Harry Reid Says Senate Will Defeat Boehner Debt Limit Plan Tonight – Then What?

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Then, the deal making will begin.

The Senate will take up, and vote down, House Speaker John Boehner’s bill to raise the federal debt ceiling immediately after its anticipated House passage Thursday evening, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., said.

“As soon as the House completes its vote tonight, the Senate will move to take up that bill. It will be defeated,” Reid said, citing a letter sent last night to Boehner in which all 53 Democratic Caucus members vowed to vote against the measure if it passes. “No Democrat will vote for a short-term Band-Aid that would put our economy at risk and put the nation back in this untenable situation a few short months from now.”

Boehner was still working to round up votes Thursday. But both parties now expect his measure to narrowly pass over Democratic opposition.

So, what are the options?

Reid has two options: He could “table” the proposal, postponing its consideration indefinitely, or bring it up for a vote, which would kill the bill directly. The advantage of tabling is that it’s faster. Under the byzantine rules of the Senate, the Majority Leader would have to wait about two days before being able to bring the House bill up for a vote, whereas tabling the bill could take just a day and a half. The disadvantage of tabling is that Republicans will insist that Boehner’s proposal had a chance in the Senate, and that Reid was simply afraid that it would pass. But with the Aug. 2 approaching, Democratic aides think tabling is more likely.

Once Reid kills the bill, there are two new paths he could take: He could bring his own plan up for a vote or he could try to come up with a compromise plan with Boehner and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.

Since Dingy Harry’s bill has NO chance of passing in the House, the deal making will begin.

But, of course, there will be plenty of blaming the other side and at the last minute there will be a deal or the August 2nd deadline passes which will probably prove to be a non-event.

Senate Democrats Send Speaker Boehner a Letter Favoring an American Debt Default?

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Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is pictured as he speaks to the press following more U.S. debt reduction talks on Capitol Hill, July 26, 2011

Well, something like that because their letter promises to reject Boehner’s Debt-Limit Plan.
Fifty-three Democratic senators have signed a letter to House Speaker John A. Boehner saying they intend to vote against his plan for an increase in the debt ceiling, virtually assuring its defeat in the Senate even as the speaker lines up Republican votes to pass it in the House on Thursday.

Votes are not final until they are cast. But if the Democrats hold to their promise in the letter, Mr. Boehner’s plan for a six-month increase in borrowing authority will not make it to President Obama’s desk.

“We heard that in your caucus you said the Senate will support your bill,” the senators say in the letter. “We are writing to tell you that we will not support it, and give you the reasons why.”

In the letter, the senators argue that a short-term extension of the debt ceiling would “put America at risk” and “could be nearly as disastrous as a default.”

Some compromise there, eh?

I say the House GOP and whatever Democrats who dare, pass the bill anyway and dare Dingy Harry to hold it up for defeat in the Senate.

To the Democrats then, you voted twice against House passed plans, so if it breaks the American economy, you own it baby – House/Senate Democrats and President Obama.

Here is the double dare letter to Boehner:

Dear Speaker Boehner,

With five days until our nation faces an unprecedented financial crisis, we need to work together to ensure that our nation does not default on our obligations for the first time in our history. We heard that in your caucus you said the Senate will support your bill. We are writing to tell you that we will not support it, and give you the reasons why.

A short-term extension like the one in your bill would put America at risk, along with every family and business in it. Your approach would force us once again to face the threat of default in five or six short months. Every day, another expert warns us that your short-term approach could be nearly as disastrous as a default and would lead to a downgrade in our credit rating. If our credit is downgraded, it would cost us billions of dollars more in interest payments on our existing debt and drive up our deficit. Even more worrisome, a downgrade would spike interest rates, making everything from mortgages, car loans and credit cards more expensive for families and businesses nationwide.

In addition to risking a downgrade and catastrophic default, we are concerned that in five or six months, the House will once again hold the economy captive and refuse to avoid another default unless we accept unbalanced, deep cuts to programs like Medicare and Social Security, without asking anything of the wealthiest Americans.

We now have only five days left to act. The entire world is watching Congress. We need to do the right thing to solve this problem. We must work together to avoid a default the responsible way – not in a way that will do America more harm than good.

And, here I thought Dingy Harry “The Iraq War is Lost” Reid was a deal maker?

Default, here we come….

Harry Reid: The Afghanistan War is LOST or Something Like That

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Nevada Senator and Senate Democratic Majority Leader Harry Reid proclaims the Iraq War is lost

Not again! Harry Reid was already wrong about the Iraq War in the video above.

Now, it is Obama’s turn in Afghanistan.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid expressed doubt in the U.S. military operation in Afghanistan Thursday, saying, “I’m not confident it’s going to work.”In an interview that aired Thursday on CNN’s “The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer,” the five-term Nevada senator said, “The president has indicated as commander-in-chief he is going to start drawing down the forces this summer.”

Reid also noted the $100 billion the country is spending, calling it a “huge amount of money” that the nation “cannot continue to keep dumping” into the Afghanistan war.

