Day By Day by Chris Muir August 23, 2008

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Day By Day by Chris Muir

With Barack Obama’s choice of pro-Iraq War Resolution voting Senator Joe Biden as his Vice Presidential choice, the New York Times and other left leaning MSM press outfits will have a more difficult time in spinning: Obama is right on the Iraq War. Didn’t Joe Biden propose to divde Iraq into tres partes?

The Iraq War is drawing to a close and will NOT be the issue du joir in November as in 2006. But, how about Russia vs. Georgia and Iran vs. Israel?


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Barack Obama Watch: Joe Biden as Vice President?

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Senator Joe Biden, D-Del: “You cannot go to a 7-11 or Dunkin Donuts unless you have a slight Indian Accent.”

Patrick Ruffini says PLEASE let it be Joe Biden.

I’m just passing on the latest I’m hearing–that Sen. Joe Biden (D-Del.) is moving up on the list of potential running mates for presumptive Democratic nominee Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.). While Obama’s heart may go towards Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine–his head takes him to a more experienced pick, a Sen. Evan Bayh (D-Ind.) or Biden, chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

Slow Joe Plagiarising Biden would be a catastrophic choice for the Democrats between his racist Indian-American comments and his repeated plagiarism.

But, hey, if Obama does not want to choose Hillary, why not?

Barack Obama Watch: The “Johnny-Come-Lately Position” on Afghanistan

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Senator Joe Biden, D-Delaware and Team Obama surrogate on CNN’s American Morning July 16, 2008

Senator Slow Joe Plagiarizing Joe Biden has certainly changed his tune on Barack Obama’s foreign policy experience since last year. Watch the video above from yesterday and explain to Flap the 180 degree turn around from what Joe Biden said about Obama last year.

On Aug. 1, 2007, when Obama unveiled his counterterrorism agenda, the Biden camp fired off a snarky email congratulating him for his “Johnny-come-lately position” on Afghanistan, noting that during two Foreign Relations Committee hearings on Afghanistan and other subjects, Obama didn’t ask questions about the Taliban, Al Qaeda, or Afghanistan. (We also wrote on it here.)

“We find it a little disingenuous that Sen. Obama is hailing this as a new bold initiative when he has neglected to join his colleagues in the Senate when the opportunities have been there to redirect our forces into Afghanistan” Biden campaign manager Luis Navarro said at the time. “It’s good to see Sen. Obama has finally arrived at the right position, but this can hardly be considered bold leadership.” Ouch.

Slow Joe Biden, what can you say about a politician who steals the work of others first in law school and then as a Presidential candidate, who then turns around and conveniently forgets how he criticized Barack Obama for the same thing he now praises him.

How do you spell disingenuous or is Biden just a LIAR?

Come on, Joe, tell us the real truth. Barack Obama has NO foreign policy experience, has NEVER traveled to Afghanistan and has been to Iraq one time. Obama has NO military experience. Obama is a ROOKIE.

Oh! Flap remembers you have forgotten again……

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Mitt Romney Watch: Top of the McCain VP List?

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Senator John McCain and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney tops John McCain’s list for Vice Presidential candidates? So, it seems.

Surprising many Republican insiders, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney is at the top of the vice presidential prospect list for John McCain. But lack of personal chemistry could derail the pick.

“Romney as favorite” is the hot buzz in Republican circles, and top party advisers said the case is compelling.

Campaign insiders say McCain plans to name his running mate very shortly after Barack Obama does, as part of what one campaign planner called a “bounce-mitigation strategy.”

The Democratic convention is in late August, a week ahead of the Republican convention. That means McCain can size up the opposing ticket before locking in his own.

Flap made the argument for Romney a number of weeks ago.

In the meantime, Barack Obama has opted out of public campaign financing and Team McCain finds itself vastly underfunded.

McCain sources tell Politico that they believe Romney could raise $50 million in 60 days. One close Romney adviser said it could even be $60 million.

McCain’s choice will come down to the three M’s:

  • Mitt
  • Money (business, economics and fundraising)
  • Michigan

Flap predicts McCain goes with Romney. Of course, this will not be my favorite choice (which is Sarah Palin, the Governor of Alaska) but in a match-up against Obama and Biden/Bayh it is a winning combination.


Why John McCain Picks Mitt Romney as Vice President

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Slow Joe Biden Says Rudy Giuliani has NO Experience in Foreign Policy So Shut Up About Obama

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Senator “Slow” Joe Biden, renown for his plagiarism, weighs in on Rudy Giuliani’s criticism of Barack Obama’s national security policy.

It’s no surprise that it takes a man with zero national security and foreign policy experience to defend the policies of John McCain and President Bush.

The facts are that the policies President Bush has pursued and Senator McCain would continue, have not made us safer. We’re bogged down in Iraq with no end in sight and Al Qaeda in Afghanistan and Pakistan – the people who actually attacked us on 9/11 – have regrouped and are plotting new attacks. In fact, terrorist attacks around the world have increased since 9-11.

The problem is: Barack Obama has LESS experience than Giuliani, NO executive experience whatsoever, Rudy had to deal with the “FAILED” Clinton terrorism policy and Biden has his FACTS WRONG.

We love you, “Slow” Joe.

John McCain’s Teeth

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Daily Kos screen capture courtesy of LGF

Notwithstanding the fact that John McCain was tortured and lost many teeth during his Vietnam POW captivity, but John McCain is 71 years old.

Should Markos want McCain to have the teeth of a 30 year old? Then, the low class POS Kos would criticize him for wasting his money on a “fountain of youth” strategy to cover up his age.

Flap has many dental patients who prefer to allow their smiles to age to show their “natural” character. I suppose it is the same with hair color. Some prefer to dye their hair or not as some prefer to bleach their teeth or whiten them with porcelain veneers.

Now, what this has to do with ANYTHING in the Presidential race is beyond Flap unless American voters are selecting the President with the most photogenic PHONY smile.

And, we all know who wins this contest:

Joe Biden