Wishing You a Happy Thanksgiving

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Norman Rockwell’s Thanksgiving

Flap is THANKFUL for……

His God for having Created him….

His Country for bestowing many blessings of liberty…

His Family for the LOVE they share…

His Health which allows him quality of life…..

His Friends on and off line who share and bring much to Flap’s life…

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Barbara Boxer

Will Politics Be at Your Thanksgiving Table?

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So, will politics be discussed at YOUR Thanksgiving dinner table?

At mine it would be a major FAIL.

But, in the video above (about half way through), check out California United States Senator Barbara Boxer and the way she conducts herself. Carly Fiorina must be licking her Thanksgiving chops to be able to run against her in 2010.

Hat Tip for this piece to a Twitter Follower/Friend: @Ali

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