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    CA-Sen Video: The Real Democrats of Washington DC Featuring Barbara Boxer

    New television advertising campaign launched by GOProud. http://www.goproud.org/

    GOProud which represents gay conservatives is going after Barbara Boxer, Barney Frank (who is Gay) and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in this soon to air television ad.

    In the meantime, Senator Boxer is attending fund raising events in the Bay Area tonight with President Obama.

    Tomorrow Ma’am Boxer will move her fund raising activity down to Los Angeles where she and Obama will likely alienate every automobile commuting Angelino.

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    CA-Sen Video: Barbara Boxer Has Southern California “Jammed Up”

    Just as she will jam up California motorists with a presidential campaign event, Barbara Boxer is jamming up Californians seeking to find work and stay in their homes

    Yeah, Frak You Babs.

    I have to go to downtown Los Angeles tomorrow morning to pick up my wife from work for my daughter’s wedding rehearsal tomorrow afternoon in Westlake Village and what is happening?

    You and President Obama decide you want to whip up YOUR Democratic voter enthusiasm in the Los Angeles inner city AND at my alma mater, USC.

    Which is where?

    A mile or so away from where my wife works – thereby closing down the streets and JAMMING UP the FRAKKIN’ freeways.

    Thanks President Obama!

    Thanks Senator Barbara Boxer!


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    CA-Sen Poll Watch: A Dead Heat Between Carly Fiorina and Barbara Boxer

    California U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer

    As I said last night, there will be a plethora of polls in the next 12 days prior to the November 2nd election and the results may well be all over the place. Look at this piece from Washington Post’s Chris Cillizza.

    For months, Senate Republicans have insisted that Sen. Barbara Boxer (D) can be beaten. Now, they have a poll that shows the race as a dead heat.

    Boxer and former Hewlett Packard executive Carly Fiorina (R) are knotted at 44 percent in a Tarrance Group poll conducted for the National Republican Senatorial Committee by Dave Sackett between Oct. 17 and 19.

    Among independents and those voters who decline to state a party preference — a major target for both candidates — Fiorina leads 47 percent to 34 percent. “[Fiorina] needs to improve upon this and get her ballot strength among ticket-splitters up into the mid 50’s,” writes Sackett in the polling memo, a copy of which was obtained by the Fix.

    The NRSC poll is slightly more optimistic for Fiorina than a Public Policy Institute of California survey released Wednesday that shows Boxer leading 43 percent to 38 percent. The PPIC survey also shows the race for independents tighter; Fiorina takes 37 percent, Boxer takes 36 percent and 18 percent are undecided.

    The latest NRSC/Tarrance poll is here and I will embed it below.

    CA Polling Memo

    View more documents from nrsc.

    In the various polling models, the pollsters are trying to predict likely voters in a very large state as California. This is not an easy task, especially since there is liable to be a disproportionate turnout from various areas of the state where there is high unemployment. Boxer will need to turnout traditional Democrat communities in Southern California in order to offset other areas of the state, like the Cental Valley which will vote overwhelmingly GOP.

    How this turnout plays out and how well Carly Fiorna’s campaign turns out her base will determine the race – ON ELECTION DAY.

    For your viewing pleasure are the latest Real Clear Politics Poll Averages.

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    CA-Sen Poll Watch: Carly Fiorina Beats Barbara Boxer in Silicon Valley Poll

    fiorinaboxerb CA Sen Poll Watch: Is Carly Fiorina Beginning to SURGE in the Polls?

    Republican Nominee Carly Fiorina and California Democrat Senator Barbara Boxer

    Well, it is not a scientific poll but it is better to lead this one than trail it.

    Carly Fiorina topped incumbent Barbara Boxer by a wide margin in a recently completed unscientific online survey by the Silicon Valley/San Jose Business Journal.

    The former Hewlett-Packard Co. CEO was backed by about 69 percent of those who responded to the Business Pulse survey conducted between Oct. 12 and Oct. 19.

    Boxer was backed by about 31 percent.

    Reader Donald R. wrote: “Both Barbara Boxer and Jerry Brown should quietly exit the political scene. They’ve had their day. Let’s move California on.”

    There will be more polls over the next few days and I expect them to be all over the place. Some may show a few points outside the margin of errors for either candidate.

    The fact remains Carly Fiorina is within striking distance and if she turns out her voters and a Republican wave materializes, she will win this race. I subscribe to what Garry South said the other day that if the Dems are not up by 7 or 8 points by election day they will be in trouble.

    And, then, there is the GOTV, Ground Operations where the GOP has a decided advantage.

    So, hold onto your hat the next 12 days – it will be a wild ride.

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    CA-Sen Video: Carly Fiorina Up with New Television Ad – “Bickering”

    U.S. Senate candidate Carly Fiorina launched a new television ad titled “Bickering” highlighting Boxer’s 28-year record of bitter partisanship and ineffective leadership in Washington.

