Harriet Miers Watch: Condoleeza Rice Says Criticism of Miers Unfounded

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The ASSociated Press has Rice: Criticism of Miers Is Unfounded.

Criticism of Harriet Miers as an unqualified crony of the president is unfounded, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said Sunday, praising the Supreme Court nominee for a “probing intellect” that will make her a great justice.

Rice said she has worked closely with Miers, the current White House counsel and a former deputy chief of staff on international legal issues, on matters such as a president’s wartime powers.

“She’s got a very probing mind and a probing intellect,” Rice said on “Fox News Sunday.”

“She is the kind of person who is if there have been four arguments given, Harriet’s going to look for the fifth,” said Rice, who was interviewed from London at the end of a diplomatic trip.

Referring to Miers’ critics, Rice, said, “I think that when they get to know her in the hearings, in the confirmation hearings, that they’re going to see a woman of extraordinary talent, extraordinary integrity and somebody who would be an extraordinary Supreme Court justice.”

Flap agrees and continues to support the Miers’ nomination.

Let’s hear from her at the judiciary committee hearings before anyone makes a final judgment.

Check out Ken Masugi’s (Claremont Institute) Miers Weekend Roundup here.

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Harriet Miers Watch: The Matthews Meter

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We poll our panel of the nations leading journalist on the most compelling political questions of the week!

Paul Gigot
Wall Street Journal

Campbell Brown
NBC News

Gloria Borger
CNBC/US News & World Report

Sam Donaldson
ABC News

Norah O’Donnell
NBC News

Howard Fineman

Clarence Page
Chicago Tribune

Andrew Sullivan
New Republic / Time Magazine

Katty Kay

Joe Klein
Time Magazine

Tucker Carlson

David Gregory

From the Chris Matthews television show
, question of the week:


YES: 3

NO: 9

Yes, Flap knows these are primarily leftie MSM types but it illustrates the box the LEFT presently finds itself.

Will the leftie MSM oppose Miers or……..support an evangelical Christian from Texas and a Friend of W?

Stay tuned.

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Harriet Miers Watch: What Advantage for the RIGHT? II

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Hugh Hewitt in World Magazine has Civility now.

With their actions regarding Harriet Miers, it will be difficult for conservatives to object to the way nominees they favor in the future are treated

Now, though, many so-called conservatives have eagerly embraced the weapons of borking, originally forged on anvils of the left, for use in their crusade against Harriet Miers, even though she is pro-life, pro-gun, and loyal to the president. Those tactics? Anonymous allegations of intellectual deficiency, rumors of scandals as yet unrevealed, hints of jurisprudential unreliability, and—of course—relentless personal attacks.

Remember Ronald Reagan’s invocation of the Republican 11th Commandment?

“Thou shalt not speak ill of a fellow Republican.”

Flap recommends that the RIGHT heeds the advice.

It will be difficult for conservatives to object in the future to the employ of such tactics against nominees they favor. Similarly, the demand laid down by some on the right for a “paper trail” and certainty on judicial philosophy will morph into a demand by Senate Democrats for the same, and the objections mounted in the past to various lines of questioning will certainly sound hollow coming from any pundit denouncing Ms. Miers now for her purported lack of an “overarching” judicial philosophy.

A paper trail that can be BORKED and NIT-PICKED to death by publicity seeking and television-vain Senators. Is that what the RIGHT wants?

Opponents of the Miers nomination from the right have every right to express their belief that nominee A or nominee B would have been a stronger nominee in their view. They do not know whether the Senate could have broken a filibuster, and they have not seen, of course, background files on their preferred candidate. But they can still assert their preference in terms that do not damage the long-term case for a return to civility and propriety in the nomination process.

My RIGHT brothers and sisters need to give it a rest.

Harriet Miers will have her days at the confirmation hearings. She will either be confirmed or rejected.

“What is the advantage of carrying on the attack of Miers from the RIGHT?”

Answer: None.

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Harriet Miers Watch: Keeping Conservative Score

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This photo taken Jan. 22, 2001, provided by the White House shows President Bush signing personnel forms with then-staff secretary Harriet Miers in the Oval Office of the White House.

Hugh Hewitt is keeping score.

I am sure there are some poorly written paragraphs in Harriet Miers’ TBA columns, just as there are poorly written paragraphs in all of my books and columns. Cutting and pasting and showing these on cable television is not an argument, it is in fact part and parcel of “borking,” which includes as a tactic the selective display and exaggeration of a nominee’s quotes for the purpose of producing a negative reaction against him or her, not based in their qualification to serve on SCOTUS.

Again, RIGHT FOLKS, Harriet Miers will NOT withdraw and the President will NOT pull the nomination.


But……. for those keeping score…..

On Miers’ side to date: Ken Starr, Lino Gralia, Thomas Sowell, James Dobson, Jay Sekulow, Marvin Olasky, Chuck Colson, Michael Medved, William Rusher, R. Emmett Tyrrell and Fred Barnes.

Against her: The Corner, Tucker Carlson, Bill Kristol, Mark Levin, George Will, Ann Coulter, Laura Ingraham and Charles Krauthhammer. I like those odds.

Oh, yes. President Bush thinks she’ll make a fine Associate Justice. A strong case allows the weak case as much time as it wants. A weak case shouts down its opposite, and refuses to engage.

Miers is headed for SCOTUS, guaranteeing decades of anguished posts by members of the Bos-Wash Axis of Elitism on why her votes don’t count as much as their long ago criticisms.

Hugh has it RIGHT!

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Harriet Miers Watch: Rove Support for Miers is Adamant and Even Vehement

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Hugh Hewitt has Rove on the Record.

I spoke to Karl Rove an hour ago. His support for the Miers nomination is not merely enthusiastic, but adamant and even vehement.

Read it all here.

Flap repeats “What advantage is there for the RIGHT” to continue bashing the President, the First Lady and Harriet Miers?

And the White House weighs in with WHouse dismisses critics wanting Miers to withdraw.

The White House on Thursday dismissed critics of Supreme Court nominee Harriet Miers who want her to withdraw from consideration amid new questions about her conservative credentials.

Spokesman Scott McClellan signaled full steam ahead with the Miers nomination, saying the White House lawyer had begun filling out a questionnaire required by the Senate Judiciary Committee, which will consider her nomination, and hoped to turn it in early next week.

Harriet Miers will NOT withdraw her name (nor should she) and the President will not pull the plug on her nomination……. so………

Our friends on the RIGHT really need to BACK OFF!

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