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    Sen Barbara Boxer Video: Insurance Rights TRUMP Religious Rights

    All, I can say is wow!

    It is all about the government and ObamaCare mandates for Boxer and Al Sharpton. Do as WE say, because we (the government) know what is best for you.

    Maybe Senator Boxer would like to tell me where the right to buy health insurance is located in the Constitution?

    Oh yeah, the religious one is in the first amendment, remember Senator?

    Yet, Democrat U.S. Senate majority leader Harry Reid will provide cover for pro-life, Catholic Senators who want to vote NO on the Blunt amendment.

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    California Man Pleads Guilty to Threatening Senator Barbara Boxer

    California U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer answering a question during election 2010

    Is California Senator Barbara Boxer worth going to jail? 

    Probably NOT, but this moron could not control his temper and off he goes.

    A San Rafael man accused of threatening to kill U.S. Sen. Barbara Boxer pleaded guilty as charged Monday, a county prosecutor said.

    Kevin Joseph O’Connell, 47, admitted to charges of criminal threats and threatening a public official, said Deputy District Attorney Aicha Mievis.

    O’Connell accepted an offer from Judge Terrence Boren to plead guilty if the charges were reduced to misdemeanors, Mievis said.

    O’Connell faces up to a year in jail when he is sentenced Nov. 9.

    O’Connell was arrested in July after leaving a threatening voice mail at the senator’s office in San Francisco. San Rafael police said O’Connell was upset over supposed harassment by public safety officers and tensions with his neighbor, not about Boxer’s politics.

    “It was a cry for help,” said O’Connell’s lawyer, Deputy Public Defender Bonnie Marmor.

    O’Connell could have faced up to three years in prison if convicted of the felony charges. He remains in custody at the Marin County Jail.

    Remember folks, you can disagree with the POLS. But, stick to the issues or you will end up like this guy – in JAIL.

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    Video: California Senator Barbara Boxer Says GOP Should Be Thanking Democrats for Budget Cuts

    Click on the image above for the video

    Come on, Barbara, who are you kidding? The Dems could have passed this budget last year but did not because of the political fall out and the November elections.

    By the way, notice how Boxer is changing the subject away from budget cuts to abortion and collective bargaining rights/unions.

    If the GOP does not hold the line now, even with a shutdown of the government for a while, there will never be any worthwhile budget discipline.

    Hold the line Republicans, take the political heat and make the cuts.

  • Barbara Boxer,  Carly Fiorina,  Chuck DeVore,  Tom Campbell

    CA-Sen Poll Watch: Barbara Boxer in Trouble for Re-Election in 2010

    Conejo Valley Republican Women Lunch January 15 2010 065
    California U.S. Senate candidate Carly Fiorina addressing the Conejo Valley Republican Women candidate’s luncheon today

    Bad news for Democrat California U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer from the Rasmussen polling folks this afternoon.

    California Senator Barbara Boxer is now the latest Democratic incumbent to find herself in a tightening race for reelection.

    A new Rasmussen Reports telephone survey of likely California voters finds Boxer with narrow leads over her three leading Republican challengers, including newcomer Tom Campbell.

    As in much of the country, the story may turn in part on the health care plan proposed by President Obama and congressional Democrats, even though support for it is higher in California than nationally.

    In California, 49% favor the health care plan, while 48% oppose it. But as in other states, the emotion is on the side of the opponents: Just 25% of California voters Strongly Favor the plan while 39% Strongly Oppose it.

    Perhaps even more significantly, 55% of California voters rate the U.S. economy as poor, while just seven percent (7%) think it’s good or excellent. Golden State voters are evenly divided over whether the economy is improving: 36% say it’s getter better, while 35% say it’s getting worse. Twenty-five percent (25%) believe it’s staying about the same.

    “Any incumbent who polls below 50% at this point in the season is considered potentially vulnerable,” noted Scott Rasmussen, president of Rasmussen Reports. “However, vulnerable incumbents still have the power of their office and still have a decent chance of winning. The Democratic leaning political gravity of California will certainly give Senator Boxer a boost in that effort.”

    Here are the poll results:

    Former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina is only behind by three points after having announced her candidacy in November 2009. Tom Campbell who until this week was running for California Governor and who has twice before run for the U.S. Senate is behind by 4 points. Chuck DeVore who has been running against Boxer for over a year trails by 6 points.

