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    California State Senate Democrats Fail to Pick Up ONE Seat – Still Short of 2/3 Majority

    Mark Ridley-Thomas

    Former California State Senator Mark Ridley-Thomas

    That is the good news.

    While legislative Democrats dreamed for much of 2008 of pulling within one seat of a supermajority in the state Senate, they will find themselves even further away than they started when the new Legislature convenes on Dec. 1.

    First, the party appears to have failed to pick up a seat in the upper house in the fall campaign.

    Second, Sen. Mark Ridley-Thomas, a Los Angeles Democrat who is taking a seat as county supervisor, must resign his post in Sacramento in the next week.

    Combined, that will leave the majority party with only 24 members in the Senate for at least the next several months — three shy of the two-thirds needed to raise taxes or pass a budget.

    The bad news is they still control an overwhelming majority in the California Legislature – both Assembly and State Senate.

    But, with Proposition 11 passing and a more fair reapportionment eventualy on its way watch for the Democrats try to change the 2/3’rds requirement to pass the state budget and raise taxes. They will need a vote of California voters though.

    Exit question: Chances of changing the 2/3’rds rule?

    Answer: doubtful

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