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    20 Mile LA Marathon Training Run Today

    I won’t be blogging much, if at all today and tomorrow.

    Today is a 20 mile easy run from Santa Monica through Venice, Marina Del Rey, Playa Del Rey and return.

    Tomorrow is LA Roadrunner Marathon Hill training at Los Angeles Dodger Stadium (how much I do will depend upon recovery overnight.

    After today, Alice and I will head over to Ronnie’s Diner for the post-run meal and tomorrow we will go over to Walt Louie’s workplace (Walt is a LA Roadrunner Run/Walk #5 Senior Pace Leader.)

    Watch my Twitter Feed on the right @Flap —————–> as I will be posting photos and comments. You may follow me here.

    And, please visit my LA Marathon Donation Page and give generously to my charity, the Lance Armstrong Foundation.

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    Honda LA Marathon Announces $4 Million Charity Challenge And Flap is Participating

    And, I won! But, more on that later.

    From the press release:

    Marathon officials today unveiled an aggressive charity fundraising campaign designed to raise $4 million in connection with the March 20, 2011 Honda LA Marathon Presented by K-Swiss. Through a new partnership with Crowdrise, an innovative fundraising website launched in 2010, the Marathon is making it easier than ever for runners to support the charity of their choice as part of the largest fundraising effort in the Marathon’s 26-year history.

    “Crowdrise is all about giving people the right tools to raise money for their favorite cause in a new, fun and compelling way,” said actor and activist Edward Norton, who founded the online platform. “The Honda LA Marathon is an event that truly connects the entire city, and it has the potential to be an incredible fundraising force as well.  We are thrilled to be on board this year to help unite the entire LA Marathon running community.”

    The $4 million fundraising target would double charitable totals from the 2010 race – which was already the largest in the race’s first 25 years.  The expanded charity program is in line with the vision of Marathon Owner Frank McCourt, who directed Marathon staff to make the charitable component of the race a much higher priority.

    “The marathon is not only a great running event, it is a civic asset for all of Los Angeles, and an opportunity to do a lot of good for our community,” McCourt said. “This partnership moves us one step closer to the day when every participant will raise funds for the charity of their choice.”

    So, I have a partner this year with me as I train and run/walk/run the Los Angeles Marathon – The Lance Armstrong Foundation.

    Please go here and join my team and/or donate to this worthy cancer charity.

    Yeah and I won because I type fast.

    What did I win?

    For my giving back to fight cancer, I received a VIP Fast Pass so I don’t have to wait in line for my race packet at the Expo and received access to a VIP Suite at the start line.

    I probably won’t use either since I will be with my LA Roadrunner Group, but it is the thought, right?

    And……it will make me FASTER!

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    Video: Honda Los Angeles Marathon Unveils 2011 Stadium to the Sea 2.0 Course

    Yes, Alice and I will be running this course on March 20th.

    The 2010 Marathon featured the debut of the Stadium to the Sea course, which took runners through four cities and the federal VA property, and drew a sold-out field and hundreds of thousands of spectators. The newly revised course adds Chinatown’s Dragon Gateway and the Little Tokyo Historic District to an already impressive list of landmarks that includes Los Angeles City Hall (mile 3), Grauman’s Chinese Theater (mile 11), the Capitol Records Building (mile 11), Sunset Strip (mile 13) and Rodeo Drive (mile 17), among others.

    “We believe this marathon course gives runners a unique opportunity to experience the best of Los Angeles,” said LA MARATHON LLC Chief Operating Officer Nick Curl. “With the addition of Chinatown and Little Tokyo, the Stadium to the Sea course will show runners even more of what makes Los Angeles so great.”

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    Los Angeles Marathon Video: It IS Roadrunner’s Time

    Los Angeles Roadrunner’s and Olympic Rod Dixon

    Yes, I will be participating in the Los Angeles Roadrunner’s program again this year to prepare for the March 2011 Los Angeles Marathon.

