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The Morning Flap: February 28, 2013

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Nixon and Obama

President Obama and Nixon threaten journalist Bob Woodward

These are my news headlines and comments for February 27th through February 28th:

Arianna Huffington

John McCain Calls Arianna Huffington a LIAR

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Maybe Arianna Huffington was just mistaken? Or more interested in selling books?

O’REILLY: Did you vote for President Bush?

MCCAIN: Of course not. I campaigned all over this country for him.

O’REILLY: So you voted for President Bush.

MCCAIN: Of course. I mean, that’s a ridiculous question.

O’REILLY: So she lied?

MCCAIN: Well, I don’t — frankly, I do not read Huffington Post. I spare myself from having that experience.

O’REILLY: You voted for Bush in 2000?

MCCAIN: I voted for Bush in 2000 and 2004.


MCCAIN: And not only that, far more important than a vote, I campaigned everywhere in America for him.

Well, Arianna, you have been CALLED OUT as a LIAR. Someone else hear McCain say that he did NOT vote for President Bush? And, frankly, how would you know anyway?

Arianna Huffington still the dumbass and now the dumbass liar.


John McCain Watch: “I Didn’t Vote for Bush”