    As Rasmussen points out, this polling is more about Boxer than it is the three GOP challengers. But, the significance of this poll is that for whatever reasons Boxer and the Democrats will have to spend her $6 million campaign war chest in order to defend this seat.

    A clear advanatge goes to Carly Fiorina who has amassed campaign cash far in excess of her two competitors. There is little doubt that with a contested seat that she will be able to call upon her national Republican supporters to provide more. And, then there is also her substantial personal wealth which in a close race can always be called upon.

    I attended the Conejo Valley Republican Woman candidate’s luncheon today where Carly Fiorina addressed the faithful. I will have more on this later, including my brief interview with Carly.

    Stay tuned…….

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  • Barbara Boxer

    Video: Senator Barbara Boxer Makes ASS Out of Her Herself with Condescending Racial Remarks

    Black Chamber of Commerce, President and CEO Harry Alford accused Senator Boxer (D-CA) of playing race politics during an EPW Committee hearing on green jobs.

    Democrat Senator Barbara Boxer has always had weak opponents when running in California elections. If the GOP can mount any sort of campaign this time, Boxer should have enough negatives to be drummed out of the Senate.

    Watch this clip in the Fall 2010 blast the California television airwaves.

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  • Arnold Schwarzenegger,  Barbara Boxer

    California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger Will NOT Run for United States Senate in 2010

    Schwarzenegger March 24 2009

    Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger holds up a bowl of strawberries on display by the California Strawberry Commission while touring Ag Day 2009 in Sacramento, Calif., Tuesday, March 24, 2009. Schwarzenegger was escorted through the event by California Department of Food and Agriculture Secretary A.G. Kawamura, left, where they visited booths that highlighted California’s agriculture industry

    Looks like Arnold is out for 2010.

    Kill the Arnold Schwarzenegger-for-U.S. Senate rumors – for now.

    The Republican governor said Wednesday in his clearest language yet that he is not running for Senate, Congress or dogcatcher.

    Schwarzenegger, appearing at a Cal Expo news conference with Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson, explained that he has more freedom to make policy decisions (including tax increases, a break from past campaign promises) precisely because he doesn’t have to run for another office.

    He said he may be more at ease on issues than lawmakers who face re-election.

    “The point was that I am not running for anything, so no one could threaten me, because I’m not running for Senate, I’m not running for Congress, I’m not running for another term as governor,” Schwarzenegger said.

    The governor is termed out in January 2011, and he has never said what he will do once he leaves his Sacramento office.

    As Flap has said before, Arnold would have a difficult time winning a Republican primary election in June 2010. So, there is no guarantee that he would be the GOP nominee against incumbent Senator Barbara Boxer.

    The Schwarzenegger Governorship has been a disaster and his poll approval rate hovers in the mid-30’s and for the first time 54 per cent of Republicans disapprove of his performance as Governor.

    Arnold ain’t going to run because he could not win.


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  • Arnold Schwarzenegger,  Barbara Boxer,  Carly Fiorina,  Chuck DeVore

    The Obligatory Will Arnold Schwarzenegger Run for the U.S. Senate in 2010? Post

    arnold and obama

    U.S. President Barack Obama (L) meets with California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger at the White House in Washington, March 20, 2009

    The stories are out again suggesting that the Governator will run against incumbent United States Senator Barabara Boxer in 2010.

    The Chronicle points out that the Terminator turned governor has been tactful in his political allegiances. He campaigned for Sen. John McCain during the 2008 campaign and showed up last week with President Obama at a White House meeting on infrastructure.

    The article points out his ambitious campaigning across the state for his new budget plan and notes that lately the governor has softened his tone on a political future.

    “I have my hands full with all the stuff I’m doing now,” Schwarzenegger said earlier this month. “I’m concentrating on that and not what I’m going to do next,” he told the Chronicle reporter.

    “You know,” he apparently added, “I’m not a politician. I’m a public servant.”

    He and wife Maria Shriver are not strangers to Washington’s power circles.

    Saturday night, Schwarzenegger brought down the house during his Republican “response” at Washington Gridiron Dinner. He laughed at the journalists’ apparent dumping by the president, who declined the invitationt to attend.

    “You did such lovely work for [Obama],” the governor told Washington’s media elite. “You put your lives on hold to put him in the White House. Now you get all dressed up, the champagne’s on ice, and you find out he’s just not that into you,” he joked, according to the Washington Post.

