CA-Sen: S.E. Cupp’s 8 Questions for Carly Fiorina

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Read the light-hearted and more personal interview of Carly Fiorina here.

SE: Politicians are much maligned in America right now. If you want some love, why not go into the NFL or hip hop?

CF: Because I throw like a girl, and my hip-hop skills are worse than Betty White’s.

But in all seriousness, the last thing I want to do is become a politician. I am doing this because I think our nation is headed in the wrong direction and I think that my experience in job creation can help inform the solutions to our challenges.

I think our government was designed to be comprised of citizens from the real world who took time to serve a term or two in Congress
and then to return to private life. That’s what I think our Founding Fathers intended in establishing a citizen government. But in recent decades, we’ve seen more and more career politicians who become beholden to the special interest groups that fund their campaigns and who are more interested in winning re-election than they are in serving their constituents.

SE: Who would you want to play you in a movie?

CF: Annette Bening.

SE: Your house is going up in flames and you can save one (non-living) thing. What is it?

CF: A painting my mother completed that hangs in our living room.

SE: If you can make one promise to voters, what would it be?

CF: I will never forget whom I work for. I will always want to hear from my employers, the people of California, and I will always want them to be honest with me, whether it’s the good, the bad or the ugly.

And, Carly can have some fun.

Quite a contrast from Babs Boxer, no?

CA-Gov: Jerry Brown Vs. Meg Whitman and the Whore Comment

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KTLA Los Angeles coverage of a Jerry Brown campaign aide calling Meg Whitman a “Whore”

What will be the fall out?

California voters are getting fed up with all of the television ads and the personal BS of the Brown Vs. Whitman campaign. 

Jerry Brown is trying to cultivate some likability and this certainly won’t help him by making Whitman a sympathetic figure, particularly after her illegal alien maid flap.

Advantage Whitman, especially if she runs some ads.

CA-Gov: Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca Endorses Jerry Brown

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Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca, Rudy Giuliani and California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger at Los Angeles County Sheriff Heaquarters, Monterey Park, California, March 5, 2007. Photo by Flap.

More problems for Meg Whitman in her race to beat Jerry Brown.
Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca weighed in on the governor’s race Wednesday, endorsing Democratic candidate Jerry Brown.

Baca, a registered Republican, cited Brown’s record on public safety in an announcement released on Brown’s campaign website.

“Jerry Brown has championed the rights of crime victims, toughened criminal penalties and developed innovative crime-fighting technologies,” Baca said in the statement. “Jerry Brown has always stood with me and my deputies and I am proud to stand with him in his campaign for governor.”

Whitman needs to win a portion of Los Angeles County to be competitive with Jerry Brown and the endorsement by a REPUBLICAN law enforcement official does not help – at all.

Older California voters remember Jerry Brown appointing far left judges who opposed the death penalty among other things but with Baca’s endorsement it sends the message that Brown is not soft on crime – which he is.

Sheriff Baca endorsing Jerry Brown is a blow to Meg Whitman’s electoral chances and one has to wonder if there will be more GOP defections as Whitman sinks in the polls.

CA-Gov: Meg Whitman, The Illegal Alien Maid and the Social Security Letter with Whitman’s Spouse’s Handwriting On It

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Today’s Meg Whitman Presser on Nicky, the illegal alien maid flap

MM has the story and at this point who knows how this flap will resolve. However, I don’t think Whitman will gain any votes.

Plus, the SEIU will be running television ads on Spanish language channels calling Meg a heartless bitch for not helping her illegal $23/hr maid. And, then there will be plenty of protests every where Meg goes with the signs held by, yes, you guessed it, Hispanic women dressed as maids.

So, I can guess that Whitman can forget about any Latino votes on November 2nd.

Wonder when the next polls will come out showing Jerry Brown up by 7 or 8 points?

CA-Gov: Meg Whitman and Nicky the Illegal Alien Maid

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Oh dirty politics in a close campaign is always a nasty affair. You know the story: the rich Meg Whitman running for California Governor is a hypocrite because she had an illegal alien working for her household while she has called for tougher laws against employers doing the exact same thing.

Then, there are the details where Nicky, the maid lied and submitted false documents and Meg Whitman and her doctor husband when they discovered that Nicky was illegal fired her – treating her like dirt or at least unseemingly (so Nicky claims).

Here is a video of California Republican Meg Whitman responding:

The bottom line is whether this hurts Meg Whitman’s campaign for California governor?

Probably, a little.

But, if California voters cannot get past this obvious set up and dirty trick then they deserve the calamity which Jerry Brown and his merry band of union controlled Democrats will deliver.