    It may feel as though you just finished the Honda Los Angeles Marathon presented by K-Swiss.  You might have, and you should be proud of that.  No matter, it’s now time to start training for the 2011 event, and our Roadrunners program kicks off on September 11th.  This year the program runs in two locations:  Venice Beach and Chino Hills.  This is a terrific way to train for and complete the LA Marathon, whether it’s your first or your tenth.  We provide the training plan, the guest speakers, the pace leaders an the other great folks to train with.  You bring your effort and energy.  For all the details, see the Roadrunners section of our website.

    Why don’t you join Alice and me in Venice?

    Funny, as I was writing this post, I received an e-mail from my Roadrunner Pace Leader, Leah.  Here is a photo from last year:

    _Last Day Training_0001
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    Day By Day April 12, 2010 – Film vs Fiction

    Day By Day by Chris Muir

    The LEFT would love to spin that the Tea Party protests are driven from out of the mainstream and violent, racist miscreants. But, it simply is not so.

    The Obama Administration and its cabal want to spin dissent as unhinged discourse because they know they will lose the argument in the world of political ideas.

    They are even dusting off Tina Fey’s portrayal of Sarah Palin on SNL.

    Guess they are afraid of the November elections already.


    In a blogging note, I had a great birthday weekend, including last night’s Los Angeles Roadrunners’ dinner at Dodger Stadium. Photos will be posted up on Flickr and Facebook throughout the day.

    The Day By Day Archive

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    Flap’s 2010 Los Angeles Marathon


    The 2010 Los Angeles Marathon

    Yesterday I participated in the 25th Los Angeles Marathon and the first Stadium to the Sea Course Run. I started training last October with the Los Angeles Roadrunners and although I did not finish with my group, the training proved invaluable. I wish to thank my Walk Group #5 paceleaders Leah and Don for their tireless efforts on behalf of the sport.

    Here is my race bib from yesterday:


    I started the course yesterday well rested and trained. However, I was not as prepared for the hills of the initial 6 miles of the course nor the heat. With my LA Roadrunners group we had trained at Venice Beach, Marina Del Rey and Santa Monica but usually early in the morning and during the fall, winter and early spring. The temperatures were usually in the 50’s and 60’s and with a cloud cover. I do not do well with the heat, being fair skinned and the sun was out in force yesterday.

    I stayed with my Roadrunners until around mile 8 and dropped back, unable to sustain a pace of around 15:50 per mile. Leah had taken us out so that we could have a scheduled restroom break at mile 13 and still finish within the 7 hour range for our group. I decided I would go a bit slower and hope to catch up at mile 13 when they stopped. This was not to be the case.

    I did not catch up by mile 13 since there were even more hills than I anticipated. Plus, my legs from the inital 6 miles of the course had lost their spring. I resolved to go as fast as I could, but finish nonetheless. Then, my feet started to blister from the hot pavement and although I was pumping in analgesics they hurt and I could not get the traction that I normally would have.

    In the meantime, the day got warmer and warmer. I was pounding in the Gatorade from my bottles and Powerade from the many stations along the course. I still felt queazy, like I have felt before when dehydrated and sweating out electrolytes that the body needs to run its energy machine. Three marathons ago I had fallen at mile 16.5 and had to retire from the marathon. A decision I regretted deeply for over two years and which I think about every day. I was never going to quit again.

    Around mile 17.5 along Wilshire Blvd and just south of Rodeo Drive, one of my belt Gatorade bottles dislodged from the belt and I stopped to pick it up. I got extremely dizzy and could not walk. I reached out to a passing racer who along with his partner escorted me to the curb. I wish to thank this unknown racer and his girlfriend for helping me and preventing me from falling. As soon as I was seated curbside a Beverly Hills motor police officer came up and radioed for the Beverly Hills Fire Department and Paramedics.

