President 2008 Watch: Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist Assures Feingold Censure Resolution Will Have Vote in the U.S. Senate

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Hugh Hewitt: Majority Leader Frist Guarantees a Vote on Feingold’s Folly

Majority Leader Bill Frist assured my audience that one way or the other, a vote will be taken on the Feingold censure motion, though it appears it will have to come through the Judiciary Committee, which means a delay of a couple of weeks.
The Republican majority on the Judiciary Committee should refuse all amendments to the Feingold resolution, and vote it to the floor with a recommendation of defeat.

The Senate Democrats may not wish to vote on the censure resolution but are not beyond exploiting the FLAP.

Check out what Howard Dean is doing:

Powerline: Dean: “Russ Feingold Is A Traitor”

It looks as though the Democrats are trying to deflect attention from their own embarrassment over Feingold’s blunder by changing the subject to purported attacks on Feingold’s patriotism.

Flap says UP OR DOWN VOTE!


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President 2008 Watch: Senator Bill Frist Dares Democrats Over Feingold Effort to Censure President Bush

President 2008 Watch: Democrats Distance Themselves from Feingold’s Bush Censure FLAP

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Elton Gallegly Watch:Reverses Retirement Decision and Will Seek New Term

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Ventura County Star: California Rep. Gallegly reverses retirement, will seek new term

Republican California Rep. Elton Gallegly, R-Simi Valley, reversed course today and said he will seek re-election to an 11th term rather than follow through on retirement plans he announced just last week.”I will aggressively pursue the nomination for the Republican primary in June,” Gallegly, whose 24th Congressional District includes most of Ventura County, told a press conference.

Gallegly’s official statement is here.

…So I am unilaterally reopening the process. Those who wish to run for the 24th Congressional District seat, and to have the honor of representing the best people anyone could ever hope to represent in this august body, have two years to gear up their campaigns. I fully intend to run a vibrant campaign to win re-election in June and in November and will represent my friends and neighbors for the next two years with the same commitment and dedication I have for the past 20 years. I will not, however, seek re-election in 2008...

So, who will succeed Elton?

Flap handicaps possible successors in the order of likelyhood of being elected:

State Senator Tom McClintock

Former Assemlyman Tony Strickland

Vedntura County Sheriff Bob Brooks

There ae many others but these three TITANS of Ventura County politics will reign in a contested Republican primary.

Stay tuned…..


Elton Gallegly Watch: Election Confusion Divides Ventura County GOP

Elton Gallegly Watch: Will Not Seek Re-election or Will he? – REDUX

Elton Gallegly Watch: Will Not Seek Re-election or Will he?

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Elton Gallegly Watch: Election Confusion Divides Ventura County GOP

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Ventura County Star: Confusion over Gallegly createsstrife in GOP

Rep. Elton Gallegly, after meeting in Washington, D.C., with his Republican colleagues from California, said Tuesday night he has not yet decided whether he will actively seek re-election.And that uncertainty over his status has led to considerable internal strife within the Ventura County Republican Party.

Ventura County GOP activists and leaders are in turmoil. The Ventura County Republican Chairman, Leslie Cornejo, has endorsed Westlake Vaillage attorney Michael Tenenbaum and apparently will not withdraw this endorsement even if Congressman Gallegly decides to run for re-election.

Peggy Sadler (from Simi Valley and friend of the Congressman), a long-time member of the Ventura County Republican Central Committee and the California Republican Party is sending out correspondence asking everyone “My counsel is definitely to cool it.”

Local GOP Central Committees loathe and shun pre-primary endorsements. They are done all of the time but without the formal endorsement of the Republican Party. Flap should know since he endorsed Elton Gallegly over Tony Hope and Tom LaPorte when Gallegly first ran for the Congress.

Pre-primary endorsements definitely involve risks in the GOP. Pick the wrong candidate and your Republican credentials and career may be over. Pick the right one and you are a rising star.

Elton must make his OWN choice on whether to run.

Flap only hopes that he does so quickly…….

Stay tuned…..

Update #1

Rep. Gallegly has scheduled 4 pm (EST) / 1 pm ( PST) press conference at the Capitol Hill Club

Update #2

Los Angeles Times: Calif. Rep. Gallegly Reverses Retirement

Republican Rep. Elton Gallegly of California reversed course Wednesday and said he will seek re-election to an 11th term rather than follow through on retirement plans he announced last week.

Gallegly, 62, had cited unspecified health reasons when he announced on Friday, the deadline to file for re-election, that he wouldn’t run again to represent the 24th District.

As Flap handicapped. But, what will Republican Michael Tenenbaum do? If he is smart……..


Update #3

From the Flash Report:GALLEGLY TO RUN

Rep. Elton Gallegly has announced at a press conference in Washington D.C. moments ago that he will campaign for the 24th Congressional District. Gallegly indicated that  the White House called to ask him to run and he will aggressively run for re-election. He said that if elected in 2006, it will be his last term. A number of Members stood behind him at the press conference, including Dreier, Calvert, Herger and Issa.  Also there to support Gallegly was Simi Valley City Councilman Glen Becerra ( an FR Friend) , who many run for the open seat in 08.

Flap handicaps the seat will go to Tom McClintock in 2008 even if McClintock wins the California Lt. Governorship this Fall.

Stay tuned…..


Elton Gallegly Watch: Will Not Seek Re-election or Will he? – REDUX

Elton Gallegly Watch: Will Not Seek Re-election or Will he?

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