• Arlen Specter,  John McCain,  Meghan McCain,  Rush Limbaugh

    Rush Limbaugh on Arlen Specter Leaving the Republican Party – Take McCain and His Daughter (Meghan) With You

    This is not exactly what the LEFT is making of Rush’s comment.

    But, it an intriguing thought.

    Alas, Meghan McCain won’t be going.

    Late Tuesday afternoon, Meghan McCain fired back on Twitter. “RED TIL I’M DEAD BABY!!! I love the republican party enough to give it constructive criticism, I love my party and sure as hell not leavin!”

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  • John McCain,  Meghan McCain

    Shocker: Maverick John McCain Throws Daughter Meghan Over The Side


    Meghan McCain and her father, Senator John McCain

    Well, sort of……

    Sen. John McCain told CNN Friday he doesn’t always see eye-to-eye with his outspoken daughter.

    Meghan McCain, the 24-year-old daughter of the former Republican presidential nominee, has grabbed the media spotlight this year, thanks to a string of attention grabbing blog posts, television appearances and speeches.

    Her comments critical of some of her party’s positions, and jabs at some senior Republicans like former Vice President Dick Cheney and former Bush senior advisor Karl Rove, have made her one of this year’s hottest young GOP pundits.

    “I love and respect my daughter, and I appreciate the fact that she brings fresh views and ideas and we need that in our party,” the senator said Friday on CNN’s American Morning. “We don’t always agree, and sometimes we have spirited discussions, and that is good in families.”

    Flap knew this would happen after Meghan attacked Rudy Giuliani, Karl Rove, Newt Gingrich and Dick Cheney yesterday on the View.

    Plus, the Maverick has an Arizona Republican primary challenge where he needs to raise some money.

    Who do you think will do fundraisers for John McCain now?

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  • 1984,  Gay Marriage,  John McCain,  Meghan McCain,  Rudy Giuliani

    Meghan McCain Disappointed in Rudy Giuliani on Gay Marriage – Old Dudes Cheney, Rove and Gingrich Need to Get Lost

    ABC ‘View’ to co-host Meghan McCain Wants Cheney to ‘Go Away’

    Flap wonders when her old man, Senator John McCain, is going to put a sock in her mouth. After all, Mac is being challenged for the first time in years in an an Arizona Republican Primary election. By the way, McCain is already fundraising with internet banner ads for this race.

    Flap won’t be contributing.

    Again, Meghan serves as a clueless tool of the LEFT while alienating the base of the Republican Party. And, insults her dad’s close friend Rudy Giuliani over his position on gay marriage who refused to run negative attack ads against her father. Real class, Meghan.

    Let’s see if Meghan can insult any other Republicans. I think Mitt Romney and Mike Huckabee may be the only ones left.

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  • Eminem,  John McCain,  Meghan McCain,  Sarah Palin

    Meghan McCain Tweets Crush for Eminem Whose Video Depicts Sex with Sarah Palin

    Eminem – “We Made You”

    Flap wonders if progressive Republican and ELECTION LIAR Meghan will be having Eminem do a fundraiser for her father Senator John McCain who now has a GOP primary challenger?

    Okay, I had wanted to stay away from further focus on the Twitter exploits of Meghan McCain, the daughter of the 2008 presidential candidate. But sometimes you just can’t tear your eyes away.

    The latest Tweet from McCain: “I used to have the hugest crush on Eminem when I was in high school and he still looks hot in his new music video!!”

    This would be, presumably, the music video in which Eminem depicts himself having sex with Sarah Palin.

    Wonder if Alaska Governor Sarah Palin will do one?

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  • John McCain,  Mitt Romney,  Newt Gingrich,  Sarah Palin

    Is the National GOP Writing Off Sarah Palin?

    Senator John McCain on the Tonight show with Jay Leno where he fails to mention Sarah Palin as a future GOP leader

    There seems to be an orchestrated effort to sabotage her but Palin’s family problems are not helping matters much.

    Worse than Dan Quayle before her, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin’s bright star has fast faded in the eyes of Washington Republican officials and analysts, calling into question her efforts to become a national party figure ready to run for the White House. “She’s just not ready for prime time,” said a party strategist who has worked for former President Bush. “I mean, she’s starting to look like she’s having trouble being governor of Alaska.” At issue is her weak debut, hampered by the mishandling of her by Sen. John McCain’s campaign, and subsequent family issues such as the most recent tiff with Levi Johnston, the father of her first grandchild and ex-fiancé of her daughter Bristol.

    Since running for vice president with McCain, Palin has made efforts to be a national figure, starting a political action committee and speaking at national events in Washington. But she has also blown other chances, backed out of speech commitments, and allowed herself to be caught in a fight between state and national aides who have different roles for her in mind. While some Republican officials say that there is time for her to recover, many are already looking to others to carry the GOP flag, such as Mitt Romney or Newt Gingrich, in the 2010 and 2012 elections.

    Flap is certain that Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, Mike Huckabee and even Bobby Jindahl would love to show her the door. She is definitely not through yet but the “apparent slights” from McCain and his daughter, Meghan are becoming obvious.

    But, wasn’t the ‘Cuda really preparing for 2016 and beyond anyway?

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  • GOP,  John McCain,  Meghan McCain

    The Obligatory Meghan McCain AGAIN Shows She Knows NOTHING About the Republican Party

    In her latest missive at Tina Brown’s The Daily Beast, Meghan McCain, the 20 something blogging daughter of Senator John McCain demonstrates again that she knows and understands little about the Republican Party. A party by the way, she only joined a year ago.

