• Chuck DeVore,  Josh Trevino,  Leisa Brug Kline

    CA-Sen: Chuck DeVore Misused California Public Funds for US Senate Campaign?

    Joshua Trevino (L), Communications Director for U.S. Senate candidate Chuck DeVore

    The answer may be yes if the facts in the below embedded complaint are indeed true.

    And, then there is an issue with the reporting of any in-kind contributions for the DeVore Senate Campaign to the Federal Elections Commission. These issues are explored in the embedded complaint to the FEC below:

    FEC Complaint Chuck Devore

    I, frankly, do NOT care what Joshua Trevino and Leisa Brug Kline do in their time away from State of California employment. And, I do not care that they love California Assemblyman Chuck DeVore so much that they wish to volunteer their time to get him elected to the United States Senate.

    But, I DO care if my taxpayer dollars are being used to underwrite his campaign.

    The investigation will continue, the election will come and go with DeVore not winning and there may even be a small penalty attached to this conduct.

    For now, the main issue though is the poor judgment of Chuck DeVore.

    Trevino and Kline should have taken a leave of absence from their State of California jobs when they began staffing DeVore’s campaign for U.S. Senate. If they were worried about salaried employment, DeVore should have paid them out of his campaign collections (he certainly has raised enough to pay them a decent salary). But, he didn’t.


    Who knows?

    Was DeVore being cheap? 

    Or was DeVore just arrogantly naive or clueless of the appearances/repercussions?

    In any case, the issue of impropriety has been raised and will be considered by the voters in June.