    I waited about 10-15 minutes and the paramedics arrived. I rested and knew with some rest and hydration I might be able to continue. They asked me the requisite questions took my pulse and blood pressure and gave me the option of retiring from the course.  Just as the moment of truth arrived, three members of my walk group walked by and asked me if I was OK. I said for them to move along and that I would see them at the finish. Then, two Roadrunner pace leader monitors came up and by the look on their faces, I thought I was going to be taken off the course.

    I insisted/pleaded to the paramedic captain, that I wanted to continue. He told me to rehydrate myself at the next water stations and to pound the Powerade and water for the duration of the race. He kind of shook his head on why I wanted to continue, but allowed me to proceed. Another paramedic bandaged by leg where I had worn a sore. Thank you Beverly Hills Firemen and Paramedics for your prompt, courteous attention. I never would have been able to finish the marathon without you.

    Back on the course, I was alone, blistered, hot and dehydrated. I prayed for the last 4 miles of downhill along San Vicente Blvd. But, I was at mile 18 and had 4 plus miles to go before the cool breezes of Santa Monica. I plodded along. The Westwood part of the course was MISERABLE.

    At the West Los Angeles VA, I decided to sit and rest for a few minutes, gather myself for the last leg of the marathon and rehydrate myself. I sat and rested on a VA bench for a timed five minutes. Back to the course.

    I was still dizzy and knew if I started to wobble they would pull my ass off the course. I had to find more Powerade. I was out and no station in sight. However, there was a private African American support group with a tent up and they were pulling up stakes and leaving. I went over and asked them for some Powerade anyway. The nice lady could have blown me off. I mean after all I was a strange old white guy – who was I to her? She responded: would Gatorade be OK? She gave me a small bottle of Srawberry Gatorade. She saved my marathon and I thank you!

    I made it to San Vicente and now they were re-opening the streets. I had to walk on the sidewalk but this was like so many training sessions before with the Roadrunners. I was gathering speed and increasing my pace. I began to pass racers left and right. I met a young mother named Karen (completing her first marathon) and we walked together for about two miles until her husband met her along the course to walk with her. I took off when I hit Ocean Blvd. with 1.2 miles to go.

    I wanted to walk at pace the Raodrunners trained me and would leave whatever I had left on Ocean Blvd. I broke down a bit when I saw the finish line and the clock, like I had dreamed about over so many months of training. I was flying at sub 16:00 minute per mile pace at this time. I crossed the finish line, received my medal and was greeted by my wife, Alice who had finished the marathon more than an hour previously.

    Here are my offical results:


    And, the rewards:


    The longer version:


    Thanks to everyone and as my feet heal, I am ready to start training for next year’s Los Angeles Marathon. Next year, I will finish with my Roadrunner group and my goal is 7:00 – 7:15.

    I KNOW I can do it.

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    The 25th Los Angeles Marathon

    New Performance Nutrition decided to take a Sunday drive and capture the 2010 LAM course

    Heading off soon to Santa Monica , the shuttle to Dodger Stadium and the start of the first Stadium to the Sea and the 25th Los Angeles Marathon.

    Here is a photo of my Los Angeles Roadrunner’s training group.

    _Last Day Training_0001

    See you soon and watch my tweets from the race ———->

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    Video: Los Angeles Marathon – Don’t Forget to Look UP!

    “LA Marathon 2010 – Don’t Forget to Look Up”, is a reminder to take in the sights, sounds and people as runners traverse the wide expanse between hillsides and shoreline (a landmark every mile).Narrated by Peter Abraham, Creative Director for the LA Marathon, the film is witness to the myriad of signs and strange little monuments that we pass each and every day.

    With my proclivity to trip and fall, I will be looking DOWN alot. But, I know Selina from my LA Roadrunners group will be looking up (inside joke).

    Here is a photo of my Los Angeles Roadrunners Walk Group #5:

    LA Roadrunners March 13 2010 048