    It is no secret that the Republican Party, for all its faults, consistently displays party unity. For all the criticism that the Bush administration came in for, risks were taken (like supporting the Iraq troop surge) that wound up benefiting the GOP in the long run.

    And, your father, Meghan, received the nickname “MAVERICK” why?

    There is NO Consistent party unity in the GOP. Look at these issues as a case in point:

    • illegal immigration
    • Obama’s cabinet nominees
    • Last Fall’s TARP bailout
    • Anwar oil drilling
    • Global Warming legislation

    Just to name a few.

    Meghan just because you motored about the country in your father’s tour bus with cloggged toilets does not give you any credibility with regards to the GOP.

    Try a little research and reading.

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  • AIG,  Barack Obama,  Chris Dodd,  John McCain

    Will Obama, McCain and Dodd Return Political contributions form AIG Employees?


    Oh those dirty AIG employees are up to no good again.


    AIG employees kept doling out donations to politicians, including presidential candidate Barack Obama, after getting bailed out with federal funds last year, raising the question of whether those politicians will now return the money.

    AIG executives gave more than $630,000 during the 2008 political cycle even as the company was falling apart

    According to the Center for Responsive Politics, which tracks campaign finance reports, more than $120,000 of that money was donated after AIG received its first $85 billion in federal bailout funds in September. The company has since received a total of $170 billion in taxpayer cash to prevent its collapse.

    Their generosity included more than $23,000 to Obama’s campaign.

    Both Obama and Republican presidential candidate John McCain raked in much larger sums from AIG earlier in the year. Obama collected a total of $130,000 from AIG in 2008, while McCain accepted a total of $59,499.

    Exit answer: Don’t count on a refund.

    But, look for this to be a campaign issue to be used against Senator Dodd in his 2010 race for re-election to the Senate.

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  • George Stephanopoulos,  John McCain,  Meghan McCain

    John McCain Refuses to Defend Daughter Meghan over Laura Ingraham Kiss My Fat Ass Comment

    Think Progress is all over Senator John McCain today in his apparent non-defense of his daughter in the Meghan McCain vs Laura Ingraham “Kiss My Fat Ass” FLAP that I covered yesterday.

    But, is it really a non-defense or simply disgust that his daughter is being USED by the LEFT as a TOOL?

    Look at the Twitter interview of McCain and ABC’s George Stephanopoulos:


    I am the father of three daughters and believe me that Senator McCain is disgusted with Meghan. He is not defending Laura Ingraham to curry favor with the right wing.

    How stupid.

    As I twittered yesterday, Meghan should smart up and stop being used as a Left-Wing tool. She might also try a REAL JOB instead of writing for Far Lefty Tina Brown’s Daily Beast.

    Can’t her mom, Cindy McCain, get he some type of job in the Beer company?

    The original Flap is below.

    Meghan McCain on The View

    Flap loves these cat fights particularly when the left-wing fools at The View WEIGH IN with a MORON like Meghan McCain.

    Here is Laura Ingraham’s response:

    Both have their points about calling/ridiculing a woman as FAT. But, it is also a stretch (a very large one) to consider Meghan McCain a Republican pundit.

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  • GOP,  John McCain,  Meghan McCain

    Is Meghan McCain RIGHT About the State of the Republican Party?

    Meghan McCain, the 24 year old daughter of Senator John McCain discusses the state of the Republican Party

    Meghan McCain the daughter of Senator John McCain has been all over the talk show circuit bemoaning the state of the GOP.

    Is she RIGHT?

    Or, is she parroting her Tina Brown sponsored left-wing cohorts over at The Daily Beast, known to love/support faux-conservatives (ala Chris Buckley and Barack Obama).

    Or, better yet, is Meghan a chip off the ol’ MAVERICK block?

    Flap’s take is this:

    Meghan is young, not particularly well educated and comes from a life of privilege. She is not your typical  24 year old except that she wants to be accepted by her peers (as she whines on TV, no less, that she cannot get a date).

    Meghan is from the generation of political correctness and Comedy Central shows are news. She expresses a generational angst and frustration but to think she is any future voice of the Republican Party is to fail to consider the source.

    But, the left-wing MSM just loves to hear this crap and kick the GOP with it when it is down.

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  • Barack Obama,  John McCain

    Senator John McCain Tweets Top Ten Pork Projects in Omnibus Spending Bill


    Here is GOP Senator John McCain’s list of the top ten porkiest projects in the Omnibus Spending Bill.

    1. $1.7 million for pig odor research in Iowa
    2. $2 million “for the promotion of astronomy” in Hawaii – because nothing says new jobs for average Americans like investing in astronomy
    3. $332,000 for the design and construction of a school sidewalk in Franklin, Texas – not enough $ for schools in the stimulus?
    4. $2.1 million for the Center for Grape Genetics in New York – quick peel me a grape.
    5. $650,000 for beaver management in North Carolina and Mississippi
    6. $1 million for mormon cricket control in Utah – is that the species of cricket or a game played by the brits?
    7. $300,000 for the Montana World Trade Center – enough said
    8. $200,000 “tattoo removal violence outreach program to could help gang members or others shed visible signs of their past” REALLY?
    9. $475,000 to build a parking garage in Provo City, Utah
    10. $1.7M “for a honey bee factory” in Weslaco, TX

    Tax and spend = Obama Administration and his Democrat cronies in Congress.

    The next time you purchase a gallon of gas or see your paycheck with its witholds of payroll taxes remember all of those tattoos you are helping remove.

    How ridiculous is this?

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