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Politician Wants to Know Why Kurt Westergaard Was Kicked Out of Norway Rather Than Afforded Police Protection

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Danish Muhammad Cartoonist Kurt Westergaard

A very good question. You remember the story from yesterday, which I carried here.
Labour (Ap) MP Arild Stokkan-Grande, wants police to clarify why they chose to send the cartoonist back to Denmark instead of offering him protection.

“The police have to explain what they really meant by doing this. What is the purpose of providing this kind of advice? The primary goal of those behind these threats is to gag people and spread fear. Police let these dark forces win when they do nothing but recommend people not to show themselves at debates and in public places,” he told VG, saying he did not necessarily share Mr Westergaard’s political views.

Upholding the value of freedom of speech, Mr Stokkan-Grande continued, “If this spreads, I’m afraid this could mean we have already lost much of our freedom by giving in to those who want to threaten us to silence. Each example of this is an attack on us all.”

So, every time Westergaard is asked to speak, receive an award or go on holiday, he will be asked to leave the country due to security concerns?

Guess the radical Islamists have won by the mere threat of terror.

Norway should re-examine its security protocols.

Kurt Westergaard

Kurt Westergaard Cuts Short Norway Visit Due to Possible Attack

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Danish Muhammad Cartoonist Kurt Westergaard

The Islamists will never leave Kurt Westergaard in peace.
A Danish cartoonist targetted by Islamists for his 2005 caricature of the Prophet Mohammed cut short a visit to Norway after police caught wind of a possible attack against him, he said Tuesday.

Kurt Westergaard, 76, has already been the victim of a murder attempt and numerous death threats after drawing the most controversial of the 12 cartoons of the Prophet that appeared in the Danish daily Jyllands-Posten, depicting his turban with a lit fuse in it.

Westergaard had been scheduled to attend the launch in Oslo on Tuesday of a children’s book for which he provided the illustrations, but he cancelled and returned to Denmark late Monday after Norway’s intelligence agency PST was informed of a possible plot against him.

“I was told to return home immediately, the official version being that I had heart problems,” he told Norwegian broadcaster NRK.

“It’s something that was decided by the Norwegian and Danish intelligence agencies (PST and PET) and so I returned home immediately,” he said, adding that he had no health complaints in reality.

Westergaard lives with 24 hour security after an axe-wielding Somali broke into his hon=me in January 2010.

All of this for a cartoon of Mohammed.

Kurt Westergaard

Mohamed Geele Who Attacked Danish Muhammed Cartoonist Kurt Westergarrd Faces Additional Prison Sentence in Appeals Court

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A court in Denmark has found a Somali man guilty of attempted terrorism for trying to kill a cartoonist whose portrayal in 2005 of the prophet Mohammad, led to outrage in the muslim world.

Wow, the prosecutor says nine years is not enough for this miscreant.
An appeals court has begun a trial against a Somali man convicted of terrorism for breaking into the home of a Danish cartoonist who caricatured the Prophet Muhammad.

The prosecutor on Wednesday asked the Western High Court to raise Muhideen Mohammed Geelle’s prison sentence to 12 years from the nine years given by a lower court in February. A verdict is expected next week.

You remember the attack?

The caartoon:


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Swede Sabhi Zalouti Extradited to Denmark Over Muhammad Cartoon Plot

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The office of Jylands-Posten Daily where the Muhammad Cartoons were published

Off Sabhi Zalouti goes to Denmark to stand trial over a foiled murder plot at Jyllands-Posten, the Danish newspaper who published the Muhammad Cartoons.
Sabhi Zalouti, a 37 year-old Swede of Tunisian origin, was arrested in Stockholm in December while three of his alleged accomplices — two of them Swedish citizens — were arrested and are currently held in Denmark.

“Sabhi Zalouti will be sent to Denmark for legal proceedings in accordance to the European arrest order Denmark’s justice ministry put out on March 9th 2011,” the Attunda district court in the Stockholm suburb of Sollentuna said in its decision

Court documents showed Zalouti agreed with the decision on the basis that he could serve his sentence in Sweden.

He was being held on suspicion of “preparing terrorist crimes” and is wanted in Denmark on charges of attempted terrorism.

Danish officials said Zalouti and his accomplices were planning to kill as many as possible at the Copenhagen offices of the Jyllands-Posten daily.

And, the reason for the speedy extradition?

Zalouti was promised he could serve his sentence in Sweden.

Great…..the Europeans coddling terrorists.