President 2012: Newt Gingrich the Worst of Both Worlds?

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Well, he is according to Mark Steyn. Listen to Steyn in the embedded audio/video above and throughout half of the audio/video below.

What do you think?

  1. Will Newt become the next John McCain?

  2. Will Romney be able to come back?
  3. Or, will there be a draft or convention fight with Mitch Daniels, Paul Ryan and/or Jeb Bush in the arena?

I say #3, so stay tuned…..

The Sunday Flap: October 30, 2011

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These are my links and comments for  Sunday, October 30th:

Day By Day August 7, 2011 – In Vino Veritas

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Day By Day by Chris Muir

Chris, the problem is most Americans are tired of all of the BS and have withdrawn from the political process. Most voters mire than likely could not pass an American Civics test.

And, look what has happened. America is disappearing as we know it.

Tomorrow Mark Steyn’s new book will be available, After America: Get Ready for Armageddon.

Buy the book, laugh and get ready for the future, if Americans don’t take back their country from the LEFT.

By the way, I am still in Las Vegas on vacation, won my first small poker tournament, ran about 12 miles today and will blog when I have the time.

I have friends arriving in Las Vegas tomorrow afternoon and the Epic Poker League Main Event starts Tuesday AM. So, regular blogging won’t occur until next week.


The Day By Day Archive

Mark Steyn: Planless Dems

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Mark Steyn

In this post, Mark Steyn talks about the austerity budgets in Europe and what may be coming very soon to the United States, if the Congress and President Obama do not get serious about government spending.
It seems reasonable to conclude from the planlessness and budgetlessness of the Obama/Reid Democrats that their only plan is to carry on spending without limit. Otherwise, someone somewhere would surely have written something down on a piece of paper by now. But no, apparently the Department of Writing Down Plans is the only federal expense the president is willing to cut. You begin to see why the Europeans are a little miffed. They’re passing austerity budgets so austere they’ve spawned an instant anti-austerity movement rioting in the street — and yet they’re still getting downgraded by the ratings agencies. In Washington, by contrast, the ruling party of the Brokest Nation in History has no spending plan other than to plan to spend even more — and nobody’s downgrading them.

Well, don’t worry. It’s coming. The domestic media coverage of this story has been almost laughably fraudulent: To the court eunuchs, a failure to raise the debt ceiling by a couple of trillion would signal to the world that American government was embarrassingly dysfunctional. In reality, raising the debt ceiling by a couple of trillion without any spending cuts would confirm to the world that American government is terminally dysfunctional.

In the debt-ridden treasuries of Europe, they’re talking “austerity.” In the debt-ridden treasury of Washington, they’re talking about more spending (Kathleen Sebelius is touting new women’s health programs to be made available “without cost.”) At the risk (in Samuel Johnson’s words) of settling the precedence between a louse and a flea, I think Europe’s political discourse is marginally less deranged than ours. The president is said to be “the adult in the room” because he is reported to be in favor of raising the age of Medicare eligibility from 65 to 67.

By the year 2036.

If something is not done soon, the financial markets will react for the Congress and the President.

It won’t be pretty and all the POLS will be able to do will be to try to blame the other side.

Why can’t they simply pass a short term compromise and have the great debate in 2012?

Or, does President Obama relish a financial crisis for re-election demagoguery?

Mark Steyn: No Bargaining with Barack Obluffer

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Mark Steyn

Another masterful piece from Mark Steyn.
There is something surreal and unnerving about the so-called “debt ceiling” negotiations staggering on in Washington. In the real world, negotiations on an increase in one’s debt limit are conducted between the borrower and the lender. Only in Washington is a debt increase negotiated between two groups of borrowers.

Actually, it’s more accurate to call them two groups of spenders. On the one side are Obama and the Democrats, who in a negotiation supposedly intended to reduce American indebtedness are (surprise!) proposing massive increasing in spending (an extra $33 billion for Pell Grants, for example). The Democrat position is: You guys always complain that we spend spend spend like there’s (what’s the phrase again?) no tomorrow, so be grateful that we’re now proposing to spend spend spend spend like there’s no this evening.

On the other side are the Republicans, who are the closest anybody gets to representing, albeit somewhat tentatively and less than fullthroatedly, the actual borrowers – that’s to say, you and your children and grandchildren. But in essence the spenders are negotiating among themselves how much debt they’re going to burden you with. It’s like you and your missus announcing you’ve set your new credit limit at $1.3 million, and then telling the bank to send demands for repayment to Mr. and Mrs. Smith’s kindergartner next door.

Nothing good is going to come from these ludicrously protracted negotiations over laughably meaningless accounting sleights-of-hand scheduled to kick in circa 2020. All the charade does is confirm to prudent analysts around the world that the depraved ruling class of the United States cannot self-correct, and, indeed, has no desire to.

Read all of the piece.

The charade had better self-correct or we will be no more.

The time is NOW.