Flap’s Links and Comments for July 16th through July 17th

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These are my links for July 16th through July 17th:

  • Rudy Giuliani eyes New Hampshire path – The 2012 Republican primary is already well under way. His old campaign staff is mostly scattered to the winds. He still owes nearly $3 million from his 2008 presidential bid.

    Despite those obstacles, Rudy Giuliani says he’s seriously considering another White House run — a bid that would look dramatically different than his campaign four years ago.

    “My thinking is that I still have time to decide. So I’m going to take it … the race is developing very slowly compared to, maybe not necessarily historical races, but compared to 2007, which is what I’m used to,” he told POLITICO. “My focus when I sit down to decide will be, do I think any of the people running, or a few of them, have a good chance of beating President Obama or not?”

    This time around, Giuliani’s fiscal record as New York City mayor would be the centerpiece. New Hampshire would be the key state in his strategy — as opposed to Florida, where he placed his big bet last time. The focus would be on winning over fiscally minded Republicans and a chunk of the independents who can vote in the state’s open Republican primary, an approach resembling John McCain’s in 2008. The expectation is that without a contested Democratic primary, there will be more independent voters who cast votes in the GOP contest.

    “I think John had exactly the right strategy,” he said, referring to his win-New Hampshire approach.

    The newest piece of evidence that Giuliani is looking seriously at New Hampshire: for the first time in two years, he now has a designated spokeswoman — and she’s based in the first-in-the-nation state.


    If both Rick Perry and Sarah Palin enter the race, Rudy has a shot at determining who will be the 2012 GOP nominee.

  • Rudy Giuliani to GOP: Stay out of gay marriage – He may not agree with the vote in New York to legalize gay marriage, but former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani said the Republican Party should butt out of the bedroom and stick to fiscal policy.
    "I think the Republican Party would be well advised to get the heck out of people's bedrooms and let these things get decided by states," Giuliani said Sunday on CNN's "State of the Union." "We'd be a much more successful political party if we stuck to our economic, conservative roots."

    New York became the sixth state to legalize same sex marriage in June when a bill passed by the Republican-controlled state legislature was signed by Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo.
    Giuliani, who is considering a run for president in 2012, has long supported civil unions. Although he said he believes marriage is between a man and a woman, he can "live with" the legalization in New York.
    "I think it's wrong, but there are other things that I think are wrong that get decided by democratic vote," Giuliani told CNN Chief Political Correspondent Candy Crowley. "I see more harm, however, by dwelling so much on this subject of gays and lesbians and whether it's right or wrong in politics."

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Flap’s Links and Comments for July 14th on 14:02

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These are my links for July 14th from 14:02 to 16:32:

  • Rudy Giuliani: Washington has on its poker face – Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani said he expects the power players in Washington to wait until the final hours of negotiations to strike a deal on the debt ceiling.
    "That's a good strategy for both sides," Giuliani told reporters Thursday at an event hosted by the Seacoast Republican Women in Hampton, N.H. "That's what a good poker player does."

    The White House and Congress are battling over a deficit-reduction plan to keep the government from defaulting on its loans by Aug. 2.
    While Giuliani encouraged Republicans to be flexible on spending cuts, he said tax increases should be out of the picture, calling the idea "a massive disaster for this economy."
    The former mayor is traveling through New Hampshire this week as he contemplates a run for the White House-a decision he said he'll have by the end of summer, though he didn't specify a date.
    Giuliani also took the opportunity to blast Obama on the economy, saying the president's policies are to blame for the lagging recovery.
    "How much worse can the president be in dealing with our economy? There's been no president, including President Jimmy Carter, who's done worse handling the economy," Giuliani said.
    Among other decisions, the former mayor especially faulted the 2009 stimulus package as a major mistake by Obama's administration. When asked if he would have accepted stimulus money as mayor of New York, Giuliani said he would have "absolutely" rejected the funds.
    "And if I were in Congress I would have voted against it," Giuliani said. "And if I was the president, I would have never even thought of it."

