Hillary Clinton: Not Interested in Running as Obama’s Vice President

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According to a new report written by New York Times best-selling author, Ed Klein.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was pressed by her husband and a top Obama aide to consider replacing Vice President Joe Biden just a couple of weeks ago, claims the author of the New York Times bestseller “The Amateur.”

But Clinton, exhausted from four years of international travel and diplomacy, shrugged off the suggestion to lay the groundwork for her own 2016 bid with her husband at her side, according to author Ed Klein.

“As recently as a couple of weeks ago, the White House was putting out feelers to see if Hillary Clinton was interested in replacing Joe Biden on the ticket,” Klein told Secrets. “Bill Clinton, I’m told, was urging his wife to accept the number two spot if it was formally offered. Bill sees the vice presidency as the perfect launching pad for Hillary to run for president in 2016.”

He made similar comments Thursday night to CNBC’s Larry Kudlow. The White House has dismissed speculation of a Clinton for Biden swap despite a string of recent gaffes by the vice president.

Klein, whose book is No. 2 on the NYT bestseller list, quoted unnamed sources who revealed that top Obama aide Valerie Jarrett put the vice presidency on the table during a lunch with the secretary of state. “The lunch was ostensibly about policy issues, but the subject of the vice presidency came up,” he said. “Hillary told Valerie Jarrett that she was not interested in running as Obama’s vice president.”

Klein said she cited two reasons: If elected, she didn’t want to be tied to Obama’s left-leaning politics in her own 2016 bid. Second, if Obama loses, she would be tarred as a loser.

There is little doubt that Hillary Clinton is the presumptive Democratic Presidential nominee for 2016.

And, she does need to rest, recharge from a whirlwind duty of keeping Obama’s foreign policy together.

Plus, there is a very good chance that Obama will lose in November and she does not want to go down with the Titanic.

This is a good leak from the Clinton Cabal to make sure everyone knows that Obama did not choose Biden over Hillary, but that Hillary told the President to go pound sand.

Also, she is running in 2016 for the White House – get out of her way.

Joe Biden Being Taken to the White House Woodshed?

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Matt Drudge is certainly having some fun with today’s Joe Biden/Hillary Clinton White House meeting.

But, wait.

President Barack Obama and his mistake-prone vice president, Joe Biden, are having lunch today, a weekly occurrence that takes on far more significance than usual in the wake of controversy surrounding several of Biden’s recent statements.

While the lunch was probably already scheduled, it’s practically impossible that Biden’s campaign trail remarks will fail to come up given the clamor they have provoked. There is even a growing chorus of suggestions – mainly from Republicans – that Biden is not up to the job and should be replaced on the ticket.

The session could easily end up a trip to the woodshed for Biden or, though it’s unlikely, something far worse.

Biden this week suggested that Gov. Mitt Romney would put African Americans back chains and, in a separate appearance, indicated that we are all still living in the 20th century. The statements are just the latest in a series of mistakes – assuming the comment about African Americans was unscripted – in the past few months that have raised concerns about Biden.

Making the switch to Hillary would energize the Democratic Party and would be better for Obama’s re-election chances in some of the key battleground states. But, does Hillary want the job, especially since should Obama lose in 2012, she would be come the presumptive nominee in 2016?

Team Obama is undoubtedly nervous about Biden’s gaffes and whether “Slow” Joe is up to the task as he approaches 70.

How the President will frame the Biden scolding delicately, may be a challenge.

Video: Joe Biden Living in the Wrong Century With Another Gaffe

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“Slow” Joe Biden has done it again – committed another gaffe.

Mr. Vice President, we live in the 21st century and have been for over twelve years.

Here is the video below:

Hillary may be warming up in the bullpen. But, Obama better move quick.

President Barack Obama has slightly more than 22 days to drop Vice Presidential Joe Biden from the 2012 Democratic presidential ticket, according to lawyers familiar with the party nominating process. That is, Democrats have until September 6 to formally nominate their presidential ticket which will then be qualified for the 50 state ballots.

Giuliani: Biden “Unfit” for the Vice Presidency

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Careful now, Rudy, or Obama will throw “Slow” Joe Biden over the cliff and pick Hillary Clinton as his running mate.

Giuliani’s comments were made after the Vice President’s remarks yesterday about ‘They’re Going to Put Y’all Back in Chains’.

Here is the video:

And, the transcript:

 KUDLOW: You know, what did he say? ‘Y’all going to be put back in chains’? That almost has racial overtones, Rudy Giuliani. What’s your take on that?

GIULIANI: Well, I think if it came from somebody serious maybe we’d get all excited about it. But the — I think the vice president of the United States has become a laugh line on late night television. I mean, he — I’ve never seen a vice president that has made as many mistakes, said as many stupid things. I mean, there’s a real fear if, God forbid, he ever had to be entrusted with the presidency, whether he really has the mental capacity to handle it. I mean, this guy just isn’t bright. He’s never been bright. He isn’t bright. And people think, ‘Well, he just talks a little too much.’ Actually he’s just not very smart.

Again, is this a plot to get rid of Biden?

I cannot envision a weaker, gaffe-prone Vice Presidential candidate.

Romney Wants Obama to Disavow Biden’s ‘They’re Going to Put Y’all Back in Chains’

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Of course, “The One” will NEVER apologize for “Slow” Joe over his obviously thinly veiled racist comments this morning. The comments were specifically about bank deregulation but everyone knew what he meant – especially before at least half an African-American audience.

Here is the video, once again:

In any event, Team Romney is outraged.

 Mitt Romney’s campaign blasted President Obama’s team for hitting a “new low” after Vice President Biden suggested to voters that the Republican ticket’s economic policies would “put y’all back in chains.”  Biden made the remark while campaigning Tuesday in Virginia, during a discussion of Wall Street regulation.   “They’ve said it. Every Republican’s voted for it. Look at what they value and look at their budget and what they’re proposing. Romney wants to let the — he said in the first 100 days, he’s going to let the big banks once again write their own rules — unchain Wall Street,” Biden said. “They’re going to put y’all back in chains. He’s said he’s going to do nothing about stopping the practice of outsourcing.”

Romney’s campaign said the remarks showed the president is determined to run a negative campaign.  “After weeks of slanderous and baseless accusations leveled against Gov. Romney, the Obama campaign has reached a new low,” Romney spokeswoman Andrea Saul said. “The comments made by the vice president of the United States are not acceptable in our political discourse and demonstrate yet again that the Obama campaign will say and do anything to win this election.”  Saul then called on the president to say whether he condoned Biden’s language.  “President Obama should tell the American people whether he agrees with Joe Biden’s comments,” Saul said.

The gaffe-prone Biden has put his foot in his mouth again. But, wait, maybe it is a set up so that Obama could excuse “Slow” Joe and substitute in Hillary Clinton.

Maybe the polls are just that bad….