Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa Watch: Fading Latino Star – Another Alleged Affair Leaves Questions

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Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa arrives for a news conference about his relationship with Telemundo newscaster Mirthala Salinas. He was at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion to attend the swearing-in ceremony for the Los Angeles school board.

A Latino star shines less brightly

His career may survive, but many are disappointed by Villaraigosa’s involvement in scandal

Felipe Mares groped for words Thursday morning as he tried to explain his complicated feelings about the mayor he voted for with such high hopes just two years ago.

“I feel like a kid. I’m confused,” said the Boyle Heights jewelry store owner, lamenting recent revelations of Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa’s affair with a Telemundo newscaster.

Villaraigosa is “a person in a very important position,” Mares said. “I think it’s embarrassing. It’s not supposed to be like that. He’s supposed to be pro-family.”

Over the last decade, the city’s government has finally started to reflect its demographics. Los Angeles, with a Latino population of nearly 50%, has a city attorney named Rocky Delgadillo and a City Council on which five of 15 members are of Mexican descent.

But the telegenic Villaraigosa, one of the highest-profile Latino politicians in America and a likely future candidate for governor, has been the undisputed star. Shortly after his election as the first Latino mayor of modern Los Angeles, he made the cover of Newsweek, with the headline: “Latino Power.” Democratic presidential hopeful Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton bragged in May when she snared his endorsement.

Villaraigosa and Salinas wait out a pause in filming on the north steps of the state Capitol. Salinas is now a news anchor on Telemundo 52, June 19, 2006.

Flap wonders if Latino and Democrat leaders would be more nonplussed if the rumours sweeping Los Angeles are true:

Mayor Antonio Villaragiosa’s affair with Mirthala Salinas was disclosed by Salinas herself because Mayor Villaraigosa was having an affair with another woman – unnamed Korean female developer.

The story goes that the “girlfriend” of a particular member of the City Council has “disclosed” that it was none other than Mirthala Salinas herself who allegedly leaked news of the affair she was having with the Mayor. Salinas’ motivation? The Mayor had allegedly already moved on to a new relationship with an unnamed Korean female developer – and as they say “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.” (One of our readers posted a similar claim.)

And apparently it was the rumored relationship with the developer – and not necessarily Salinas – that was the final straw for Corina Raigosa, prompting her to file for divorce.

Yesterday various political consultants apologized for Hizzoner and said he reamained politically viable for the California Governorship.

Flap doesn’t think so.

Mayor Villaraigosa is DONE – PUT A FORK IN HIM.

Mirthala Salinas, a Telemundo newswoman, interviews L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa at the state Capitol on June 21, 2006. Villaraigosa has now acknowledged that he has “a relationship” with Salinas.


TV anchor put on leave while ethics studied


Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa Watch: Mirthala Salinas Placed on Leave by Telemundo

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California Representative Elton Gallegly Watch: Retiring in 2008?

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California State Senator Tom McClintock, R-Thousand Oaks and California Representative Elton Gallegly – (R) CA 24th

Gallegly retiring?


Though he reversed himself and committed to the 2006 campaign, Gallegly stated publicly that he would serve only one more term if elected. But shortly after his re-election that November, his staff said “retirement is not an option” in a comment to the Capitol Hill newspaper Roll Call that was picked up by many other publications.

Gallegly already has filed a statement of candidacy for the 2008 race with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) and had a hefty $800,000 on hand in his House campaign account at the start of April, according to his most recent campaign finance report.

But, should he……the heir apparent is Tom McClintock.


Tom McClintock Watch: McClintock for Congress?

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Rudy Giuliani Watch: California’s Model for 2008

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Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani speaks at a press briefing about a security project which his security consulting company is undertaking Sunday Sept. 17, 2006 in Singapore. Giuliani Security & Safety LLC will serve as security planner and adviser in Casino company Eighth Wonder’s bid to build a casino resort on Singapore’s Sentosa island.

David Broder: California’s Model for The Middle

The likely victory of Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger in next month’s election could change the dynamics of California government and the way both national parties think about this mega-state.

Broder has it partly right.