    But, Arnold is warring with the California GOP, has poor approval ratings as Governor in the latest polls and would have to run against a long-time incumbent U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer, who has plenty of campaign cash.

    Don’t look for Arnold to involve himself with a partisan primary election in which he will face another self-funded millionaire, Carly Fiorina and/or California Assemblyman Chuck DeVore who has gained the endorsements of most all of the elected members of the California GOP. More likely, Arnold will be appointed to some Obama Administration position or simply go back to Hollywood and make some movies.


    RINO California Governor Schwarzenegger Snubs California GOP Convention in Sacramento This Weekend

    Chuck DeVore Preempts Arnold Schwarzenegger By Announcing California GOP Endorsements

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  • Arnold Schwarzenegger,  Barbara Boxer,  Chuck DeVore,  Meg Whitman,  Mitt Romney

    Chuck DeVore Preempts Arnold Schwarzenegger By Announcing California GOP Endorsements

    California GOP Assemblyman and U.S. Senate candidate Chuck Devore’s Web Ad: Barbara Boxer and her tax and spend colleagues in Washington just spent $620 million dollars on a brand new Capitol Hill Visitors center that was $360 million over budget and three years late.

    If California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger wishes to run for Barbara Boxer’s California U.S. Senate seat he will have to get a move on it. Yesterday, Assemblyman Chuck DeVore announced a plethora of Republican elected backers, including 26 of the the current 29 GOP members of the California Assembly.

    The Assembly and Senate endorsers:

    Assembly (not including DeVore himself)

    • Mike Villines
    • Anthony Adams
    • Joel Anderson
    • Bill Berryhill
    • Tom Berryhill
    • Sam Blakeslee
    • Connie Conway
    • Paul Cook
    • Mike Duvall
    • Bill Emmerson
    • Jean Fuller
    • Ted Gaines
    • Martin Garrick
    • Danny Gilmore
    • Curt Hagman
    • Diane Harkey
    • Kevin Jeffries
    • Stephen Knight
    • Jeff Miller
    • Dan Logue
    • Brian Nestande
    • Jim Nielsen
    • Cameron Smyth
    • Audra Strickland
    • Van Tran

    Senate (6)

    • Jeff Denham
    • Bob Dutton
    • Bob Huff
    • George Runner
    • Mimi Walters
    • Mark Wyland

    Of course Arnold can spend unlimited amounts of his own money on media and raise tons more as California Governor but DeVore is pushing the California budget embattled Governor to either fish or cut bait in this race.

    Will Arnold show his hand soon?

    How about new California resident Mitt Romney or Meg Whitman?

    Stay tuned…

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  • Barbara Boxer,  Chuck DeVore

    California Assemblyman Chuck DeVore Releases Web-Ad Attacking Senator Barbara Boxer

    Barbara Boxer and her tax and spend colleagues in Washington just spent $620 million dollars on a brand new Capitol Hill Visitors center that was $360 million over budget and three years late.

    As an opening salvo against the 69 year old incumbent Democrat Senator Barbara Boxer this ad is NOT bad – at least somebody from the California GOP is questioning the far left leaning Boxer.

    Assemblyman Chuck DeVore said, “Barbara Boxer and Harry Reid may think it’s worth $621 million to protect their delicate noses from the American public, but I think this over budget and late building project is symbolic of the greater waste we’ll be seeing with more than a trillion dollars in bailouts.California can’t afford Barbara Boxer.”DeVore has opposed all the federal bailouts, suggesting that the free market needs both failure and success to operate properly.

    Of course, Chuck DeVore, a California Republican Assemblyman, who is in his third term wants her job in the United States Senate and has announced his candidacy.

    DeVore for California announced additional endorsements today, picking up the support of three veteran lawmakers, Senators George Runner and Mark Wyland, as well as Assemblyman Martin Garrick.Newly elected Republican Assemblymembers Diane Harkey and Dan Logue also joined the effort.Last week, DeVore’s U.S. Senate campaign announced the support of newly elected Congressman Tom McClintock and ten other lawmakers.

    Devore will have an uphill battle against the long time incumbent Democrat Senator Barbara Boxer, particularly if the rumors about California Governor Arnold Swarzenegger and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney bear some fruit. Both Arnold and Mitt could self-fund a GOP primary race in the expensive California media market.

    But, undeterred by the rumors, DeVore is utilizing a new social media strategy to spread the early word about his candidacy. The website is here.

    Stay tuned…….

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