Video: Bristol Palin Dishes the Dirt on Meghan and Cindy McCain

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Meghan McCain and her obnoxious “beer” heiress mother has it coming. Both of their sanctimonious portrayals of Republican values actually make me sick – almost as much as the flip-flopping of the sometimes conservative Senator John McCain.

Now, I can barely tolerate the elder Senator because he has endured a lot for this country, but those two – well, MEH…..

On to the quotes:

Palin writes that the first time she met the 26-year-old daughter of Sen. John McCain, she “ignored us during the entire visit.” This was just before Senator McCain introduced Sarah Palin as his running mate. Palin adds that she “had a sneaking suspicion I might need to watch my back.”

“Every time we saw Meghan, she seemed to be constantly checking us out, comparing my family to hers and complaining,” she writes. “Oh the complaining.”

Cindy McCain, the senator’s wife, also rubbed the eldest Palin daughter the wrong way.

“I’d never seen people with so much Louis Vuitton luggage, so many cell phones, and so many constant helpers to do hair and makeup,” Palin writes, adding that the would-be first lady looked “like a queen” and held “herself like royalty.”

Palin writes that she was shocked when the senator’s wife offered to be a godmother to her unborn baby: “I had just met her and I wondered why she wanted any type of guardianship over my child.”

Bristol will be on Good Morning America to promote her book on Monday as she makes the rounds of the book circuit. Somehow I think there will be a response from Cindy and Meghan McCain prior.

Or, will Senator McCain urge restraint?

Probably not…..

House Democrats Vote for The Airport for No One

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From the National Republican Congressional Committee – Book Your Flight Today

Here it comes!

While Californians are struggling with high unemployment and home foreclosures, the House Democrats have voted to spend government tax money to build an airport in Pennsylvania that an average 20 people use a day.

It is an airport for no one.

Except Congressman John Murtha.

Eight House Democrats voted for this boondoggle and will be targeted by the National Republican Congressional Committee today in radio ads to be aired in their districts.

The lawmakers are Larry Kissell of North Carolina, Harry Teague of New Mexico, Kurt Schrader of Oregon, Michael Arcuri of New York, Carol Shea Porter of New Hampshire, Vic Snyder of Arkansas, Mark Schauer of Michigan, and Stephanie Herseth of South Dakota

The version running against Kurt Schrader can be heard here. The core of the message is:

“Kurt Schrader voted for Nancy Pelosi’s wasteful $787 billion spending plan. Schrader’s been voting with Pelosi 97 percent of the time. It’s unbridled power, with no accountability. ABC News says $800,000 went to repave for a runway at a Pennsylvania airport that only has three flights a day. It’s the airport for no one. The airport averages just 20 passengers a day — but one of those customers happens to be a powerful Democratic Congressman, John Murtha. Coincidence? You decide.”

The stories of wasteful government spending are only beginning to surface. The earmarks, the special deals, the favoritism all in the name of economic stimulus.

What a waste……

Shocker: Congressman John Murtha NOW Losing to Republican Bill Russell

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Democrat Representative John Murtha of Pennsylvania

Michelle Malkin has a new poll that shows Republican Bill Russell beating long time incumbent Democrat Congressman John Murtha by 13 points.

A Pennsylvania source has just leaked me brand spanking new poll data showing GOP upstart Bill Russell leading John Murtha among over 800 probable voters by 48-35.

This comes on top of the Susquehanna poll showing Murtha ahead of Russell by 4 points, within the margin of error.

The new poll is from Dane and Associates, which surveyed over 800 probable voters, randomly selected to reflect the district makeup, on Wednesday night.

If you want to help elect the new GOP Congressman Bill Russell go here.


Bye Bye John Murtha?

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Bye Bye John Murtha?

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Representative John Murtha (D-PA), October 15 and 20, 2008

Is John Murtha in trouble?

Two veteran warriors battling to represent the 12th Congressional District appear locked in the closest race in the district in years.

Democratic Rep. John Murtha leads retired Army Lt. Col. William Russell by a little more than 4 percentage points, within the Susquehanna Poll’s 4.9-point margin of error. The poll of 400 likely voters was conducted for the Tribune-Review on Tuesday, amid uproar over Murtha’s statement that some of his constituents are racist.

Appears so.

Time for Murtha to retire.

Change this seat to likely GOP pick-up.

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John Murtha Calls Western Pennsylvania Voters REDNECK

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Democrat Representative John Murtha of Pennsylvania

Remember last week when Democrat Congressman John Murtha called Western Pennyslivania voters racist? Then he apologized which was no great surprise.

But, there is more.

Congressman Murtha is now calling the Pennsylvania voters who put him in office “REDNECKS.”

U.S. Rep. John Murtha is calling many of the people who put him in office “rednecks.”

The news comes one week after Murtha claimed the area is racist, then apologized for that comment.

In explaining his comments about racism, Murtha told WTAE it’s difficult for many in the area to change. Murtha said that just five to 10 years ago the entire area was “redneck.”

Key graph:

“What I said, that indicted everybody, that’s not what I meant at all. What I mean is there’s still folks that have a problem voting for someone because they are black,” Murtha said.

As Murtha opens his mouth more foot goes into the crevice.

Nothing like insulting your voters right before an election.

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Shocker: John Murtha APOLOGIZES for Calling Western Pennsylvania Voters RACIST

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Democrat Representative John Murtha of Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Congressman has sort of apologized for his comments he made yesterday:

Democratic Rep. John Murtha said Wednesday his home base of western Pennsylvania is racist and that could reduce Barack Obama’s victory margin in the state by 4 percentage points.

The 17-term Democratic congressman told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette in a story posted Wednesday on its Web site: “There is no question that western Pennsylvania is a racist area.”

Murtha said it has taken time for many Pennsylvania voters to come around to embracing a black presidential candidate, but that Obama should still win the state, though not in a runaway.

In a separate interview posted Wednesday on the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review’s Web site, Murtha said Obama has a problem with voters’ racial attitudes in western Pennsylvania that could trim his winning margin on Nov. 4.

The apology:

In a statement released by his offices today, the long-serving
Democratic lawmaker apologizes for making the comment yesterday to a
Pittsburgh newspaper that West PA was a “racist area”, but not for the
overall description of Western Pennsylvania.

Statement from Rep. John Murtha (D-PA)

“I apologize for making the comment that ‘Western Pennsylvania is a racist area.’

“While we cannot deny that race is a factor in this election, I believe
we’ve been able to look beyond race these past few months, and that
voters today are concerned with the policy differences of our two
candidates and their vision for the future of our great country.

“Senator Obama has shown sound judgment and has presented us with a
change from the failed policies of George Bush and John McCain. I
believe he will win both Pennsylvania and the White House.”

John Murtha’s time to retire is at hand. What an embarassment.

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