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    CD-8: Former California Republican Assemblyman Anthony Adams to Run for Open Congressional Seat

    This probably won’t make the National Republican Congressional Committte or California conservatives too happy.


    Former Republican Assemblyman Anthony Adams is looking to return to politics with a bid for an open inland Southern California congressional seat.

    Adams, who recently changed his registration to decline-to-state, plans to run as a “no party preference” candidate on the ballot for the 8th Congressional District. The Republican-leaning seat, which stretches along the Nevada border, has attracted a handful of candidates already, including Assemblyman Paul Cook, R-Yucca Valley, and Minuteman Greg Imus, a former chief of staff to GOP Assemblyman Tim Donnelly.

    Adams, of Hesperia, decided not to run for a third and final terms in the state Assembly in 2010 after surviving a recall effort sparked by his vote to temporarily increase taxes as part of a 2009 budget deal. He said at the time that he wanted to try to pass the bar exam and finish a novel he had been working on.

    The new California top two election system may very well play to Anthony Adams strength – moderate Republican and independent voters.

    Certainly, it is in the realm of possibility that Adams could be running against his former party in November.

    The demographics of California CD-8 are here.

    Stay tuned…

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    California Assemblyman Anthony Adams Votes to Increase California Taxes and Says Good Bye to Political Career

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    Graphic courtesy of the John and Ken Show – Anthony Adams is the third head from the left between Abel Maldonado and Roy Ashburn

    California GOP Assemblyman Anthony Adams from Hesperia voted for the Big-5/Big Tax California State budget this early AM and is already scrambling to be re-elected in 2010.

    Republican Assemblyman Anthony Adams cast his “aye” budget vote at dawn today with full knowledge that, as he has said, “this will probably be the end of a political career for me.”

    But that doesn’t mean the Hesperia Republican plans to go down without a fight. The second-term assemblyman spent much of Wednesday trolling the Capitol corridors, folder in hand, gathering endorsements from his caucus for his 2010 reelection.

    “I think it’s important that people know that my caucus is supportive — that I’m not making any decision lightly,” Adams said on his way into a GOP member’s office Wednesday. “I’m also not making a decision outside the realm of our caucus. I’m not out there by myself or trying to engage in something that does not have the support of my caucus.”

    This morning, Adams joined Assembly GOP leader Mike Villines and Assemblyman Roger Niello, R-Fair Oaks, as the three GOP votes needed, along with every Democrat, to pass the $40 billion budget deficit package in the lower house. The plan includes $15 billion in spending cuts, $12.8 billion in temporary tax increases, and $11.4 billion in borrowing.

    By the time of the vote, Adams had gathered signed 2010 endorsements from every single Republican in the Assembly.

    “While all the members may not feel the same way that I do about the matter, they are still very supportive of me and know that I’m doing this on principle and not for some giveaway or something like that,” Adams said.

    A recall effort against him is already afoot.

    Say good bye, moron.

    If you are NOT recalled, you will have a GOP primary challenger in June 2010 to which you will lose. Plus, John and Ken will impale you today on Los Angeles radio.

    anthony adams head

    You can run but you cannot hide.

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