New Hampshire Dentist Sends Tea to Protest Washington Bailouts – Representative Carol Shea-Porter’s Office Evacuated

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Representative Carol Shea-Porter, D- New Hampshire

In an OOPS moment by an overreacting Congressional staff, a New Hampshire Dentist’s protest turns into more than a TEMPEST IN A TEAPOT.

All Michael Yannetti wanted to do Monday was to protest the notion of Washington bailouts and $3.6 trillion in federal spending. So he did what thousands did across the country this week: mailed tea to their congressional representatives in protest.

Yesterday, police showed up at his door.

The green tea he had mailed to the Manchester office of Rep. Carol Shea-Porter prompted the evacuation of her office yesterday. Police and firefighters were at the downtown location for about 1 1/2 hours, securing the scene and conducting field tests for possible hazardous substances or volatile compounds.

“Really, I didn’t think it was a big deal,” said Yannetti, a dentist who lives in Pelham. “As far as I know, this was a mainstream thing.”
Fox News has reported about the tea protests for weeks, he said. And Yannetti received an e-mail that designated Wednesday as the day to send tea to your congressman, he said. He put the tea in an envelope with his name and return address and wrote “tea protest” on the outside, he said.

I guess you cannot be too careful these days but obviously somebody on Shea-Porter’s staff overreacted and wasted a whole bunch of taxpayer money.

These Congressional offices in their home states and the United States Capitol had better develop a protocol because with the unhappiness with Congress and the Obama Administration, they will receive many more such TEA PARTY protest letters as April 15 approaches.

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Day By Day by Chris Muir March 28, 2009 – Middle Finger Voters

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Day By Day by Chris Muir

Yes, Chris, the Tea Parties are organizing and Flap will be attending one on April 15th here in Ventura County, California. Here is some info from the organizer’s Facebook Group:

A group of concerned citizens is organizing a Rally to be conducted at the Government Center in Ventura. The primary purpose of the Rally is to send a message to the State and Federal governments that we are deeply concerned about the level and direction of government spending. This group’s overall mission is to encourage public policy that promotes limited government, free markets, and individual liberty.

To get the word out about the Rally, the organizers will appear on talk radio programs, promote through many venues on the internet, make phone calls, send emails, and will post fliers throughout the area with all pertinent event information.

Attendees are being asked to bring a tea bag to the Rally to show their solidarity with the original tax revolt that was foundational to our nation. We intend to express our digust with the number of unnecessary spending programs that are being passed into law. The collected tea bags will be presented to government officials.

Join us, won’t you?


In blogging matters, Flap will be visiting his father in law who is in the Los Angeles VA Hospital for most of the day and evening. Blogging will be intermittent at best.

However, catch Flap on Twitter in the right sidebar ————>


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Day By Day by Chris Muir – Yesterday’s Edition – Party Time

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Day By Day by Chris Muir

Sorru, but, I was away yesterday with errands and visiting my father in law who is in the hospital. The above is yesterday’s Day By Day.

The Tea Party tax revolt which started with the Obama Economic Stimulus Law commonly referred as PORKULUS is growing as the Democrats go back to the well to spend and then spend some more.

Here is Michelle’s round-up of yesterday’s Tea Parties.


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