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San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom – The Biggest Loser in California’s Gay Marriage Fight?

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San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom became the “poster boy” for the Yes on 8 Campaign to restore traditional marriage in California

Flap asked the question prior to Tuesday’s California election: Will San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom Deserve The Blame When California Proposition 8 Passes?

The answer is apparently yes – both in San Francisco and statewide (Newsom will run for California Governor in 2010).

Election night was not kind to Gavin Newsom, who may end up one of the biggest losers after suffering a potentially crushing loss with Proposition 8 and at best breaking even in the local contests he had a stake in.

Political analysts have long argued that Newsom has short coattails in local politics – a theory in play with the Board of Supervisors races, in which at least three of the seven seats up for grabs seem likely to go to candidates he did not endorse.

With the local ballot measures, voters for the most part sided with Newsom’s choices, but two propositions that were of particular interest to the mayor – one supporting his special court to prosecute quality-of-life crimes and the other changing the makeup of the San Francisco Transportation Authority – failed spectacularly.

And, pandering to the homosexual lobby has not helped Newsom with other key California Democrat constituencies, African-American and Latino voters.

“The Latino and black voters really turned out in this election. They helped get Proposition 8 voted in, and that portends badly for Gavin Newsom if he’s intending to run for governor,” Boushey said. “He’s going to have to appeal to those voters. They’re socially moderate, and they don’t recognize Gavin Newsom as being socially moderate.”

Paradoxically, the mayor is seen as too liberal for much of the state and too conservative compared to the city’s legislators.

Look to California Attorney General, Jerry Brown, to demagogue the legal challenge to Proposition 8 and pick-up key homosexual lobby support for HIS run for California Governor. Gavin Newsom rolled the dice in 2004 by setting up the California gay marriage flap and will go down to defeat with its proponents.

Here is the video featuring Gavin Newsom – “whether you like it or not:”

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Gavin Newsom

Will San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom Deserve The Blame When California Proposition 8 Passes?

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San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom has become the “poster boy” for the Yes on 8 Campaign to restore traditional marriage in California

Does Gavin Newsom deserve the blame from the homosexual community when California Proposition 8 passes next Tuesday? This is being asked in a gay publication.

San Francisco mayor Gavin Newsom has been a tireless crusader for gay rights. It was he who, way back in 2000, began issuing marriage licenses in San Francisco.

Though those marriages were later annulled by the state, California’s Supreme Court this year ruled that gay folk should, in fact, have the right to marry, a decision that spurred the right to launch Proposition 8, which would reverse the Court’s ruling. Again, Newsom’s been campaigning against that measure and just this week shored up support against conservative “extremists.”

Obviously the right doesn’t like Newsom very much and have been using him as the poster child for gay-friendly politicians. This means, of course, that should Proposition 8 pass, Newsom’s ubiquitous image may take some of the blame.

Gavin Newsom’s statement in the video below was really the start of the Yes on 8 campaign.

And, Newsom’s statement “whether you like it or not” may very well become the mantra for traditional marriage ballot fights across the United States.

Mayor Newsom has been conspicuous by his absense in the No on Proposition 8 campaign since the May news conference. Yesterday, Newsome did travel to the Google Campus to speak on No on 8’s behalf but otherwise he has been on the down-lo.

Flap has it upon good authority, however, that there will be new Yes on 8 television ads ridiculing the San Francisco Mayor.

So, blame?

You betcha, depending upon what happens next Tuesday.

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San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom to Run for California Governor?

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San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom points out the cheering crowds above to Phyllis Lyon, top right, and Del Martin, seated, after the same-sex couple was married at City Hall in San Francisco, Monday, June 16, 2008. The same-sex couple was the first to be legally married by the mayor

Mayor Gavin Newsom, the darling of the San Francisco homosexual community has established an exploratory committee to run for California Governor in 2010.

San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom, a Democrat best known for his aggressive support of same-sex marriage, launched an exploratory committee Tuesday to consider a 2010 run for governor.

Newsom, 40, is the first Democrat to make a formal move toward replacing Republican Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger.

“He’s taking the steps to put together the type of operation that can analyze the race in 2010 and make an informed decision,” said Newsom consultant Eric Jaye.

Newsom has a FAR LEFT constituency and personal baggage that will deny him the Democrat nomination. The frontrunner at this time has to be Attorney General and former California Governor Jerry Brown.

Other likely Democrat candidates include:

  • Steve Westley – former California controllerand 2006 candidate for Governor
  • Antonio Villaraigosa – Mayor of Los Angeles
  • Jack O’Connell – State Schools Superintendent
  • Bill Lockyer – California Treasurer and former Attorney General

The GOP would relish a Newsom candidacy but it won’t happen.

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