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Flap’s Links and Comments for May 9th on 19:00

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These are my links for May 9th from 19:00 to 19:04:

  • Waiting For Superman? GOP Searching For 2012’s ‘Plan B’ Candidate – What makes Christie unique is the fact that he is the only candidate who can claim both the serious executive ability of a Tim Pawlenty, Mitt Romney and Mitch Daniels, and the gregarious, straight-talking personality of a Donald Trump or Sarah Palin.Will he get in? First there’s the issue of answering that question countless times the same way: no chance. “I don’t feel ready in my heart to be president. And unless I do, I don’t have any right offering myself to the people of this country,” Christie told ABC’s Diane Sawyer last month. http://abcn.ws/fSKMrY

    Then there’s the question of why he’d be more convinced to do it now. Killing Osama bin Laden does not make Obama invincible, but combine that with improving economic numbers and the path to beating the current occupant of the White House looks steeper every day.

    If not Christie, then who? Don’t count out former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, who has been thrust back into the spotlight post-bin Laden and who’s headed later this week to New Hampshire where the latest WMUR-University of New Hampshire poll showed him in third place behind Romney and Trump.


    Read it all.

    Mitch Daniels, Rudy Giuliani,Chris Christie = any of those three would make a good GOP nominee.

  • President 2012: If Mitch Daniels Runs – With only 23% hard name recognition (16-7 favorable), why would Mitch Daniels be a significant candidate with so many better known men and women in the potential field? There is, of course, his splendid record as governor of Indiana. He has done everything a governor could do. He took a deficit and produced a surplus with no tax increase (although he flirted with one early in his term but dropped the idea). His education choice legislation is the most advanced in the nation and will offer all Indiana children the ability to use state funds to go to the school of their choice after it phases in over three years. He has restricted collective bargaining with public workers a la Wisconsin and sharply limited teacher tenure. His landmark legislation replaces teacher pay based on seniority and advanced degrees with compensation determined by merit and student test scores. It allows school boards, in the event of layoffs, to waive the “last hired first fired” rule in favor of merit as criterion for dismissal. He allows state workers to enroll in Health Savings Accounts with an annual state grant of $2700 for all health care costs and lets the worker keep any unspent portion of the funds. Any medical spending over the flat fee gets a sliding scale of state assistance. Almost two-thirds of state workers have gotten money back at the end of the year. He blocked state funding of Planned Parenthood. With a record like that, he is probably the most successful conservative governor in America today.=====

    Read it all.

    I say he runs….

Flap’s Links and Comments for April 26th on 19:27

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These are my links for April 26th from 19:27 to 19:30:

  • President 2012: Rudy Giuliani leaving ‘door open’ to White House run – Former New York Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani told The Washington Times on Tuesday that he is keeping “the door open” to a 2012 presidential bid, saying he might jump into the race if he believes the other candidates are unelectable.

    Mr. Giuliani is slated to speak next month in New Hampshire, where he finished fourth among 2008 Republican presidential candidates in the first-in-the-nation primaries.

    “I’m going to go to New Hampshire to speak to a law enforcement
    o to New Hampshire to speak to a law enforcement group, so that’s really the main purpose of the speech, but I keep in contact with people in New Hampshire and try to figure out what kind of a chance I have,” Mr. Giuliani said in an interview. “At this point, I’m not actively considering it, but I have the door open.”


    I can see Rudy being selected as Vice President with Mitch Daniels, Paul Ryan or even Mike Huckabee.

    Rudy is a terrific campaigner and debater. Plus, who else would you want to take over in case anything happened to the President.

  • Mitch Daniels’ timeline for White House campaign ticking – Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels, nearing an announcement on whether to run for president, is spending the final week of his state's legislative session pushing for the final pieces of a record that would be ready-made for a Republican campaign: a balanced budget, tax refunds and a school voucher program.

    This week's unexpected decision by Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour, a Daniels friend, to forgo a presidential candidacy seemingly makes it more likely the Midwestern governor will seek the GOP nomination. Party insiders close to the two men say Barbour and Daniels, whose early careers intersected as aides to President Ronald Reagan, had indicated privately they would not both seek the 2012 nomination.