    A television ad that will appeal to the middle, independent voters, Carly paints Far Left Democrat Senator Barbara Boxer as a hyper-patisan POL – which she is.

    With Boxer running vicious personal attack ads against Fiorina and with President Obama rushing out to camapign for her on Friday, painting Boxer as an agenda driven POL works.

    From the press release:

    In an ongoing effort to highlight Barbara Boxer’s utter failure to deliver results for the people of California, who are today facing a 12.4 percent unemployment rate with more than a half million jobs lost since the passage of the economic stimulus plan, U.S. Senate candidate Carly Fiorina launched a new 30-second television ad titled “Bickering” highlighting Boxer’s 28-year record of bitter partisanship and ineffective leadership in Washington. This is the fourth ad in Fiorina’s statewide television advertising campaign.

    “While Californians face 12.4 percent unemployment, falling incomes and devastating job losses, it’s clear Barbara Boxer is far more concerned with saving her own job and ‘delivering partisan shots’ than she is with reaching across the aisle to get something done for the people she was elected to serve,” said Carly for California Campaign Manager Marty Wilson. “The people of California deserve a representative in the U.S. Senate who will set aside partisan bickering and political games, but it’s clear Barbara Boxer is not that representative. Carly Fiorina, on the other hand, is not afraid to make the tough decisions necessary to address our state’s most pressing challenges. Changing Washington starts with changing the people we send there, and we believe the people of California will do that on November 2 when they vote to retire Barbara Boxer after her nearly three decades of failure to fight for their interests.”

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    CA-Sen Poll Watch: Is Carly Fiorina Beginning to SURGE in the Polls?

    Republican Nominee Carly Fiorina and California Democrat Senator Barbara Boxer

    Very possible after the past few polls.

    And, then there is the graph:

    Looks to me that Fiorina is surging or closing the gap with about 13 days to go before the election.

    Is there any wonder why President Obama is campaigning for Senator Barbara Boxer at USC on Friday afternoon and why his wife, Michelle is also doing events for her?

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    CA-Sen Video: Barbara Boxer Lacks a “Ground Game” Says Former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown

    I am not really surprised as the Democrats have not really been motivated like they were when Obama was running two years ago.

    Just got back from Willie Brown’s annual pre-election breakfast in San Francisco — a place for donors and pols to schmooze. Even Guv Schwarzenegger showed up (to a standing O, no less).

    After we fought through the line of folks there to kiss Willie’s ring afterwards, we asked the Da Mayor about something one of the morning’s speakers, former Gov. Gray Davis campaign czar Garry South, said about the lack of a Democratic ground operation.

    South, who also ran Brown’s erstwhile primary opponent Gavin Newsom’s gov campaign, also praised Republican Meg Whitman for setting up an “operation unlike anything we’ve ever seen in California.”

    Willie agreed — about the Dems.

    “I do not believe that Jerry Brown has a ground operation,” Willie said. He also wonders if it is a good idea for the Dems to rely so heavily on labor for their ground operation. We wrote about labor’s efforts microtargeting efforts here.

    South told the gathering that unless Jerry Brown has a lead of 7 or 8 points going into election day, “we’re in serious trouble.”

    A Labor based GOTV (Get Out the Vote) campaign for Barbara Boxer will NOT be as effective as the Obama ground operation in 2008. How effective it is, may very well decide the election of Carly Fiorina.

    If the polls show a few points, within the margin of error, lead for Barbara Boxer going into the last weekend, she is likely toast.

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    Ca-Sen Video: Carly Fiorina Welcomes Joe Biden Back to California

    California U.S. Senate candidate Carly Fiorina video: “ZERO”

    Carly Carly fiorina is welcoming Vice President Joe Biden back to California in order to campaign and raise money for Democrat Senator Barbara Boxer.

    From the press release:

    The Carly for California campaign today welcomed Vice President Joe Biden back to California for the second time in the last month in yet another attempt to rescue Barbara Boxer’s political career by launching a new Web video titled “Zero,” highlighting Biden and Boxer’s refusal to admit the failure of the economic stimulus plan they championed and their utter lack of understanding about what it takes to create jobs for the people they were elected to serve.

    “Joe Biden and Barbara Boxer are proof that more time spent in elected office does not translate into the ability to create more jobs. After more than six decades in the insular world of Washington politics, Biden and Boxer still don’t understand that government doesn’t create jobs – and that’s bad news for the 2.2 million out-of-work Californians who are paying the price for the failed policies of Barbara Boxer,” said Carly for California Press Secretary Andrea Saul. “But instead of looking to the private sector to stimulate the kind of long-term job creation our nation needs to put our fellow Americans back to work, Joe Biden and Barbara Boxer are yet again fighting side by side to save one job and one job only: Barbara Boxer’s.”

    Wonder if Slow Joe is up for a GAFFE today?