He fails to mention the extreme leftward migration of California Democrats with the mega-influence of the public employee unions on the state budget.

And he fails to mention that most California Republicans will hold their nose and vote for Schwarzenegger because the alternative, Phil Angelides, is a far-left ideologue – a Gray Davis clone.

But, what does this all mean?

It means California will be in play for the GOP in the 2008 presidential race – the first time in 20 years. And the Democrats will have to defend the 55 electoral votes that have routinely shifted to the blue column.


Rudy Giuliani

Giuliani will be competitive no matter who the Democrats nominate. There are no other potential Democrat candidates that can match the stature and leadership qualities as the former New York Mayor.

Flap pictures Rudy as a GOP candidate in the mold of Pete Wilson and we all know how successful Wilson was.

When the GOP nominates Giuliani, unless there is a major GAFF, the Fat Lady has sung for the 2008 election. No one will beat him.

Stay tuned……

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani (C) speaks at a news conference as he is joined by California’s Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger (L) and Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca (R) in Santa Monica, California, August 17, 2006, urging California voters to support Proposition 83, Jessica�s Law on the November 2006 ballot. Proposition 83 calls for electronically monitoring sex offenders for life via a GPS system as well as allowing prosecutors to charge criminals who posses child pornography with a felony.


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Senator George Allen Watch: Allen Apologizes for Offensive Remarks – FLAP

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AP: Sen. Allen’s remarks spark controversy

Sen. George Allen (news, bio, voting record) apologized Tuesday for remarks that offended a man of Indian descent who was tracking the Republican’s re-election campaign for Democratic challenger Jim Webb.

S.R. Sidarth said he felt Allen was singling him out because of his race when the senator called him “Macaca” during a GOP rally Friday at Breaks, Va., near the Kentucky border.

“In no way was it meant to demean him, and I’m sorry if he was offended,” Allen said in a telephone interview.

Allen, who is positioning himself for a possible run for president in 2008, said the name was “just made up” and that he had no idea that macaca is a genus of monkeys including macaques. The name also could be spelled Makaka, which is a city in South Africa.

Webb’s campaign distributed to reporters a video clip of Allen’s remarks about Sidarth, a 20-year-old University of Virginia senior who spent last week videotaping Allen’s “listening tour” for the Webb campaign.

The video is here and the reader can formulate their own opinions:

The Flap is concerning Senator George Allen’s character and certainly the intemperate if not offensive remarks made about an Indian-American. The manner in which Allen conducts himself in full campaign mode and under stress is not conducive to a favorable opinion by anyone.

Does Flap think that Allen used a racial epithet?


Was Senator Allen racially incorrect, stereotypical and condescending in his manner?

YOU BETCHA – much like Senator Joe Biden, also a prospective Presidential candidate, who Flap reported on here.

Were his explanations/excuses lame and un-redeeming?


Will this Flap derail Allen’s re-election to the United States Senate?

Probably NOT

Will Senator Allen ever be a Presidential or Vice Presidential nominee of the GOP?

VERY DOUBTFUL – who wants a hot-head and someone who wilts under pressure to be the leader of the “Free World?”


Captain Ed agrees with Flap

Regardless of the motivation, one has to ask a couple of embarrassing questions about Allen and his fitness for higher office. First, anyone who uses a demeaning nickname to an attendee during a stump appearance probably has some judgement issues. It doesn’t exactly give one warm fuzzies about the candidate’s ability to think on his feet. The same can be said about using words one doesn’t understand, doing so in very public settings, and then doing it repeatedly. That’s the mark of an intellectual lightweight.

And speaking of intellectual gravitas, Allen should have just apologized and then shut up. That explanation only makes him look worse. Mullets, mohawks, and macacas, oh my!

I’m terribly disappointed in Allen. I don’t think it’s enough to kill his political career, and it’s no reason to stop supporting him for the Senate. However, I do think that we need someone with a little more on the ball for the GOP ticket in 2008, and unless the macaca really hits the fan, Allen should focus on keeping his Senate seat.

Stay tuned for more Macaca to hit the fan……

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