    But Daniels, 62, is not rushing to join the field.

    The governor, who typically keeps his own counsel, is staying mum about his plans. Even his closest advisers here say they still aren't sure what he will do.

    He's kept open the possibility of a run for months, if only to make sure his top issue — enormous deficits and the national debt — was a serious part of the debate. And he is keeping his pledge to tend to business in Indiana before making an announcement or taking even the most preliminary steps toward a national run.

    "He has said he's focused on the legislative session and he would make a decision when that's over," Jane Jankowski, the governor's spokeswoman, said Tuesday. The Legislature is slated to adjourn by the end of this week.


    I would say 60 – 40 at present.

Flap’s Links and Comments for March 31st on 18:52

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These are my links for March 31st from 18:52 to 18:55:

  • Rudy Giuliani Blasts Obama on Libya Action – Rudy Giuliani told Laura Ingraham that "since this whole thing in the Middle East began," the Obama administration "doesn't know what it's doing."

    "This is probably the worst handled national security military action I have ever seen. From announcing — when he didn't know what to do — that Gadhafi must go to then making that speech the other night, which was internally contradictory. You cannot say we're there to protect the Libyan people, but we're not going to be for regime change with Gadhafi because the reason we are there to protect the Libyan people is because of Gadhafi."


    Obama does not understand foreign policy and has no experience in it.

  • President 2102: Can Obama Lose? – Perhaps – So what combination of factors in this complex system of politics must come together to cause a catastrophe for Obama politically that would result in his defeat?

    Only one Democratic president has lost a reelection bid.

    I see three, and all have to be in place and reinforce each other for Obama to lose. First, the economy in 2012 has to be either stagnant or in decline in the 10 or so key electoral states (especially the ones in the Midwest) as he heads into the election. This would mean that the economy is creating very few net jobs in 2012 and that prices (including food and gas) are still rising.
    Second, no new major international crisis arises that causes people to rally behind Obama because of his competent handling of it. And I emphasize the words “new,” “major,” and “competent.” Afghanistan and Iraq devolving again into a problem will not help Obama, and actually may hurt him because our country has basically moved on from the situation in both places.
    Third, a Republican nominee has to emerge who is charismatic; is a very good communicator; is in touch with the country’s economic and social needs; and is a new brand of GOP leader whom many younger voters can connect with. Think of what it took in 1980 to defeat the Democratic incumbent—Ronald Reagan and crises galore.
    All three factors must converge for Obama to lose, and two of them are needed to drive his job approval down to a place, as I have written before, that makes it difficult for him to win. As one can see, these three elements don’t include how much money the Democratic National Committee and Obama have at their disposal; how much cash the Republican National Committee or the Republican nominee raises; the quality of each campaign staff; the legislative machinations of Congress; or the use of modern technology in the campaigns (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc.). Those are all tactical factors that, ultimately, will have little influence on whether Obama wins or loses.


    It will have to be a new GOP candidate like Mitch Daniels or Chris Christie – not a retread like Huckabee or Romney.

Flap’s Links and Comments for March 18th on 21:10

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These are my links for March 18th from 21:10 to 21:27:

  • In N.H. return, Rudy Giuliani comes out swinging – Maggie Haberman – POLITICO.com – In N.H. return, Rudy Giuliani comes out swinging – Lauds Tea Party
  • In N.H. return, Rudy Giuliani comes out swinging – Lauds Tea Party – Rudy Giuliani returned to the Granite State Friday night, acknowledging his poor performance here in the 2008 GOP primary in a speech that lambasted President Obama, jabbed Mitt Romney’s health plan and praised the tea party.

    The former New York City mayor gave little hint of his own plans, but seemed relaxed during a showy speech at the Manchester GOP Lincoln Reagan Dinner that was laced with jokes and hand gestures as he skewered Obama as a “failure” and ended with the declaration, “Hillary Clinton would have been better.”


    I miss Rudy and he certainly is a better candidate than Romney or Palin, despite his moderate views on social issues.