The Future of Dental Trade Shows: On the Internet?

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DDS Tech Fair

Dental Economics magazine is trying something novel and innovative – a dental trade show on the internet.

And, why not?

It is a pain in the ass for the active practicing dentist to run out to a dental society or other dental organization sponsored trade show in a distant locale to attempt to look at a product with a horde of other folks crowding around. Besides the exact product that you may be researching may not be there or the booth/exhibit space so crowded you cannot see it demonstrated.

Then, there is the competing dental continuing education that NEVER allows enough time to get down to the exhibit floor.

Flap knows of the dental manufacturers and sales representative concern about the costs of these shows. It is a legitimate concern and pushes up the costs of dental care unnecessarily.

A virtual trade show is a step in the right direction.

From the press release:

Flap has moved the graphic press release which has active links for registration here. Check it out.

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Oh, by the way, Flap has not accepted any gratuity or anything from the companies featured in the press release over at My Dental Forum.