakes – Crist, Jindal and Romney? Part Three – With VP Poll

    Mitt Romney, Charlie Crist and Bobby Jindal

    Vice President contenders? Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, Florida Governor Charlie Crist and Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal

    After wrapping up the weekend on Sunday with Senator John McCain at his Sedona, Arizona ranch, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal discusses the meeting.

    Following a weekend with presidential hopeful Senator John McCain, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal said he discussed a number of topics with the senator, except the possibility of being McCain’s vice presidential running mate.

    “There was never any explicit talk whatsoever about a short list, about vice president, any of that,” said Jindal.

    However, the governor did say he had several one on one moments with Senator McCain during his weekend trip to Arizona.

    “It was a wonderful weekend,” Jindal said. “John and Cindy were very gracious. Not only did we have a chance to talk to him one on one, as well as in a group, we had a chance to visit with the other senators there, the other business leaders.”

    Jindal said he talked with people still needing information on Louisiana’s recovery since the storm, telling them it is a place to invest and that the business climate is changing.

    Jindal said he did not know if there would be any further social type weekends like this one, but did say he is planning on seeing McCain again real soon – when Senator McCain stops in Louisiana in two weeks working the campaign trail.

    The video of Governor Jindal is here.

    But, let’s look at the poll that Flap put up last Thursday. The poll has not closed and Flap will leave it up until Thursday of this week. So, go ahead and vote.

    Sarah Palin, the Governor of Alaska is in first place, followed closely by former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney. Bobby Jindal finishes third.

    An interesting result especially since Palin has not been seen with Senator McCain in some time.

    Will she now get an invite to the ranch?

    Stay tuned and vote for your favorite GOP Vice President nominee.


    John McCain Watch: VP Sweepstakes – Crist, Jindal and Romney? Part Two – With VP Poll

    John McCain Watch: VP Sweepstakes – Crist, Jindal and Romney?

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    John McCain Watch: VP Sweepstakes – Crist, Jindal and Romney? Part Two – With VP Poll

    Mitt Romney, Charlie Crist and Bobby Jindal

    Vice President contenders? Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, Florida Governor Charlie Crist and Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal

    The “purely social”get together of Senator and presumptive GOP Presidential nominee John McCain at his Sedona, Arizona ranch Saturday with GOP leaders has “nothing whatsoever to do with the vice presidential selection process” according to Charlie Black, a key McCain campaign strategist.


    But, what is interesting is the emphasis (leak) now on Fox News that “other” perspective Vice President candidates have either ALREADY visited with McCain at the Hidden Valley Ranch, like Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty OR were invited this weekend and had other committments, like Mike Huckabee. Looks like the campaign was caught flat-footed on this “purely social” event.

    Others mentioned to attend the Memorial Day weekend BBQ include:

    • Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina
    • Senator Sam Brownback of Kansas
    • Former e-Bay Chief Executive Meg Whitman
    • FedEx Corp. Chief Executive Frederick W. Smith

    Ok, so maybe this is a “meet and greet’ and not a serious series of interviews. But, what better way to create some “BUZZ” over the Vice Presidential sweepstakes and at the same time begin the pundit vetting of potential candidates – all on the cheap of an Arizona BBQ grill.

    So, Flap will go one step further and rip off this poll idea from Marc Ambinder except Flap will name names.

    Vote for John McCain’s Vice President:

    [polldaddy poll=”632471″]


    John McCain Watch: VP Sweepstakes – Crist, Jindal and Romney?