Was the SEIU an Obama – Blagojevich Intermediary for the Senate Seat?

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Obama and hot rod
Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich and President-Elect Barack Obama

Fox News is now reporting that Obama wants Hot Rod to resign. A little late, huh?

But, what about the Service Employees International Union and the Barack Obama connection?

An SEIU Official Acted As “An Apparent Intermediary Between The Governor And Barack Obama’s Camp.” “Among the revelations contained in the complaint brought against Illinois Gov.  Rod Blagojevich yesterday was the description of an official with the Service Employees International Union acting as an apparent intermediary between the governor and Barack Obama’s camp in discussions over Obama’s Senate seat.” (Alec MacGillis, “Union Official Allegedly Liaison Between Governor, Obama Team,” The Washington Post, 12/10/08)


  • Negotiations Were Underway To Appoint Obama’s Close Confidante Valerie Jarrett To His Vacant Senate Seat. “Blagojevich and his chief of staff wondered aloud about a ‘three-way deal’ in which he would appoint Obama confidante Valerie Jarrett, a Chicago businesswoman believed to be the woman identified in the complaint as ‘Candidate 1,’ to Obama’s Senate seat…” (Alec MacGillis, “Union Official Allegedly Liaison Between Governor, Obama Team,” The Washington Post, 12/10/08)

Blagojevich Believed That The SEIU Official Was An Emissary From Obama To Discuss Jarrett For The Senate Seat. “The complaint also states that on Nov. 12, Blagojevich spoke by phone with an “SEIU official” who was in Washington and with whom Blagojevich had met a week before on the understanding that the official was an emissary to discuss Jarrett’s interest in the Senate seat.” (Alec MacGillis, “Union Official Allegedly Liaison Between Governor, Obama Team,” The Washington Post, 12/10/08)

And, there is more:

Obama Picked A Former SEIU Official To Be His Political Director And Has Close Ties To SEIU Officials In Illinois:


“A Former SEIU Official, Patrick Gaspard, Was Named Obama’s Political Director.” (Alec MacGillis, “Union Official Allegedly Liaison Between Governor, Obama Team,” The Washington Post, 12/10/08)


  • In 2004, Patrick Gaspard Served As National Field Director For 527 Organization America Coming Together. “The Kerry effort will be aided by America Coming Together, an independent group working to get out the Democratic vote. The group plans to stage marches before Election Day to polling stations that open early in key states to put ‘peer and community pressure’ on low-propensity voters, said Patrick Gaspard, the group’s national field director.” (Jo Becker, “Voters May Have Their Say Before Election Day,” The Washington Post, 8/26/04)
  • The SEIU Helped To Coordinate America Coming Together, With SEIU Members And Staff Doing Much Of The Management Of The GOTV Effort. “Despite Stern’s criticism of labor’s relationship with the Democratic Party, he does understand the importance of political work. Last fall, SEIU generously lent its clout, helping to coordinate America Coming Together and America Votes, an alliance of Democratic interest groups that included the Sierra Club, the League of Conservation Voters and women’s organizations. Much of the management of this joint get-out-the-vote effort was done by SEIU members and staff (like me) in a massive union campaign effort without recent precedent.” (Clayton Nall, “Gompers’s Ghost And Labor’s New Look,” The Washingt on Post, 9/4/05)

Tom Balanoff, Head Of SEIU In Illinois, Is Obama’s Closest Tie To SEIU. “But the SEIU official with the closest ties to the Obama team is Tom Balanoff, head of SEIU’s Illinois chapter.” (Alec MacGillis, “Union Official Allegedly Liaison Between Governor, Obama Team,” The Washington Post, 12/10/08)

The stonewalling by Barack Obama is not going to play here. There WILL be staff resignations because it is very likely somebody is on tape talking to Blagojevich or his staff about the Senate seat.

Who will be the first body thrown over the side for Team Obama? Who will take the fall?

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Does Barack Obama Condone SEIU’s Violent and Stalking Tactics?

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The SEIU jumps in again on Obama’s behalf, with an ad that shows mostly white, working- and middle-class Pennsylvanians complaining about their gas prices and then declaring their faith in Obama.

The Service Employees International Union (SEIU) has been using violent and stalking tactics to win a union fight with the California Nurses Association. In fact, a restraining order has been issued by a California judge against them.

The California Nurses Assn. on Wednesday secured a temporary restraining order against the Service Employees International Union, accusing it of harassing the board members of the Oakland-based group.

The two influential nationwide unions have a long, acrimonious rivalry that reached a new height in March after they publicly battled over whether the SEIU should represent more than 8,000 nurses and other healthcare workers in Ohio.

The dispute flared again at a labor conference in Dearborn, Mich., on Saturday, when SEIU protesters attempted to gain access to a ballroom where Rose Ann DeMoro, executive director of the nurses association, had been expected to speak. Several people were injured in a scuffle, including a 68-year-old woman who fell after being pushed.

DeMoro accused SEIU members and staff last week of stalking nurses association board members at their homes, looking through windows and shouting.

SEIU spokeswoman Lynda Tran said union organizers have been driving a nurse and respiratory therapist to board members’ homes to express their disapproval of the association’s tactics in Ohio last month.

Here is the video of two SEIU stalkers:


Sue Allen, RN and Michaela Silver, respiratory therapist visit CNA Board member Margaret Keenan, RN to protest CNA’s interference in their efforts to form a union.

So, Barack Obama takes money for his Presidential campaign from an organization who uses violence and intimidation to get their way. Flap calls on Obama to either reject the SEIU’s thug-like tactics and violence or to refuse their ads and money.

What is it going to be Barry?