Sharing his respect for Gen. David Petraeus, commander of coalition forces, Reid said, “I’ve talked to General Petraeus…and he thinks things are going well.”

“I hope it’s going well,” he continued. “But the American people have a … very short attention span.”

Yeah, but not so short a memory or attention span that we cannot remember that YOU were wrong before and ready to quit in Iraq.

Dingy Harry should stick to waking up Vice President Biden when he takes a nap during “The One’s” speeches.

GOP House Freshmen Tell Harry Reid: “It’s Time to Pass a Bill”

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Laying down the gauntlet, they are – says Yoda.

Just as GOP leaders prepare a “Government Shutdown Prevention Act” as a way to pressure Senate Democrats into passing long-term spending bill, a group of freshman members have sent a strongly worded letter to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D., Nev.) announcing that they will “rally on the Senate steps every day until you pass a long-term Continuing Resolution.” The letter was authored by Rep. Rick Crawford (R., Ark.) and has so far been signed by 30 members of the freshman class.

“Make no mistake,” the letter admonishes Reid. “Any government shutdown is the result of your lack of leadership.”

“Mr. Reid, it’s time to pass a bill,” they conclude, before signing off in telling fashion: “Bound together and determined.”

The full text of the letter is here.

Hypocrite Democrat Sen. Harry Reid Forgets Koch Industries Gave Dem Senatorial Committee 30K While Dissing Them in Fundraising Letter

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Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nev. gestures during a news
conference on Capitol Hill in Washington Wednesday, Dec. 8, 2010

OOPS. Cowboy poet enthusiast and Senate Majority Leader sends out this letter to the Democratic faithful today:
Dear xxxx,
We should be trying to put Americans back to work, not trying to put public radio out of business.
Attacking labor unions…waging war on women’s rights…defunding NPR…repealing health care reform. The anti-worker, anti-woman, anti-Obama Republican agenda just proves that their priorities are seriously out of whack. How is any of this supposed to create jobs?
Senate Democrats are fighting back each and every day. But with only a slim four-seat majority, we have no margin for error. If Republicans can knock just a few bricks free from our firewall, they’ll force through their extreme agenda faster than you can say “Koch brothers.” With the GOP on the attack and with 23 Democratic-held seats to defend, we have no time to spare. We must act now to keep our majority standing strong. I need your help!
The DSCC must raise $150,371 by our March 31 FEC deadline to keep the Republicans at bay. Our March Match means you’ll be matched dollar for dollar – your $300 contribution will only cost you $150. Please click here right now to contribute! I’m not satisfied with playing defense. Democrats are ready to move this country forward by investing in our future – rebuilding our infrastructure, improving our schools, and focusing on innovations that will create not just jobs, but entire industries.
And a year after President Obama signed health care reform, we’re unwilling to let Republicans put health insurance companies back between you and your doctor.
We’re ready to go on offense, waging a tough grassroots campaign to preserve our majority, standing strong with Democratic incumbents and recruiting top-flight challengers to take on vulnerable Republicans.
We have to put our money where our mouth is – and that means we need your support at this critical moment. Ninety percent of the DSCC’s donations come from individuals giving less than $200. And during our March Match, your $300 gift will only cost you $150 – every dollar will be matched!
The DSCC needs to hear from you immediately in order to meet its $150,371 goal by March 31 – so please click here and make a contribution right now.
Senate Democrats are standing up strong against the GOP’s backward priorities. But we can’t stand alone, not with Republicans and their special interest allies pouring more resources into breaking down our firewall every day.
And with just 8 days to go until the March 31 deadline, a $150,371 goal to meet, and a dangerous Republican agenda to defeat, we need you now more than ever.
Thank you,
Harry Reid
Paid for by the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, dscc.org <http://dscc.org> , and not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.

Well, nice move, Dingy Harry to diss a donor who gave your Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee $30,000 during the last campaign cycle.

So, Harry is the DSCC going to send the money back?

Video: The Ballad of Harry Reid – “Spendin’ Spendin’ Spendin'” By Jon Henke

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CBS Televison’s Rawhilde – Opening and Closing

CBS TV’s Rawhide’s opening and ending

By Jon Henke: “The Ballad of Harry Reid (AKA: Spendin’ Spendin’ Spendin’)”

Keep taxin’, taxin’, taxin’,

Though the House is axein’

Keep them taxes spendin’


Big deficits whenever,

Cowboy poems forever,

Wishin’ the House was on our side.

All the money we’re missin’,

The spendin’ they are dissin’,

Are waiting on the Senate side.

Move ’em on, head ’em up,

Head ’em up, move ’em out,

Move ’em on, head ’em out


Keep spendin’, spendin’, spendin’,

Though the recession’s endin’,

Keep those taxpayers bendin’


Don’t try to understand ’em,

Just rope and throw and tax ’em,

Soon we’ll be living high and wide.

Boy my campaign’s calculatin’

My earmark will be waitin’

be waiting at the end of my ride.


Maybe Dingy Harry fancies himself after Clint Eastwood?

You know, Cowboy poetry and all…..