Michael Ramirez on Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Representative Alcee Hastings

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Hastings says he’s fit to lead intelligence panel

Competition for the post of chairman of the House Intelligence Committee intensified Wednesday with the release of a letter by Rep. Alcee L. Hastings (D-Fla.), who says he deserves the job despite the fact that as a federal judge he was convicted by the Senate and removed from the bench after being impeached for involvement in a bribery plot.

In a rambling letter sent to Democratic members of the House, Hastings lashed out at his critics, saying they were bent on “denying me a position I have certainly earned and am completely competent to perform.”

Hastings is, by seniority, the second-ranking Democrat on the committee, after Rep. Jane Harman of Venice. But Rep. Nancy Pelosi of San Francisco, the House’s incoming speaker, has indicated that when the Democrats take control in January, she plans to take Harman off the committee in favor of someone more critical of the Bush administration’s Iraq war policies.

With Harman gone, Hastings would be in line to become chairman of the panel, formally known as the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence. His past legal troubles, however, have raised questions about his fitness for the position, which involves safeguarding many of the nation’s most closely held spy secrets.

Come on Nancy!

You know you want to appoint Alcee……….

But, you WILL wimp out.


Nancy Pelosi Watch: Jane Harman for Chair of House Intelligence Committee?

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Nancy Pelosi Watch: Jane Harman for Chair of House Intelligence Committee?

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House colleagues Jane Harman, left, and Nancy Pelosi, have been amiable political allies in the past.

Los Angeles Times: Pelosi-Harman friction strains Democrats’ unity

When Jane Harman left Congress in 1998 to run for governor of California, her colleague Nancy Pelosi threw her a party — a chocolate-fudge sundae “social” in the House members’ dining room.

Two years later, Harman hosted a fundraiser in Los Angeles for Pelosi when she was running for minority whip, raising $400,000.

These days the two rarely talk, much less throw parties for each other.

Their relationship has been deteriorating since Harman returned to the House in 2001, according to those who know them, and the tension now threatens to complicate Pelosi’s role as House speaker when the 110th Congress convenes in January.

Pelosi indicated as early as last year that she intended to oust Harman from the Intelligence Committee — where Harman expected to become chairwoman if Democrats won control of the House — in favor of someone more to Pelosi’s liking.

But, does Speaker Pelosi REALLY have a choice?

After all she did support this ASSHAT for Majority Leader:

The GOP can only hope that Nancy makes the RIGHT choice………

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Global War on Terror Watch: Nancy Pelosi – Just Afghanistan?

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THE woman who will become Speaker of the House, should Democrats pick up sufficient seats on Tuesday, believes passionately that the War on Terror is only the war in Afghanistan.

Reality check: The map above shows a selection of the major, memorable terrorist attacks world-wide since Jan. 1, 2002, as well as indicating nations which the Rand Corp. Terrorism Database lists as hosting a significant al Qaeda presence.

(Just a selection, of course – a map of attacks in Israel or Iraq could fill the whole page.)

Only Afghanistan? It is staggering to think that anyone of such naivete could soon leading one house of Congress.

Nancy Pelosi’s defenders will point out that she answering the question, “Do you not think that the war in Iraq now, today, is the War on Terror?”

But her full answer was, “No. The War on Terror is the war in Afghanistan.”

Mind-boggling. She doesn’t even deny that terrorists have flocked to Iraq, “but that doesn’t mean we stay there,” she says. “They’ll stay there as long as we’re there” – implying . . . what? That they’ll just retire if we go?

True, some would leave – but only to do killing elsewhere. How many would come here?

None of this is to defend every particular of Bush policies in Iraq – would that that were all that divided America’s two political parties.

But it’s not. No, the overriding divide is that one party generally understands that America faces a determined and utterly ruthless enemy of global reach and ambition, an enemy that will keep on coming and keep on killing until it is stopped . . . and the other party just doesn’t want to think about it.

Sure, there are exceptions – one honorable one is Sen. Joe Lieberman of Connecticut.

But he was rejected by his state party because of his firm stance in the War on Terror. He’s not the mainstream of the Democratic Party.

Nancy Pelosi is.

The political consensus is the GOP WILL lose majority control of the House. But, will the next Speaker of the House be Nancy Pelosi?

Flap is not so sure. It depends upon the nature of the majority.

But, then again, is the GOP in the midst of a “COMEBACK?”

Stay tuned……

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