Big Deal: Greenpeace Global Warming Activists Arrested for Mount Rushmore Banner

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mt rushmore and global warming

Three Greenpeace climbers have hung a banner on the face of Mount Rushmore to issue a challenge to President Obama: “America honors leaders, not politicians: Stop Global Warming.” The action is part of a global day of action staged by Greenpeace to urge world leaders, who are currently attending a G8 meeting in L’Aquila, Italy, to take the actions necessary to avert runaway climate change

Yeah, and the Greenpeace activists are bothering folks in downtown Indianapolis today with some sort of petition.
Greenpeace activists were arrested Wednesday for scaling Mount Rushmore and hanging a banner next to the carved face of Abraham Lincoln urging President Barack Obama to get tough on climate change.

A video posted on the environmental group’s website showed the massive banner hanging on the South Dakota mountain face.

Its message — “America honors leaders not politicians: Stop Global Warming” and an unfinished portrait of Obama — was barely visible as it was whipped by wind.

“Doing what it takes to solve global warming demands real political courage,” Greenpeace USA deputy campaigns director Carroll Muffett said in a statement.

“If President Obama intends to earn a place among this country’s true leaders, he needs to show that courage, and base his actions on the scientific reality rather than political convenience.”

The protest comes as Obama meets with other G8 leaders in Italy.

The inconvenient truth is that these activists should be protesting at the Great Wall of China or in India, where massive pollution problems exist.

The video is here.

Exit questions: How much is this going to cost the American economy and who is going to pay for it?

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